Section ninety-two White House language


Baiye saw that it was absolute strength. At that moment, the white woman waved like heaven and earth. Everything that violated her was destroyed for a moment, and there was only her and a yellow dust dancing beside her!
Bai Ye was immersed in that scene. He suddenly saw the white woman smiling at herself. It was a beautiful smile and it was very gentle. She gently opened her lips as if she were looking at something she loved, or the erratic voice said, "Wake up, son …"
The white leaves slowly opened their eyes and blurred the gods’ knowledge, and they became unconscious again, and their senses gradually recovered. The whole person was quiet.
Baiye didn’t look around after he opened his eyes. He just stared at the blue sky and white clouds for a long time before he murmured, "So it turned out that the flying dust has been guarding me. It was the flying dust that gave me that confidence. It was the flying dust that made me go forward and let me have no retreat in my heart …"
Somehow Baiye could feel the kind of support that flying dust brought him. He felt that the woman in white behind him was looking at herself and guarding herself …
There is nothing abnormal when I look at myself. Although I can’t see the flying dust, Baiye can feel the flying dust around me.
Get up slowly and look around with white leaves. It is no longer around the bottom of the sea. It is already a land of green mountains, green grass, birds and beasts.
"I got the egg, but I haven’t done those two things yet!" White leaves sigh for a while.
"Huh?" When Baiye wanted to release the jade, but now she is wearing a white ring on her left hand. This ring is very simple. It is a small white jade ring with a light luster.
Baiye’s face suddenly showed surprise when he sensed it. "White language?"
White language is a special language inherited from ancient times in the White House. This language has poor value. In the White House, unless the strength reaches the saint stage, the roots will not have the opportunity to contact this language!
Baiye has never seen or been exposed to white language, but in his first contact just now, he knew what it was in vain.
"Is the white language flying dust for me?" Baiye looked at the tiny white jade ring and murmured.
With a hint of curiosity and longing, Bai Ye put protective array around him and immersed the knowledge of God in the white jade. Bai Yu is different from the current language, which is not only a sound language, but also an imagination.
Bai Ye sensed an unutterable epiphany, and he soon learned a word. If he managed to translate it into the present language, it could be said as "action, movement ……", but this is only a representation of reality, and the meaning of this word is far more than that!
After feeling this word, Baiye opened his eyes, his mouth slightly opened, and his fingers were slightly pinched into a hand. When he heard an ethereal "ah", he disappeared from his place and appeared in a meadow a hundred feet away.
People who have studied the white language in the White House at this time will certainly be very surprised to see it. The White House stipulates that learning the white language should reach the level of immortality, which is not only a restriction but also a protection. If you don’t make enough repairs when learning the white language, you will be insane, and if you make a big loss, you will be annihilated and destroyed. Even if you have done enough repairs, the white family will be very careful to learn a word. It often takes decades or even hundreds of years to realize it.
But it is an unimaginable miracle that white leaves can show the characteristics of a word after only one incense burning.
Baiye felt it himself. Just now, when he uttered that word, it was not only the mouth, the hand, the divine knowledge and the conjoined five elements of light, but also a kind of extremely rapid rotation. He couldn’t figure out the degree himself, at least after five million revolutions per breath.
"It seems that I can make this language so quickly by the five lines of balls …"
Baiye once again arranged a protective array to sit cross-legged and think.
After two days, something happened to Bai Ye’s mind. He knew that the ball of five elements in Bai Yu’s learning was direct. It was with that ball that he could speak Bai Yu so easily, and at the same time, he could only reach a certain level at present, otherwise the ball might be broken due to rapid rotation!
In addition, Bai Ye has finally found a formal method to cultivate small balls, which is an unimaginable connection between the two.
Bai Ye patted his head and said, "I forgot to let Xiaoqing out!"
Seeing that Jade Ruyi’s green light flashed, Xiaoqing appeared beside him and bowed to Baiye, "Meet the master!"
White leaves said, "Xiaoqing, look at where this is first?"
Xiaoqing nodded and flew directly to Gao Chao. After a while, she returned to Baiye and said, "Master, the aura here is sufficient and stable, and there is a grand atmosphere. Although I don’t know where it is, I want to have such an atmosphere in the East!"
White leaf road "East? Although I know a lot of things in the East, I have never been here and I don’t know where it is … But forget it. Since I’m here, I’ll go to Belle first. I haven’t seen her for decades. I wonder how she is now? "
Xiaoqing laughed. "The master doesn’t worry that Miss Qi Jia’s qualification must be successful."
Baiye smiled and said, "Let’s go and see what the real East is like!"
Instead of flying, they walked on foot, and soon they saw a road. When there was a road, two people went east along the road.
The eastern region is a gathering place for all practitioners, but there are not only practitioners here, but also many mortals, who are much happier than others, because it will be good weather, warm in winter and cool in summer, and they will not be hungry, frozen or displaced. More importantly, they have more opportunities to practice than others, because all major sects will recruit disciples from time to time.
Baiye and Xiaoqing found a small town for a long time, and found out that this is a big island called "Coloured Glass". What excites Baiye is that he heard that there are Xinghai people looking for their disciples in the city ahead!
Section ninety-three Angry and depressed
"I wonder if Belle will be there?" White leaves in mind while rushing forward.
Xiaoqing slowly followed her and naturally knew what Baiye was thinking. She couldn’t help laughing. "This owner was very calm just now and panicked when he heard the news from Miss!"
It didn’t take long for the two of them to arrive at the big city called "Little Glass", which is indeed a big city a little smaller than the first city on the island, and the name is also called Little Glass.
There is no wall or moat in this city, and rows of houses, streets and pedestrians can be seen from a distance, just like an enlarged village.
The two of them stepped into the city road and walked slowly. About 20% of the people around Baiye now took the sky with them, and some people flew nervously, while others were not surprised, but admired and admired.
Bai Ye heard the magic weapon of buying and selling shouting. Of course, he looked at the past and now it was very general, just with something spiritual.
Baiye’s heart has already felt the induction, and there are many people gathered there not far ahead, but it’s a pity that Baiye didn’t feel the breath of Huang Bei, where the breath is very strange.
Just when Baiye was disappointed, she heard a "Yi"!
Baiye twist a head to look now a middle-aged woman is looking at Baiye and Xiaoqing with doubts in her eyes.
"I wonder if my predecessors have any advice?" Bai Ye asked that he could feel that the woman dressed up in front of him had survived six disasters and called herself a senior. She must be affected.
The woman asked Xiaoqing, "Are you a snake?"
Xiaoqing didn’t know what the man was going to do, but listening to Baiye’s calm tone seemed to be unwilling to conflict and nodded his head.
"Then you’d better get out of here quickly. I don’t know where a Dan can flow out recently to refine a very good Dan medicine. There is one in it. If the snake heart works better, most of the experts here are in front. If you are found, you will be run away!"
Hearing this woman’s words, Baiye immediately thought of Liang Yuan, a noble and decent elder who could do that kind of robbery and silence, and this is the territory of the yogi. Xiaoqing, such a small monster, will definitely not even have bones left!
But how can his white leaves make his hands suffer? Thanked the woman and still led Xiaoqing forward.
The woman looked at them doubtfully again and murmured, "It’s strange that this monster is already very high. How can he listen to a mortal?"
I don’t know who came up with something that wanted a snake’s heart. She really wants to find out that person and swallow it alive!
Soon the two of them arrived at a courtyard that looked very big. There was a long queue in front of the front yard. Those were all apprentices and most of them were women.