Breathing is smooth and even. It looks very comforting to sleep.


Time passes slowly.
It’s getting dark
Xiaobao didn’t wake up. It seems that he is really tired.
When she is asleep, she occasionally rubs her little brow but hides deep sadness. She occasionally trembles and seems to be very cold. In this life, she is destined to feel guilty about what he said. I hope that in the future, he will meet a better girl and be really kind to him.
Softly, her sleeve keeps out the wind and holds his little body in her arms, hoping to give him a little warmth. His first snow is just like a poor boy, and his bumpy life is distressing. She can’t help these things if she wants to.
Night arrival.
The climate in the mountains seems to be getting colder, but Xiaobao is still lying in her arms and sleeping.
Sue was in trouble, but she saw him sleeping so soundly and couldn’t bear to wake him up.
Okay, wait. Section 1133 Sinning. She’s sinning again. 9
Sue didn’t expect that she would wait until the sky was full of stars, but the kid in her arms still didn’t wake up. The more it got at night, the stronger the wind was on the top of the mountain, the colder it became. But strangely, she didn’t feel cold. The kid in her arms was so warm that it was like a pillow.
In a daze, she actually fell asleep.
When I woke up again, I was already in Zhuangyi Shuiju.
The light moonlight outside the window is gray. Look, it’s not dawn yet.
The lights in the room are swaying, and there are dim shadows everywhere, but they still look like a celebration room, a new house, who married her, and then look at the place where she is lying. What’s the matter with the curtains being red?
She quickly got up.
She didn’t change her clothes. When she looked at the wall, suddenly, when she was on the ground, the new couple’s name was obviously Xiaobao. When she looked closely at the room two years ago, everything was exactly the same. She had a headache. It would make her feel very guilty.
Oh, my God, aren’t you a little too fake? People’s feelings won’t be so real and won’t last so long, just like when we read the rainy season in the flower season, one will turn around soon, but it’s just a temporary attraction. She sat down in her chair and bent over the table again.
The relationship will last. She really didn’t expect it so much.
Even if Mu Jing is together now, she wants him to be together, but that’s also the mood now, and so is he. After all, no one can predict whether he will be able to live for a generation and whether she will not change her mind for a generation. Who knows? No one knows.
The human heart is the most changeable, and so are feelings.
She has always had this idea. Even now, this idea is deeply rooted. What is it now, but it is not the same thing? Mu Jingchu Snow Sima Luo and then Xiaobao.
Suddenly in the courtyard outside the house, the low sound of the flute and flute can also hurt people. Section 1134 Sinning, she is sinning again.
Sue listened and walked lightly through the door.
A small figure stood at the top of the corner pavilion in the court.
The moonlight is chilly.
At first glance, it seems that Xiao Bao is playing the flute.
She feels sorry for him, but at present she is still worried about the mountain. She didn’t say hello to Dr. Cui today, and now she doesn’t know what he will be in a hurry.
Waiting for the flute to stop, she slowly mouthed Xiaobao. I think the voice is not as loud as ordinary chat. Even so, it will be clear at night. She knows Xiaobao can definitely hear it. After all, his martial arts is so high that he can hear it at a slight noise.
It’s so late at night. Why don’t you go back to the mountain? I’ve sent someone to inform you that it’s safe here. He’s thoughtful. He’s sent someone to inform Dr. Cui that it’s safe.
Sue is relieved to hear this, and it is also a good thing not to cause trouble to others. Now that Xiaobao has sent someone to inform her, she does not go overnight.
Xiaobao, can you do me a favor?
What busy?