"I just saw the bomb turning in the middle …" Zhao Xueping said in shock. "Did you do this?"


Huo Junzhong nodded slightly. "I got a flying sword attack from Zhu Daoyou once, and I need refining to make it again, and my spell also works on the shadow ghost at the same time. Therefore, I think that your gun is full of aura and may be used as a flying sword, so I tried a blessing on your gun as I hoped."
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The first chapter Yin into Yang ()
Zhao Xueping more think more think more dying, she asked, "Are you shooting at me? If you know how to fly a sword or my gun is not suitable for you, prepare to shoot me? "
This time, Huo Junzhong did not deny that he carefully said, "They are going to take possession of your body and your soul will be like those poor suicides. Their servants will suffer forever. If I can’t master your gun, it will be a relief for you to kill you. Your gun is a bullet that can kill your soul. If you are killed by this gun, your soul will disappear together."
Zhao Xueping kicked Huo Junzhong over with one foot. "You pushed me out as bait and almost killed me, Huo Xiao. Do you know that this is an attempt to murder?"
Huo Junzhong grinned. The kick was so heavy that he almost turned his back.
"If Officer Zhao doesn’t do this, we will all die here. This is our only chance."
Zhao Xueping’s face is distorted. Now she can play a horror movie. Does the female demon policeman need makeup? "How sure are you?"
HuoJunZhong stand hand way "I don’t know I didn’t think so much"
Zhao Xueping almost fainted. She clenched her fist, but she muttered, "Why are you so delicate and gentle? It seems better to deal with you less in the future, otherwise you will kill you sooner or later." Zhao Xueping leaned over and picked up the gun and asked, "Do you understand this matter? Will these two shadow ghosts be chaotic?"
"Nai guessed that the building lost its caster, and it should no longer take effect. Wei Yuantong’s soul has been broken and disappeared in the sea of mortals, and it has been completely attributed to the single thing. However, there are still some questions that have no answers. Who killed Nai guessed who killed him and what killed him? Who did Wei Yuantong say the king was?"
Zhao Xueping said, "There is one more thing to find out who the female skeleton in the bottle is. She should be the shadow ghost female body. What did she say was that Li Jie killed her? I have to find out about this matter. "
Huo Junzhong frowned. "That woman’s soul is the same as Weiyuantong’s, and all of them rot evil from the depths of the soul."
Zhao Xueping knows what Huo Jun means. If Dr. Li really did something, then the wicked died and asked for a dead end. I hope Zhao Xueping will give up the investigation into what happened to Dr. Li and her. If it is found out what Dr. Li really did, it will be bad. Zhao Xueping said seriously, "She is a wicked person, but I also want to find out what happened. Don’t forget that I am a policeman."
Huo Junzhong sighed lightly that he had tried his best to help Dr. Li deal with the spectre, but the law helped Dr. Li deal with the law. From this point of view, it is not worth the police to face the law. For people living in this society, the police are a hundred times more terrible than evil spirits.
Huo Junzhong found an iron rod to break the ice around the frozen iron cover and came down the stairs. At this time, the silver-gray cat had already eaten the two ghosts. Although the wound was still there, the cat looked more energetic than when it came, and its eyes were darker and brighter. It looked like a monster.
Huo Junzhong picked up the cat with a wry smile. "Thank you, cat friend. I’ll take you home first. I’ll take you to see your master one day."
Huo Junzhong’s biggest purpose in bringing this cat is to force the spectre out. Although he knows that the spectre will definitely come back here to recover after being injured, it is extremely difficult to find the spectre in such a big building. As he thought, the silver-gray cat not only helped him find the spectre, but also hurt him. He made the spectre attack the cat first and gave Huo Junzhong a chance to break the spectre’s two ghosts into arms. If the cat spectre suddenly attacked from behind, Huo Junzhong and Zhao Xueping might not have a chance to resist it.
However, this cat has also gained a lot this time. These two ghosts were isolated by magic, and after refining, the ghosts were escaped by Huo Junzhong’s flying sword cutting method, which made it eat them safely. These two ghosts were enough to support it for two years, and it was strange that the cat was so energetic that she forgot her body pain.
It is naturally Zhao Xueping who left the finishing work to complete Huo Junzhong’s taxi and go home directly. At this time, it is already late at night, but the light in the living room is still on. Lu Qinglan is sitting on the sand head and leaning on the side, taking a nap and waiting for Huo Junzhong to return.
Huo Junzhong’s running Dan’s face turned pale and ruddy. He patted Qinglan awake. "Qinglan, I didn’t say don’t go back to rest when I’m sleepy."
Qinglan woke up a little shy and said, "I’m sorry I fell asleep. I’ll cook soup in the kitchen to heat up a snack for you."
Huo Junzhong refused this mentality of Qinglan, and he really needed to add a slight nod. Qinglan happily brought lotus pork tripe soup to Huo Junzhong, and watched Huo Junzhong drink three bowls, which made her very happy. Later, Huo Junzhong took it to change clothes, changed his pajamas and went back to his room to rest. Lu Qinglan packed up the kitchen and went back to his room to sleep.
