In the camp where the three cases of Fu Yong were located, six Yuan Shen Road flyovers suddenly jumped out, and one Yuan Shen Road flyover with a long sword on his back jumped out. Seven people landed in the middle of the square with their eyes fixed on the cloud where Kang Mo Yan was.


An older elder roared angrily, "Where is the pavilion? Shui Jun regards the rules of the Water God Conference as a pair of people who join hands to cast spells to harm me?"
Kang Mo said that he didn’t want to expose his identity, so his eyes motioned for Mei Niang to understand and casually said, "The old Taoist priest’s eyes are not good. Don’t talk nonsense. It was only my master who shot at his old man’s house. What are the bad rules? This Pan Zhen veteran really doesn’t know how to live or die, but he wants to harm my school sister Cen Biqing. My master brought my school sister out to make her experience. I know that the people in your door seem to be on the shore, but in fact they are all vicious. I don’t know how many creatures have been harmed by their hands. Isn’t it a death wish to count on my green school sister? "
Ersanqi Jinghe River God
Ersanqi Jinghe River God
Como said that Mei Niang wanted to find a reason to deal with it at will. I didn’t know that this big disciple of mine was too clever to even shout out "Blue pool". Fortunately, Cen Biqing was meditating to recover from his injury at this time, and he didn’t know anything. Como said that he was shy and didn’t hear it.
Mei Niang is sycophantic, and she is very cunning in her meticulous work. At this time, when she put it into practice, she immediately gushed. After several rounds of debate, she said that the seven Taoist priests of the Yuan Dynasty were dumb and angry. Instead, she shouted bad luck in her heart, only to pick up a small demon and actually set up a Taoist priest of the Yuan Dynasty.
Mei Niang also lied casually, but what she said in others’ ears was another feeling.
At the moment, I am most afraid of nothing more than Huang Fengshan Jun and Bai Jucha, two monsters who had previously had a mind to collect Cen Biqing as a lady in the walled village. At this time, I heard that this girl’s master could even kill Taoist Yuan, and I was so afraid that I couldn’t find a rift to hide immediately.
Bai Juya was worried about death and wanted to leave the cloud, but he couldn’t stop the dragon palace, so he put the water mist on his head and changed his position to hide behind many goblins.
By the time Pan Zhen was killed, many people had guessed Kang Mo Yan Xiu.
Moang Taidao is profound and can’t be mistaken. I thought in my heart, "There was a Dharma Taoist among the four major rivers and rivers." Over the years, there are also small dragons who have achieved dharma, but the number of ways is not small. Instead, it is somewhat like the dumpling devil. Is it the purpose of this demon to get in? Just leave him alone. If it’s really the dumpling demon king, he should just let the door suffer a big loss on my Dragon Palace side. "
When Moan Tai reported this idea, he ignored the dissatisfaction of several old people. He had the right to practice a few old people and dared not provoke a cavity of anger but could not spread it.
The old Taoist priest thought in his heart, "Pan Zhen has to be the soul of all people, but he lost his life when he hit the iron plate. He can admit that he is unlucky. That man who hides in the cloud can raise his hand and kill Pan Zhen, fearing that he has a dharma body. It’s all right if he is a disciple, and I won’t provoke her. If she is enemies with my door because of this, it will be greatly bad. Let’s turn around and figure out the big things first."
The old Taoist priest thought of this and whispered a few words to six people. Seven people discussed it for a while and flew back to their own camp.
Kang Mo-yan had many ideas at this moment. He had just killed Pan Zhen with difficulty. He was very ostentatious and almost attracted the attention of this small white face, so he thought about the convergence. Seven old Taoist priests turned to the camp, which was in his mind. He told Mei Niang to tell this disciple to keep a low profile, and then closed his eyes and meditated, leaving the water monarch in charge of fighting for things. It was a gesture of great things and nothing for himself.
However, Como’s actions just now were so amazing that the square was temporarily calm, but people were willing to fight for it
Kang Mo-yan was just meditating, and suddenly his heart gave birth to a bit of irritability. He noticed that the water mist on his head suddenly sprouted. This little white face was busy trying to hide all his mana and sink his mind into the laws of heaven and earth.
As soon as Kang Moyan finished these things, he noticed that several eyes passed through the water mist overhead and scanned back and forth several times. It took a moment before he took it back.
After several eyes were taken away, Kang Moyan was relieved. "According to my cheap master, these pick Jin Xian didn’t come here for the position of Shui Jun, the river god, but for another purpose, as if it were a disaster between heaven and earth. I don’t know what to say." These experts don’t know where they can be invited by the Dragon Palace to note the scene of the Water God Conference. This law can’t resist their eyes. It seems that any privacy in front of the great avatar is a cloud. I’d better be careful. "
The gigolo felt a few words in his heart, and he was lost in thought when he didn’t notice anyone peeking.
Tianshui God’s Congress was not long after it was calm, but it became lively again. First, the main manager of Heshen and Shui Jun had not been allocated. Many monsters were also straightforward and quickly woke up from the shock and threw themselves into their own waters.
