Lee, I don’t know what to say when I watch myself clench my fist into a stone.


Have you made another mistake? What is the stone?
"Ha, ha, ha, you’re killing me." Chen said with a smile.
Li Yi looked like a dead wife and said, "Come on, what’s there to do?"
Chen’s eyes went round and round again, and finally Chen’s eyes locked in front of Li Yi, that is, Lin Keer.
I don’t think this kid is going to try to get Lin Keer’s idea. What can he want me to do? Li Yi’s thoughts also moved with it.
"Li Yi, how about this? Have you seen Lin Keer’s purple shoulder strap? Just pull this until she looks back. It’s a good idea," Chen said with a smile.
Li Yi glanced at it and sure enough there was a purple shoulder strap.
Although it is winter outside, the class temperature is very high, which is why some students like to take off their down after returning to class, which is not only not hot but also warm.
So is Lin Keer. She wore a long-sleeved sweater inside, but the neckline was very low. To prevent exposure, Lin Keer moved the neckline backwards, but the small shoulder strap leaked out.
What can I do? If it is done, there is no problem. If it is not done, the problem will be big, and it may be regarded as hooliganism. This problem is too cheat people
"Can Chen change the question? This question is too damaging to my honor."
"You can’t recall a word."
In a word, Li Yi didn’t want to say anything in an instant. How can she go back on her word when she promised to do anything?
Li Yi looked at the purple shoulder strap and really wanted to have a look.
What can I do? Forget it, since ancient times, whoever dies early and late in life has to die. It is better to do something meaningful before dying!
Li Yi began to do it. Li Yi touched Lin Keer’s shoulder strap, so Li Yi pulled back and saw the white skin.
This ….. Still a person? It’s so beautiful that the skin should be so white
In the end, Li Yi didn’t know what words to form.
Li Yi looked at the white skin and was stunned. His hand was not so steady and he accidentally loosened.
When Li Yi just pulled the shoulder strap, Lin Keer felt someone touching her shoulder strap, but she wasn’t sure yet, so she didn’t say anything, but at the moment when Li Yi let go, Lin Keer really felt someone touching her shoulder strap.
So Lin Keer turned to the novel: "Li Yi, what are you going to do? I beg you. It was wrong of me to joke with you before, but don’t do this. You see how bad the influence is!"
After speaking, Lin Keer turned his head.
What the hell does that mean? Are you begging me? Or are you here to satirize me? Women can’t understand it.
"All right, I’ll come back when I’m done."
"Hee hee? Is it fun? " Chen smile happily said
If Li Yi were not in class now, she would definitely drag Chen outside and give him a beating, but Nai is in class now.
"Rock, paper, scissors"
Li Yi looked at his hand, that is, the cloth didn’t know what to say.
"Ha, ha, ha, ha, you … you actually killed me with a stone. It seems that the ancients said it was right. You can’t do it again and again. Just wait for my request!" Li Yile doesn’t even know that the world is far apart.
"You can’t give me a problem!" state
"It’s not difficult, it’s not difficult to guarantee it." Li Yi smiled and said.
Chen was relieved to hear this sentence.
"Well, in view of the fact that it’s not difficult for you to give me a question before, I won’t give you a problem. You can just make it clear that you don’t see a beautiful, caring, pure and kind sister over there, so you can confess to her."
Chen almost didn’t sit on the ground when he saw it. Li Yi, our darling, did you say it was an appearance? This is the heart!
The woman Li Yi refers to is actually a flower, more similar to a dinosaur.
"You … you call this simple" Chen nai said.
"Yes, how simple it is!" Li Yi doesn’t feel difficult at all. What? Because the person who did it was not Li Yi himself, but Li Yi watching others do things.
"You can’t be too ashamed to be a man!" state
"What a shame? I feel quite good, "Li Yi said.
Zhen Chen forgot shame but Li Yi’s endorsement!
"But now it’s a class. How can I confess?" Chen said with a smile
"Nothing, wait until class to confess," said Li Yi.
A little longer is a little longer, and maybe there will be an idea!
The "Ding Ding" class bell rang.
Holy shit, no way. I just figured out a way to delay, and I failed! Chen resents thinking
"Good class can be confessed" Li Yi Xi Xi smiled.
"Holy shit, really? Do you really want to confess?" state
"Ha ha ha ha! Don’t forget that you can’t make it back. "Li Yixiao.
"All right," Chen said.
Chen walked up to the flower girl and said, "I’ve liked you for a long time. You must promise me." Chen said this sentence because his heart was aching. How could he come up with this game? What a pothole
"What you said is true?" The woman said
"Of course it’s true," said Chen Xintong.
"Then I accept," said the woman.
Chen is going to vomit blood. You accept it, but I don’t want to accept it!
"I’m going to cry if I stop playing," Chen said to Li Yi.
"Then you remember that you still owe me one condition!"
"Well, I owe you a request," Chen said sadly.
"Hey Li Yi what are you doing in class? Are you going to be a hooligan? " Lin Keer said in Li Yi ear.