Back to his room, Huo Junzhong no longer hides his face, and his face turns gray and white, and his body is a little shaky and it is difficult to sit cross-legged. Tonight is a great test for Huo Junzhong to make Dan Qi create a barrier to protect the flying sword against the enemy, and finally to turn the flying sword into a spear to exercise it. But it is a great test for him to do this. Dan Dao enters the innate Danhua jade liquid, walks through the Sanyang Sanjiao and goes deep into the mud pill palace to generate aura to nourish the soul and rejuvenate the body, so that he can wield Dan magical power to the maximum. But now Huo Junzhong’s foundation is unstable and he has
After barely making Dan gas create a wall, he was attacked by the shadow ghost twice, which is equivalent to being directly attacked by people. Zhenyuan hurt his vitality. If he had been attacked by the shadow ghost for the third time at that time, Huo Junzhong would definitely not come back today.
But despite the huge loss, Huo Jun got more.
He opened his mouth slightly, and a green gas spurted around his side like a dragon god circling him. The moonlight fell on this green gas, and a layer of light white fog was condensed and slowly inhaled into the nasal cavity by Huo Junzhong.
The more green air is sprayed, the more frost is sprayed, and Huo Junzhong’s breath is getting longer and longer. In the end, his whole person seems to be shrouded in a layer of green light.
When he dispersed the green light complexion, he had already recovered seven points. Huo Junzhong smiled and said to himself, "The ghost fire went into Dan Ding, Yin and Yang were indeed obvious." The shadow ghost attacked twice because of Huo Junzhong’s barrier defense, which forced Dan fire to condense in vitro to defend against shadow ghost impact, and naturally infiltrated the unique ghost yin fire into Huo Junzhong’s Dan fire.
Huo Junzhong’s practice of practicing Dan is to spit into the abdomen, and his heart is like a girl, and his heart is like a baby. Although it is a harmony of yin and yang, after all, it is the Yang fire Lord who made him infiltrate the ghost yin fire in the world war I today, and even directly induced the essence of Dan gas to create the moon cream to suck.
When the sun shines, the moon shines, the moon shines, and Huo Jun orders the sun to inhale the moon frost, which means that the yin enters the yang and becomes the fire and water to cultivate Dan, which makes his Dan method greatly increase. This is exactly what a blessing in disguise will bring.
The yogi is most afraid of doom in his life, but he also likes it best, just as if his mouth can be repaired, he will have the opportunity to break through the original height and be promoted to a new realm.
Of all the robberies, the most terrible one is the fate robbery.
Like Huo Junzhong’s intervention tonight, his personnel almost died, which means that all practitioners who conflict with others in the world of mortals belong to the scope of life robbery.
Although the loss of life can’t be recovered overnight, Dan feels stronger and stronger. When he thinks about it, the tripod in the abdomen is also clear. Huo Junzhong successfully broke through the first level and entered the second level.
Huo Junzhong has some regrets that his ghost’s yin fire comes from the infiltration of ghost power when the shadow ghost attacks, and his practice is exhausted overnight. If we can catch the shadow ghost and bring it into the abdomen, it will be the top of his ten-year cultivation skill. It’s strange that in the past, practitioners often traveled all over Qian Shan to hunt demons and monsters. The root of my destiny is to rob and encourage cultivation materials, and monsters will also attack those who have just cultivated successfully and failed. Just like practitioners, they can endure years of penance after eating enough.
Huo Junzhong suddenly thought of Journey to the West, saying that eating Tang monk’s meat can make you live forever. Is it written by this prototype?
The next day, after class, Huo Junzhong slipped out of school at noon and went to the silver-gray cat. He held it and came to Sunshine Hospital. Pets were not allowed to enter Huo Junzhong. He took the silver-gray cat to the back of the building and pointed to a window on the third floor. "Cat Daoyou, your master is there. Can you go?"
The cat disdained to look at him and jumped. He took a few steps in his arms and came to a big tree. He climbed to the crown of the tree and came to the window in the diving pipe like acrobatics, but the window was closed. Cats could meow when they entered.
Huo Junzhong entered from the front door and came to the ward. There is a cat owner in this ward. The bed is a VIp ward. It seems that the cat owner has a high status and very little money to afford the price of this ward. But it is not surprising to think that his house is at least ten million in this magic capital. Although it is like a pigsty, it does not affect the family living in such a room.
The cat owner is still asleep with nutrient solution, but I learned from the nurse that he has woken up and the critical period has passed.
Huo Junzhong hit the window and the cat jumped in and jumped out of the bedside cupboard. He called his eyes low and looked at his master with rare eyes. He was full of worries and worries. If a cat lover saw it, he would be very moved. Cats were generally afraid of water, but when Huo Junzhong went to pick it up, the cat was cleaner than soaking himself in almost hot water, so that there was definitely no bacteria. He also took a hair dryer to Huo Junzhong to blow dry its hair.
After eating two refining ghosts last night, the cat’s intelligence has improved significantly. Now Huo Junzhong’s words are becoming more and more like a cat demon.
"It’s lucky that a cat friend can raise you." Huo Junzhong is not flattering but sincerely admiring.