Stiff Song Anqiao mechanically pulled the curtain to block the house environment, and the master went out again


"What can I do for you?" Song anqiao light ask
Li Hao held a watermelon in her arms. "Oh, it’s hot. Our company bought some watermelons today. I think you just came to rent a house to give you a try."
Song Anqiao didn’t want Li Hao to force it on her.
Li Hao was afraid that Song Anqiao would give it back to him again. "Miss Song, don’t be polite to me. I’ll go first."
Song anqiao stayed at the door for a long time and turned to enter the room.
I took a bucket of cold water and soaked the watermelon in it. I sat on the sofa and looked at it with a cold face.
"Who is he!" Chufei’s facial features are tense and his tone is cold.
"You and him what!"
"He let me rent a house, that’s all," Song Anqiao said.
"What did he give you a watermelon?" Chu Fei bit his teeth far away.
Song Anqiao held his chin in one hand and turned his eyes with a pair of bright black eyes. Some narcissists said, "Maybe I can’t help but want to give me something when I see my cuteness."
Chufei heard that while she was talking, she got up and pulled her hand tightly around her waist and turned to press her on the bed.
Song anqiao said, "can you stop pressing me like this every time?" Do you know very much? "
Although Chu Fei-yuan wears thin clothes, he is tall and long-legged. Every time he presses her so hard, she can’t earn money and can’t be tied tightly by him.
Chu Fei stared at her with angry eyes and black eyes. "Where are you with him?"
Song anqiao don’t face very reluctant to answer his question.
ChuFei far nu eyes color more and more deep buckle her with a little force to pinch her mouth on the kiss live repeatedly force in her mouth.
Song anqiao is afraid of him.
When choking, Chufei stayed away from her. She rushed to recruit "If you don’t arrive at any step, you will see one step."
"Did he come into your room?" Chu Fei looked at her with gloomy eyes.
Song anqiao stayed for a long time, and the dark face was a bit arrogant. She lifted her clothes and went in and covered her chest with a soft force.
"Uh-huh …"
Startled by his own voice, Song Anqiao blushed.
Chu Fei was going to torture her. Song Anqiao twisted his body to avoid his big hand for a long time and rebelled against himself. Instead, he untied the buckle.
"No, no" Song Anqiao panicked and grabbed his hand. "Brother, he didn’t come in."
A brother Chu Fei lived for a long time and didn’t hear her soft brother stop. "No?"
Worried that he would mess around, Song Anqiao held his hand desperately. "Have you come in alone? You have to believe me."
Chapter 13 It’s your fault, Qiao Mei
The eyes are dangerous. Look at her for a long time. It seems that she is considering her words. She leaned over and pecked her with a satisfied tone. "Qiao Mei is good."
Song Anqiao heaved a sigh and looked at him with a faint smile. "You asked if you could go back."
Chu Fei got up and took off his shoes. After seeing Song Anqiao lying down, he seemed to be afraid that he would pull aside and fold the blanket at night and slowly closed his eyes.
Song anqiao bit his lip and stared at him, wishing he could slap him.
He was really tired, breathing deeply, and she was fresh and fragrant, and soon fell asleep after touching the pillow.
In the past minute, Song Anqiao was unwilling to drag his arm. "Chu Feiyuan, you are not allowed to sleep in my bed without taking a shower and washing your feet!"
Dislike him very much.
Song Anqiao felt that his generation must have whipped Chu Feiyuan all day and enslaved him as a coolie before she served him.
End the warm water roll, he trouser legs Song Anqiao washed his feet and locked his eyes in his toenails. Most of them have fallen off, and you can’t see whether it’s cat’s paw prints or dog’s paw prints. A drop of tears pattered into the basin.
Looking up in panic, smoking a tissue to wipe your eyes and playing with him will always stimulate her lacrimal glands.
After washing and wiping, Song Anqiao held his feet and slowly put them into the bed side eyes to see if he slept without undressing.
Song Anqiao tightened his eyebrows, struggled repeatedly, and mumbled, "Emperor Buddha, lamp God, Amen, all kinds of immortals, I am doing good deeds. Don’t let me have a needle eye."
Seriously pray, Song An Joby calmly undressed him, then washed himself and went to bed.