Chapter one hundred and fifty-four Acid rain wasteland
Who shook hands in the white flying edge left behind by the brilliant red, but a grip, suddenly a piece of green Xia spread out from the palm of your hand, flying edge blink was banned, set in front of Zhangfan three feet away.
Zhangfan’s mind moved, and the spirit sword of Yimu appeared at the same time, and a yellow awn appeared, which was severely beheaded.
After a loud crash, the flying edge was immediately cut in half.
Fei Ling lost his master, although the aura was still full, but under the control of Zhangfan, he was immediately struck in two. When Zhangfan’s knowledge moved, the two truncated edges were thrown into the pool of volcanic rocks.
The flying edge has just been cut into two and a half, and the spiritual force attached to it has just dimmed. Wan Yanhong, who is escaping to the outside through several caves, fell from the sky, spewing out one mouthful blood at the same time, and his body collapsed. It was not until he had a rest that he went forward again.
Zhangfan turned my head to Zhou Yan, even Duan Lang, and those low-ranking disciples. They didn’t speak at this time. Although they looked at Chiba Hongtai, they didn’t know what was going on in their hearts.
Those disciples felt Zhangfan’s eyes, and they looked at him. Zhou Yan’s eyes were full of doubts and strangeness, while Duan Lang’s eyes were full of gratitude.
The sound of the broken flying edge of Chiba Red Taifei woke up with a start, and thought deeply. He said, "Although we can’t use the communication symbol in this statue cave, I’m afraid Wan Yan Hong Lie will bring people back in a moment. Let’s leave." As he spoke, he looked for a cave and hid in the past.
After the war, especially when Chiba Hongtai hit a huge weight at this time, the best thing to do was to find a way to reply to it, but it was unrealistic at this time, so Zhangfan didn’t say anything, so he followed.
It wasn’t until fifteen days later that Zhangfan and others appeared on a wasteland after that black mountain. Just jumped out of the hole a piece of gamey smell mixed with acid rain and rolled it up on their bodies. Zhangfan immediately hit a piece of spirit cover, covering all a few people in it, but that piece of acid rain actually had the characteristics of corrosion, and the spirit cover became dim when it was under acid rain, although the corrosion was not obvious.
At this time, van was originally added. A team of nine people. There are only five left. Zhangfan. Chiba is red and beautiful. Duan Lang. There is also a disciple named Pang Wei.
And the remaining four low-ranking disciples. All the losses fall in those nameless caves. Even if Zhangfan is only able to protect Zhou Yan and Duan Lang, they barely came out, and Chiba Hongtai, who was hit by the disaster, can only protect a disciple. It can be seen that the cave behind Wanxiang Cave is sinister. Especially in the last few days. Not only passed through several evil wind layers continuously. And inside the monster beast has a second-order peak.
If it weren’t for Zhangfan single-handedly. I’m afraid that after the injury, Chiba Hongtai. You may not get out safely.
I saw this boundless wasteland in front of me. There is acid rain everywhere at the mouth of the mountain behind Wanxiang Cave. Can only see twenty or thirty feet away. And Zhangfan will be open to the maximum consciousness. I cann’t believe it can only be put outside 300 feet At ordinary times, the spiritual knowledge of every place is stronger than that of ordinary monks in the early days of building a foundation. Same as the monk in the middle of Tsukiji | put it 500 feet away.
Within the range of consciousness. Zhangfan immediately now hundreds of feet away. A strange snake whizzed past the ground like an iron track. Run away in the distance.
Chiba red too see Zhang Fan eyebrows a wrinkly gently. "I wonder what Brother Zhang saw?" he asked.
"Nothing, just a second-order strange snake darted from the front. It seems that this place is very dangerous. I wonder if Brother Chiba has been here before? " Zhangfan answered.
"It didn’t, before entering the cave, just after the fire inflammation fruit was collected in a hurry, I returned from the original road. Sometimes, I go to the wilderness to catch the spirit beasts or collect the spirit grass, and at the same time I enter from Lin ‘an Town. I have never heard of acid rain in the wilderness with some younger brothers. But the place where we are now is still in the wilderness, which proves that this is a place where the monks have never set foot. " Chiba Hongtai said so much at once.
Zhangfan thought for a moment and said, "In that case, Brother Chiba can have a rest first, and then we can get out of this wasteland before we care." As he spoke, Zhangfan retreated back, until the acid rain could not erode, and just found a place and simply laid a small gathering spirit array, which entered the centering.
And Zhou Yan, originally had the best relationship with Zhangfan, but since Zhangfan showed the original strong cultivation, there was an extra layer of separation between the two people. Although the gratitude in Zhou Yan’s eyes was very sincere, it was greatly changed by this family, with less innocence and more composure.
Chiba Hongtai is even worse than Zhangfan, and it has already suffered a lot. Now, like Zhangfan, it has also put down a small gathering spirit array and entered the centering.
These arrays of gathering spirits use the same lingshi, but through the operation of the law, the casting degree of the spirit within the lingshi is accelerated. At the same time, after the aura is scattered under the lingshi, under the operation of the law, it naturally gathers at the center of the array, and the man of practice sits in the whirlpool of the center, just like being in a small aura place.
Simply absorbing the lingshi, just using the aura stored in the lingshi to restore the lost spiritual power, is of little benefit to cultivation, while absorbing the lingshi through the gathering spirit array can also restore the spiritual power, and can practice in it, so as to
Its cultivation, although its effect is very small.
If it is a large-scale gathering spirit array that needs to spend thousands of Chinese products to taste Lingshi, as long as Lingshi is replenished in time and practiced in it, even a small spirit vein or eye can be topped.