From time to time, there were several fights in the square, all of which were monsters who fought with each other in a certain place. In this period, the people in the door never showed their faces again. After several hours, the aquarium manager in the overhead water curtain was almost completely allocated, leaving the position of Shui Jun, the river god.
Shui Jun, the river god, is directly under the jurisdiction of the Dragon Palace, unlike the aquarium manager, who is directly placed in the hands of the river god and Shui Jun. If a river god dutifully cleans up several managers, he can manage a big river in an orderly way. If the two sides of the strait play with the good weather and can’t afford the floods and storms, but if an incompetent Shui Jun refuses to properly control these managers, most of them are monsters, they will make a lot of things to play with the storms, not to mention occasionally giving birth to friction and fighting with each other.
Or there is a master alchemist in the past, but a manager has many evils to slay a head of this manager, so a Dragon Palace manager Shui Jun doesn’t care much about these monsters, such as putting away the manager token and calculating the location after checking life and death, so there will be many managers out in two hundred years.
However, Shui Jun, the god of the river, was firmly controlled by the Dragon Palace, so there would be no such many troubles. Now, the four major continents add up to 20 places in Shui Jun, and there are even fewer four places in the god of the river.
Among them, although the West Lake is not a big river, my location is extremely important in Hangzhou, so Shui Jun, the owner of the West Lake Waterhouse, has just been taken into Cen Biqing’s hands by Kang Moyan. At this time, Shui Jun is left with 27 places.
Como said that he was not very concerned about these things. He looked around at the camp where the third Sect of Fuyou lived, observing the movement of the door, but he thought about it himself.
This time, the Water God Conference is now seeing these people in the square, but it is very clear in Kang Mo’s mind that the newcomers are not only the local river gods, Shui Jun, monsters and Taoist priests, but also several pick Jin Xian and Zhang Ge. At this time, I don’t know where they are, so I feel uneasy.
And the most important thing is that he hasn’t seen the Four Seas Dragon King Kang Moyan yet. The purpose of this trip is to get the real dragon blood to repair Aoqing’s injury. The real dragon blood is only available in the Four Seas Dragon King’s body, but Ao Moang and Aocheng and other four dragons presided over the meeting, which surprised Kang Moyan.
This little white boy always doesn’t remember that he came here. Now if he doesn’t see the Lord, all his plans will fall, or he will make a big fight and get himself into trouble. Although he is not anxious, he is also worried that the Dragon King of the Four Seas will not show up eventually.
When Como got to Fusang Fairy Island, he saw the large array where he was now, but he didn’t see any peculiarities nearby, so he didn’t know where the Dragon King and several Luo Jinxian were, and there was no way to lead the Dragon King out. There was no good way, so he turned his eyes back to Tianshui Curtain.
Shui Jun, the former idle river god, and the main manager were all marked out in the sparkling water curtain. After some competition, many flashing places came to a conclusion, and Kang Moyan saw at this time that he would have a panoramic view of the remaining places. This small white face suddenly jumped to see that there was a Jinghe water god among the four major river gods.
"Although the old dragon of Jinghe River is dead, he has given Aoqing the dream of the dragon king. So Aoqing is the Dragon Palace of Jinghe River Water God, but he should not sell this position to others for competition."
Aoqing killed Yuan Shoucheng after the death of the Dragon King of Jinghe River, and therefore fell into the pursuit of three people in Yuan Tiangang. Although he received a dream from his father, he did not actually take charge of the river god token, so the Dragon Palace took the place of the water god of Jinghe River, but Kang Moyan did not think so. As soon as he saw the word Jinghe, the little white couple made up their minds to firmly occupy this water vein for Aoqing.
Kang Mo said, "It’s a very important position for many people to compete for such a big piece of fat meat, which is close to Chang ‘an. Now there are many people present, but most of them are monsters with the strongest strength. Although there are many, there are not many yuan gods who are not careless, and the door seems to be playing with the idea of several big rivers in Middle-earth. Maybe many rivers will be in it, so I just don’t wait for them to win big sleep and take this matter first and then concentrate on dealing with the dragon’s blood."
Thought of this, Kang Mo said that he would hold on to the smoke screen and quietly breathe out of the cloud. He turned to the corner where the demon was located and wandered around. Only then did he wipe his face and turn into a black-faced giant who emerged from the most dense corner of the monster.
This small white face is cautious and never forgets to hide his own way to reveal the level of the Yuan God. A dark cloud wobbles and comes to the center of the square. After pressing the cloud head, he smiles at the Four Seas Dragon. "The king’s black whirlwind has a magical power for thousands of years to block out the Buddha and kill the Buddha. Now that the king has seen the number of gods in Jinghe River, people dare to compete with me for Muang Tai and hand over the token."
Two or three strong men and small dragons
Two or three strong men and small dragons
Although Kang Mo-yan has made great efforts, he still seems a little reckless. He has just been watched by several eyes. He has been alert. Although the Dragon King of the Four Seas and the pick Jin Xian have not shown up, these people always pay no attention to Kang Mo-yan’s movements, and I don’t know if they can deceive these people by moving like this.
But now the location of Jinghe River God, Como’s remarks can’t be ignored, and he’s not around. The reason is that Aoqing will get better in the future, and Como won’t worry if he doesn’t know what several pick Jin Xian are going to do.
