"Xie Jiasheng, a man from the divine land, wants me at the Dead City Festival!" See four people believe their words 6 can smiled.


He has a way to improve the ability of these celestial beings to achieve the divine realm, because there is the mystery in his precepts to send Bi Yingdan, the top of the nine-baby grass system. Unfortunately, this Bi Yingdan can only be made after the peak of the celestial realm and the later stage of the cultivation of the true elixir. After that mystery, I already know that this Bi Yingdan is very strong, which makes people look forward to further life and can be trapped in the Yuan infant period for the rest of their lives.
I want those sects from three continents and six islands to compete for this nine-baby grass. It should be to shape several yuan-baby periods to strengthen the strength of the door. They don’t care if they are trapped in the yuan-baby period. Without this, Bi Yingdan, some people can break Dan into a baby all their lives
Heaven is difficult, not everyone has a chance to see it, and the strength enhanced is the choice of most people.
"Is the dead city event? !” Xie Gu four people one leng is there such a good thing?
"Not bad!" 6 Can is no longer wordy. The technique of pouring tea and tea is really unique. This tea is fragrant and fragrant, which is several times better than modern tea.
Pay! "Four people is a thick old man clappers after deliberation.
"Ha ha, then I think this person is you!" As 6 can voice shaking hands throw a thing to the first Xie Ran knocked down by him.
The strong fragrance that is still in the air has spread all over the house, making people feel refreshed. Everyone is really throbbing.
"Fix the true person’s medicine!" Someone who knows the goods at the scene identified the source of the fragrance.
One more person who suspects that 6 can fix the truth is better than magic.
However, catching Dan medicine was first stupefied and then ecstatic. He is not a genius. He is nearly 300 years old. In a few decades, Shou Yuan will do his best in this life, but 6 Can gave himself this great benefit in one sentence.
A few people in the house are envious of Wang Dun except that they are already in sight, but there are too few people who can enter the realm of God and achieve myths in their lifetime, which is so lucky.
Wang Dun doesn’t have much envy. If it weren’t for the four Xie Gu people disturbing themselves and shutting themselves down, they might have been people in God’s land.
Thought of here, I couldn’t help looking at a face of cool young householder. It’s a few days’ closure, so I’m in the emperor’s territory!
Genius can’t be measured by common sense.
All right, let’s introduce a group of girls, the new familiar evolution number
What can a fur ball pet eventually evolve into?
Monster? Feilong? Or?
A world of sword magic
A girl cursed by fate
A dumb fur ball pet
A fellow villager who was sealed and passed through.
An era of beacon light.
A very common story of a magical girl growing up.
Friends who love pets and magic will go and have a look and make sure they like it.
Chapter 20 Method of insect control Yuan Ying
In the secret room, Xie Ran sat cross-legged and slowly digested Bi Yingdan’s mouth, with a hint of joy.
With the melting of Bi Yingdan, the essence of energy has been incorporated into Dan Tian Qing Dan for a hundred years, and almost nothing has changed. Qing Dan finally exudes a sacred light. Xie Ran’s ear is filled with a fragrance from Yue Xian.
Like a phoenix shedding its shell, Qingdan gradually becomes transparent, and the last few fine lines produce a little baby on the surface of Qingdan. From the appearance of Qingdan’s facial features, it seems to be shrinking several times.
Bi Yingdan, who has just formed a fragile baby, has accelerated the energy release than half of it has been absorbed.
In the abundant energy supplement, Yuan Ying gradually stretches his limbs and the blue light fades. There is a warrior-specific blue logo in Yuan Ying’s eyebrows.
Just after Yuan Yingshu absorbed energy, Bi Yingdan shrank several times, a black light suddenly appeared in Bi Yingdan’s department and rushed to panic Yuan Ying.
Yuan Ying’s little face was full of horror, but she saw the black light rushing into the energetic Yuan Ying Department and finally entrenched in the Yuan Ying cyan logo.
A closer look is a black beetle flapping its wings firmly entrenched in Yuan Ying.
At this time, a clear message came into Xie Ran’s mind. This is a method insect. If the method mother gives an order, this method insect will instantly bite Yuan Ying’s knowledge of the sea and make Xie Ran stunned.
"6 can!" Xie Ran gnashed her teeth at this moment. Xie Ran was finally white. 6 Can was so kind. 6 Can was posing to bully these fighters. They didn’t know much about repairing Zhen Dan medicine. How to identify this? Bi Yingdan now had to obey 6 Can after being controlled by the method of insects when he concluded Yuan Ying.
"I will definitely rise to a peak in the family status after I enter the sacred land, and this descendant of mine will also have a better exhibition. This sacrifice is worth it." After a long time, I finally calmed my anger. Xie Ran thought on it. "If this six can is not beneficial to my family, I will temporarily obey him. If he is beneficial to my family, then I will have a larger foe with him."