It’s been three days and nights, and the gathering spirit array set by Zhangfan using 27 pieces of Chinese product Lingshi is dim. At the same time, Zhangfan put away the new moon method, and originally simply replied to the spiritual force. Zhangfan didn’t take that long.
Using three days to reply, Zhang Fanyi is repairing the minimally invasive consciousness in the battle with Wan Yan Honglie a few days ago, on the other hand, he is digesting the residual effect of the last apricot fruit.
After waking up from the middle school, Zhang Fan heaved a sigh of relief, and suddenly the fatigue of running around for half a month was swept away, and his spirit changed and he became energetic again.
Zhou Yan and Duan Lang and others, seeing Zhangfan wake up from Dingzhong, hurried forward to see the ceremony. Zhou Yan said, "Uncle, will you wake Uncle Chiba?"
Zhangfan just waved: "Your uncle Ye has suffered too much, so let him meditate for a while. Judging from the situation, if there is no time for three or five days, I am afraid that Brother Chiba will not wake up. As for me, I will go to the front to explore the road and get to know the surrounding situation. I will return within three days. "
Say that finish, who also don’t wait for them to say anything, just take two Zhang Ling operator to cover it in the body, after all, the acid rain outside has been corrosive to spiritual power, and the spiritual power consumed by using the spiritual power is much less.
After these Zhangfan figures flashed, they disappeared in situ, and when they reappeared, they were already dozens of feet away.
Anyone who doesn’t wander aimlessly, but goes all the way to the south, like a cave, has not only one exit, but most of them are in the east and north.
So Zhangfan, after he came out from one of the channels, not only did he not escape directly, but he meditated. Because there were too many forks, he was completely safe from being followed, and the traces left by him had already been destroyed by fire, thunder and evil wind.
As soon as Zhangfan goes south, if we are lucky, we will definitely lead to Lin ‘an Town.
Along the way, Zhangfan kept meeting some monster beasts. It may be that monks have not set foot on the wasteland for a long time. Although the aura is thin, most monster beasts have grown into second order.
But for today’s Zhangfan, the second-order monster beast has not been seen by it, but it is just a lightning bolt that is mastered by Zhangfan. As long as there are only three or five attacks, all those second-order monster beasts are destroyed by Zhangfan.
Along the way, Zhangfan also gained a lot of materials.
In a blink of an eye, day and night passed, and Zhangfan has rushed out of more than 500 miles. In the meantime, Everbright Mountain has passed through seven places, only to faintly see that all the distance is green and gradually passed the acid rain wasteland.
Zhangfan just walked hundreds of miles away on the edge of the green mountain ravine, and there has been no monk now, but Zhangfan fell in a secret valley hundreds of miles away, and the aura inside was very full.
Until then, Zhangfan didn’t turn around, to chiba red too Zhou Yan their location.
At this time, three days have passed, and Chiba Red Taiguo, as Zhangfan expected, just woke up from the center.
Seeing Mrs. Red Chiba wake up, Zhangfan said, "Brother Chiba, after this acid rain wasteland, there is a green field outside. I wonder if it is far from Lin ‘an Town?"
After a moment’s reflection, Mrs. Chiba said, "That green plain should be the Jade Bird Plain, which is not far from the Fire Phoenix Plain, only a thousand miles away."
Hearing this, Zhangfan turned to Zhou Yan, Duan Lang and the disciple named Pang Wei and said, "I wonder if Brother Chiba and Nephew Zhou have any plans to come down."
"I want to go home, no matter what the family is, life is the soul of Chiba’s family, and death is also the ghost of Chiba’s family." Chiba Red thought for a moment before she said slowly, when she said it, she had a blank look on her face, but when she said the second half of the sentence, the look on her face had become quite determined and there was a decisive color.
But after saying these things, Mrs. Chiba looked at Zhou Yan Duan Lang and the disciple named Pang Wei and said, "As for you, you can decide for yourself."
Before Zhou Yan made a sound, Duan Lang and the disciple named Pang Wei had knelt down, only to hear Duan Lang say, "I would like to go with Master. We are not ronin, let alone a vagrant."
And Zhou Yan also nodded firmly.
Zhangfan originally wanted to say anything, but when he saw the appearance of Chiba Hongtai and Zhou Yan, knowing that they had made up their minds, he stopped talking, thought for a while and said, "In that case, I’ll give you a ride!"
Zhangfan has been in the country where the moon shines for nearly two years. Naturally, he knows that the country where the moon shines, whether it is a common person or a soul monk, will only be a ronin if the family is ruined or the life is extremely embarrassing.
However, when Zhang Fangang came to the country where the moon shines and just arrived at Seven Nights City, he was wrongly dressed, so he was called a handmaiden, that is, a ronin.
Zhangfan stood there, looking at Mrs. Chiba’s still waxy face and the movements of Zhou Yan, and suddenly he was thoughtful. After a long time, Zhangfan sighed and nodded slowly, saying, "In that case, let’s go."

Chapter one hundred and fifty-five Qianxiu
After that, Zhangfan went to the storage bag and touched it. In an instant, he held out a few charms and injected them. Three charms gave off a pale blue light, so he went to the three disciples. In a blink of an eye, the precious charm turned into a blue mountain, and Zhou Yan and Duan Lang were covered in it.
After these, Zhangfan just casually flashed, and took the remaining two precious symbols into Chiba and his own body.
Zhangfan has been through these acid rains for two times in a row, and his characteristics are clearly touched, so he went all the way ahead and went to the original line of Jade Bird.
Along the same way, as long as you meet the monster beast, no matter how high or low, as long as you are met by Zhangfan, you will be wiped out by it. Along the way, Zhangfan has gained some materials.
Although Zhou Yan and the other three were cultivated at a lower level, under the protection of Zhangfan and Chiba Hongtai, it took more than one day to reach the Jade Bird.