He shouted so that his face was a little strange and he couldn’t see the joy and anger. "You have more than enough mana to be a god of many rivers. It’s ok to give you this token, but you have to see if anyone else also looks at this position."
Como said that he didn’t know what the Dragon Palace was selling, and he wouldn’t try to twist his body like a tower and crack his bones. He glared at King Kong and shot him everywhere. He showed that the Yuan God’s way was the best deterrent. At this time, it’s unnecessary to say anything more.
Jinghe Water God is a lucrative position. There are many people who have been trying to help me. When Kang Moyan came out, nine out of ten people backed out. Kang Moyan saw that the competition for people was going smoothly. Suddenly, in the three camps in the east, there was a white old road who slowly walked out and looked at Kang Moyan. He smiled and handed over, "The black whirlwind king invited the original dragon tiger clan Zhang Shouyi to compete with the black king for the position of River God. Because I watched the three cases of Jinghe Water House, I had to compete with the king."
Kang Mo said that Liu Shouyi was the first six Taoist priests, and he thought to himself, "There are many clever points in this old talk to make me back down. If I have to start work, there are still a few Taoist priests who are afraid to wheel me, but he is also miscalculating. My old Kang won’t buy it."
Como laughed and simply pretended not to hear the meaning of Zhang Shouyi’s words. "This man wonders why he came to die when he knows that his own way is not good." If you want to fight, you have to fight. If it’s inconvenient, go back to meditation and don’t delay my kung fu. "
Liu Shouyi was choked with a red face. Qiang nu way: "Yes, this black whirlwind has a rude appearance, although it is good. Where do you understand the meaning of my words? Let it be, I can’t fight a big deal. If I change my teacher younger brother and let him suffer, I will know the depth. "
Liu Shouyi got up his mind, but first he glanced at the cloud head toward Como’s speech. He didn’t see anything unusual. Then he sank a drink and flew out of the sleeve with a golden charm. The phosgene was constantly lingering. After drinking a "sin", he commanded seven photogenic lines to draw a rainbow and hit Como’s speech head-on
Kang Mo-yan was ready. I don’t know where I pulled out a pair of blue crystal thigh bones. In one fell swoop, there was a black evil wind rolling out. In the evil wind, a few tiny pieces of ice were flying around, and the chill was threatening. It firmly resisted Liu Shouyi’s seven colorful lights, and there was still more than one evil wind that wound around the arc in the middle and attacked Liu Shouyi’s side door.
Liu Shouyi unexpectedly made a Fubaolai look at the quality. It doesn’t seem to be a matter of taking advantage of things. Suddenly, there were some drums in his heart, but he didn’t stop immediately. He took back the five elements of Yin and Yang and seven colorful lights to protect himself, and then turned to defense after facing the evil wind.
Kang Mo said that it was even more "fierce flame", and from time to time, a few words of foul language broke out in his mouth, commanding that the evil wind was blowing around for a while, and the old Taoist priest in front of him was in a hurry.
The Yin-eating Bone Staff is not a great thing. The wind mana contained in Fu Baoyuan is not very strong. After being refined by Kang Moyan’s ice qi, the mass rotates a lot, but it can’t be a confrontation with the Dragon and Tiger Zongzheng. But this time, I don’t know the power, but Gao Kang Moyan didn’t hide the mother’s ghost in it before, but he was a little shocked when he handled it. These ten souls are going to break free in the Yin-eating Bone Staff and release their mana. They are involved in the evil wind and have another power.
Kang Mo’s stick of eating yin bones suppressed Liu Shouyi and refused to delay more. Five fingers were hidden in the sleeve and secretly buckled. When the water-bending spell in the water-turning dragon solution was flicked, a wave of water suddenly appeared on Liu Shouyi’s feet from the ground.
Liu Shouyi didn’t check for a while, but was rushed by the foot wave. Suddenly, he was so embarrassed that he sat down on the ground. Even the manipulation of the tactic was loose, and Kang Mo said that he would seize the opportunity and the atmosphere would plummet to firmly encircle it.
Liu Shouyi, a Taoist priest of the Yuan God, won’t be hit by such a sneak attack. Even if he is hit by a wave, he can also struggle to resolve this old road. He has been in a hurry, and some people have backed down in his heart. After practicing the seven-turn Xuanshui tactic, the platform water power is so great that he actually beat this old road on his back with a butt mound.
The Taoist priest of the Dragon and Tiger Sect Yuan God lost his face and immediately became angry from embarrassment. He was about to provoke a spell to counterattack Kang Moyan, but he refused to give him a chance. His figure flashed in front of him and slapped him on his chest to seal all the meridians of Liu Shouyi. Even the Yuan God himself was imprisoned. He had the dharma to do it easily.
Long Huzong didn’t provoke Kang Mo’s words, so he didn’t want to kill more. Besides, he changed his appearance now and didn’t want to be recognized. After sealing Liu Shouyi, he didn’t take his life. He caught this old road in his waist and was so proud that he cried, "This old road is not my opponent. I will defeat it by myself. Who else is unlikely to come to challenge me?"