"Misunderstanding? Ask yourself if it was a misunderstanding! " Cheng Jie pointed to the position of his heart. "You touch your conscience and ask if it is a misunderstanding!"


"If I misunderstand, I will die now!" Cheng Jie got excited and his hand was out of the chair. Mary sat next to him and looked at one leng.
She asked them what had happened before, but Cheng Jie always said that it was a man’s business, and women always ignored him, but at this time he actually took the initiative.
"Eldest brother, what are you talking about?" At this time, all four people got up and kept explaining and comforting, "Make it clear, big brother, you don’t care about my feelings."
"I’m such a big man, how can I cry and make trouble because of a little thing?" Cheng Fang was worried about her until Cheng Jie. She sank, "I’m an adult now. I’m a child. You said I can stand it!"
A struggle flashed in Cheng Jie’s eyes, and a guilty and nervous look flashed in Cao Shun’s eyes. Their expressions were different.
Mu Ming and Gu Jingke sat there with interest and looked at "What do you think is the most likely contradiction between these two families?"
"This has to wait for the two families to say it themselves." Gu Jingke’s cool voice is deep and tasteful, and his old mood is layered. "But I can see that Cheng Jie is hiding something, not to mention his sister."
"And Cao Shun kept something hidden by Zhang Zi, and the contrast between the two led to the escalation of contradictions." Gu Jingke slightly raised his eyebrows.
Muming blinked his eyebrows slightly Cu sound gently "Cao Shun this person …"
☆, 14 junior cheat people was devastated.
After that, Muming didn’t say anything more. Some words and some things just need to be known in each other’s hearts. There is no need to talk about them. There is no need to spend too much energy on urgent matters.
She stopped and Gu Jingke looked at each other at a glance and still encouraged to fight against two big men, or Cao Shun said quietly, with his head down and his head down, and he roared loudly.
The whole office people feel like thunder when they listen to the sound. Everyone looks at each other in their ears and heads down in a hurry. If this person is louder than the sound, it will lift the sky.
"Cao Shun, don’t be a little puss-head now. Can’t you speak when I’m not around my little sister? Why don’t you say it now If you say anything, I want to see what kind of flowers you say! "
Cheng Jie was so excited that his saliva flew out of his mouth. From here, you can see that the contradiction between him and Cao Shun is not simple. Several people looked at the two people with interest, but they didn’t know their hearts and were secretly wary of not smashing things.
"Cheng Jie, I can tell you, don’t be unreasonable!" Cao Shun finally glared at Cheng Jie and looked locked. "What do you want to do when you say so much!"
When he was excited, even the eldest brother stopped calling Cheng Jie a sneer. "Finally exposed? I can tell you that it’s better for me to be unreasonable than for you to talk nonsense! "
Cao Shun’s face suddenly turned green and looked brilliant in vain. He didn’t expect Cheng Jie to be so faceless. Now he dares to talk to him like this, and his heart follows suit.
"You don’t even call big brother now, but you clearly know how black your heart should be!" Cheng Jie keenly grasped this point and prepared to make a fuss. He looked at his sister.
Pointing to Cheng Fang’s eyes, I looked at Cao Shundao. "Little sister, you can see clearly now that this man is not my eldest brother in his heart. He still talks nonsense in front of you."
Cheng Fang’s face is not good-looking. Staring at his lips, he smashed his lips. "Eldest brother, this is the police station. Stop that now. What’s worse, mom hasn’t been dealt with yet …"
She was interrupted by Cheng Jie’s wave before she finished. "Little sister, I’m so worried that I won’t say it today. I have to say it!"
Cao Shun’s face changed slightly. How much influence did it have on him when he said something white? But his mouth grew in Cheng Jie’s face. Now even if he blocked his mouth, he would say it.
"Mr. Cheng, you always said it wasn’t a misunderstanding, so would you please spread the word?" Cheng Man is sitting here in a serious chair. She is still about four meters away from Qi Shaochen.
Cheng Jie was in front of Qi Shaochen, and the veins stood out on his forehead. There was a tendency to fight. At this time, she gently let Cheng Jie clear his mind with a shallow word.
"I said!" Chengjie mercilessly bit his teeth, and his face was stretched to death. Several people nodded and motioned for him to move his lips.
"Little sister, you should know that I can’t do heavy work now, but I can do simple things at home, and I can’t do it for a long time. There are four hours of farm work at home, and your sister-in-law is almost busy while I am cooking."
Cheng Fang nodded his head and didn’t know what his eldest brother was talking about from here. "Eldest brother, I know you can’t do heavy work when you work outside."
The accident almost killed my eldest brother. In those days, my family was restless, especially with such a son, my mother was going to toss herself away.
Now the eldest brother suddenly talked about this, and what happened? Cheng Fang took a sip of her lips, and the answer was slowly forming in her heart, but she couldn’t believe that her heart was complicated.
"Do you know how I got involved in that accident?" Cheng Jie’s low rhetorical question was deeply malicious. He jerked his finger at Cao Shun.
"That’s him! He almost died. At that time, I would have died if I had saved him more slowly. I was half-dead! " Cheng Jie can’t control the angry person’s first reaction when facing life injury.
It’s so exciting. After all, if one of your lives dies, it’s completely gone. Don’t expect reincarnation. Those things simply don’t exist.
He looked down on these things when he was half-dead, and he had a belief in his heart that if he lived and died, he would have nothing. You can’t believe the nonsense!
"Eldest brother, what do you mean?" Cheng Fang looked very excited and Mary was worried. "You should say something quickly and we are all listening!" "
He refused to say a word, but now he is taking the initiative to talk about not being in a hurry. Cheng Jie sighed and his eyes are still staring at Cao Shun.
"When I went out to work with him, I went to the same construction site. I didn’t expect a place on the construction site to collapse. He watched the wooden pile fall, but he pushed me hard in the direction of the wooden pile!"
Section 12
As soon as this was said, everyone took a quiet breath and saw the wooden stake fall, but they also pushed someone. Is this intentional?
"You don’t a dirty lie! I didn’t see the wooden stake fall. I just pushed you to move forward! " Cao Shun couldn’t resist his refutation and explanation.
"Fangfang, you know that I told you that your eldest brother and I had a misunderstanding. This is the misunderstanding!" He turned his head and looked at Cheng Fang. "He misunderstood that I deliberately pushed him over, but I really didn’t do it!" "
"That’s a coincidence. I didn’t expect the wooden pile to fall off the surface." Cao Shun said that it was so strict and reasonable that people couldn’t hear the mistakes.
Cheng Fang looked at the two men back and forth and looked at her. She didn’t know who said it was true. If the eldest brother said it was true, why did Cao Shun do it?
But if Cao Shun says it’s the real big brother, why should he be wronged? Is it because the big brother was scared when the accident happened that he was dazzled and blamed Cao Shuntou for everything?
"Cao Shun, I have seen shame. I have never seen you so ashamed to dare to do it!" Chengjie almost rushed over. If Qi Shaochen hadn’t stopped in front of him, the scene would have been impossible.
Qi Shaochen firmly held out his hand at the table and calmly said, "Mr. Cheng, please calm down. This is the police station. If you want to quarrel and make trouble at home, the police will arrest you."
Cheng Jie snorted all the time, but he was afraid to come over. "Cao Shun, I don’t know if you want to kill me and take the indemnity and leave!"
After he died, there was no man in the family. If Cao Shun took the money, it would be easy, and it would be clear without anyone guessing. He just had this matter for many years.