Jin’s good mood has been destroyed by this sudden control of his Yuan Ying method worm.
After absorbing all the energy of Bi Yingdan, Yuan Ying gradually stabilized, and the cyan logo between Yuan Ying’s eyebrows revealed a complex stripe like an ancient battle.
Although Xie Ran is sad that he is being controlled by people, he still feels happy when he sees this ancient appearance. With this appearance, he can form an avatar field and truly become a master of the divine realm.
Adjust your mood after stabilizing Yuan Ying and push Shimen in the Chamber of Secrets.
Fix true years fighters closed, too. After Xie Ran entered the closed, Wang Dun also closed.
While 6 can and Xie Gu three others have been kept outside the chamber of secrets. Xie Gu is a protector, while 6 can is purely a curious Bi Yingdan effect.
When Xie Ran looked calm and self-compacting and walked out, 6 Can smiled and throbbed from his mother’s birth just now. 6 Can already knew that this Xie Ran Yuan baby had been controlled by the worm, sighing a mystery and taking a step forward with a smile. "Congratulations, Mr. Xie!"
Xie Gu three people are also excited. It is also an honor to witness the birth of a sacred land.
"Thank you, six masters!" Xie Ran look complicated thanks to 6 can devoting.
"Ha ha, you and I want what we need. I wish you would do things at the dead city event …" The word "6 Can’s face was bowed by Xie Ran as usual and I’ll do things" was stressed.
Although prepared, but listen to the meaning of 6 can words Xie Ran still couldn’t help heart a dark.
"Congratulations!" Xie Gu three people are devoting themselves to salute. Before Xie Ran enters, the stout old man can still call Xie Ran by his name, but after Xie Ran leaves, the whole body is scattered and the breath makes the three people marvel. At the same time, it can be too commensurate now. This is that strength determines everything.
See three people respectful Xie Ran gloomy heart finally flush a trace of joy, I was oppressed by Xie Yuan is the stout old man for too long, in his fame, I Xie Ran almost became a shadow, and now I can finally stand tall.
Just as a few people congratulated Xie Ran on his entry into the divine land, there was a violent fluctuation in the distance, and the great power made Xie Ran enter the divine land. This is that he has just experienced the fluctuation of the divine land and is more natural and obedient than himself.
"Ha ha!"
A burst of laughter whoosh, a black figure shot like Lei Guang and then fell lightly in front of five people.
It is followed by Xie Ran closed Wang Dun.
"Ha ha!" Wang Dun smiled at the five people with a red face. "I’m not slow in Wang Dun. It’s just right to step into God’s realm today!"
Xie Gu four people are all surprised. I heard that Wang Dun’s closing was stimulated by the strength of the young master. I didn’t expect it to be closed and broke through that day!
It is really shocking to witness the birth of two sacred places in one day.
Xie Ran carefully looked at Wang Dun. Although this Wang Dun is just as good as Jin’s ecstasy, Yuan Ying is only a simple and solid baby after initial stability, but Wang Dun’s body has no natural feeling. This is his own breakthrough, and he is close to natural feeling without borrowing foreign objects.
"Genius!" Xie Ran dark sigh that Wang Dun is a few generations younger than himself, and now he has entered the realm with his own ability, that is, he is also a top genius in four talented families.
"Congratulations to the predecessors!" This time, 6 can is sincere from the heart, and he is also sincere about his back, a senior who can get into the realm so quickly.
"Ha ha … thank you for that. Otherwise, it’s hard to say whether I can cross this threshold in my life!" Wang Dunshi said
Indeed, it is not difficult for some talented people to enter the later stage of the imperial territory. Some people can enter the peak of the imperial territory at the age of less than 100, but there are too few myths that can really see through the obstacles and achieve success.
For thousands of years, several talented people have lost their lives in the Yuanying period, which is a natural barrier. It is not uncommon for a hundred-year-old emperor to reach the peak of his life. It is indeed a true genius that Wang Dun can achieve the Shenjing at such an age.
"Ha ha, that’s the strength of the predecessors. Without my predecessors, I can see through that small hurdle sooner or later." 6 Can hurriedly waved his hand and now remembered that he had seriously injured the old man. 6 Can was also embarrassed.
It’s so simple to say that 6 Can and Wang Dun will break through to God’s land. Their eyes are all fierce. They are just entering God’s land. Xie Ran is also unable to help but pout. There are also 6 abnormal characters like the owner who can say it.
"In March, you will both enter the sacred land. Are we going to have a big drink!" 6 Can is also a little excited at this time to think that he was chased by the taxiing horse equivalent to Yuan Baby in the wild.