"Now, let’s temporarily separate our resources and gather at the auction house when the auction is called."


Thought together also don’t drag yuan heng three people then each chose a direction.
Smile. Looking at the neon cold and Li Youyou leaving Yuan Heng, I chose a direction and walked into a direction with large traffic.
This is an oval-shaped trading market located in the northeast corner of Jidu. The market area is very large. There are not only shops featuring wealthy and powerful princes and tribes, but also areas specially prepared by scattered practitioners. You can get a stall for sale at a little rent.
However, Yuan Heng didn’t immediately try to collect money. He just condensed some divine power and made a little crystal. Although there is a true god in the realm, after all, the quality is still a statue of Zu Yuanheng, and it’s not necessary to be really bitter. Haha, living a little bit can still be made out. The crystal contains a trace of mystery and it is estimated that it can still be worth some money.
Yuan Heng seems to be looking for something after passing by the stalls.
Suddenly, Yuan Heng shines at the moment, not because how good this stall is, but because the hidden power of the stall owner attracts Yuan Heng. This is a high-ranking monk who hides his identity, and he can be considered to have crossed the boundary between gods and mortals. In this side, the history seems long, and its essence is that the real power of the newborn world is already very high-end
"This Taoist friend is in a good mood to come out and set up a stall."
Yuan Heng doesn’t beat around the bush and directly reveals his identity and smiles and greets thousands.
For the true god, emptiness is not true, and the appearance brings a lot of divine performance, like knowing language in many novels, but it is the most common one, and the mystery should not exceed its own divinity. Many things will be told by divinity naturally.
This is a beautiful girl with a round hat of animal skin and a windbreaker-like style. The forehead can come true. The gods are all handsome men and beautiful women, no doubt …
The true god’s eyes look directly at the nature, and the rules of heaven and earth are consistent. Unless it is deliberately concealed, if the true god is in close contact with each other, the divine nature of each other will tell each other a lot of things, omitting the ceremony and beating around the bush …
For example, although this beautiful girl, the true god, maintains the Pangu Taoist form, her divinity is also very different, or her origin is actually not the Terran origin of the five-color god.
In Yuan Heng’s eyes, she saw a strange animal. She was born in a very special form, with two horns and scales on her back. Five ridges were scattered like blades. Like a peacock screen, a blue gem was inlaid on her chest. The most unusual thing was that her limbs had a line like a river, which communicated like a back, and she was full of agility.
Seeing this, Yuan Heng came to this world in vain and found that the first true god was her. Sometimes, in fact, fate is bound to cause and effect, and everything is actually so simple to be continued.
Ps, happy June 1, everyone. Hahahahaha …
Chapter three hundred and twenty When Bai-style love touches the imperial harem,
Yuan Heng, although he is a man, can be at the end of the day, but did the true god deliberately cover up the fact that the divinity of the true god was printed into the eyes of this heroic goddess.
"This is … a true god?"
The girl’s eyes lit up slightly. Although the strange true god appeared in front of her on the surface was a young man, it could be printed in her eyes, but it was a light that swam in the sky, the earth and the ocean were all shining, and the yuan light spanned the years.
Obviously, the breath made this girl, who belongs to the same true god, quite happy. Her face showed a little bit of joy and closed her eyes for a moment before she opened her eyes and appeared a little bit of admiration and envy. "It’s a pure time. It’s really rare for a Taoist friend to have a complete foundation."
"Now that Tianheng has just entered this world, dare you ask the name of your friend?"
For the girl’s eyes, Yuan Heng is not allowed to directly reveal the name of the god who represents this body. Although it will represent the symbol of the first heavenly fiend’s handle-HarmonyOS’s ancestral spirit gave Candle dragon, it is time to be born and retain a natural affection for those who practice this way. After all, a god is still a little less when practicing in the wild.
"Taoist friends are the yogis who have just entered this world? Indeed as expected is very good in yan hong met friends "
When I heard that Yuan Heng had just entered this world, the true girl suddenly came to the fun, and her eyes were full of enthusiasm like a characteristic silver crystal. Yuan Heng was invited. "Taoist friends have just arrived. Why don’t we find a place to communicate slowly first?"
Obviously, it is really a whim for Yan Hong to set up a stall. I don’t care about sweeping things at random for a while, and the fluctuations brushed these things. I don’t know where they are still given by this smiling girl.
"So good"
Yuan Heng nodded his head. His meaning is so natural that he will not refuse.
The main purpose of coming in this time is to experience the world created by ourselves and find out whether there are loopholes in it. It is just like issuing an online game. Sometimes, some developers need to recruit professional players to test and publicly test the game before it is released, even though they know all about the rules of the game and the lights are black. This is the case.
As dusk approaches, the lights in the capital of Jishui light up quietly, and the whole city is shrouded in glittering and translucent artistic carvings. It must be said that the life habits of the fox family in Qingqiushan are very similar to those of the Yuan Hengling family, and there is a sense of art everywhere. The difference is that the art of the Lingling family is a kind of natural agility, but it is difficult for the fox family in Qingqiu to pursue it deliberately. There is a level difference between the two artistic realms.
But even so, walking in the street, Yuan Heng seems to be in a crystal palace, and his mood will naturally improve. I have to say that Yuan Heng has been in a long way to practice and realize the Tao since he was born again. It has been a long time since Yuan Heng did not deliberately pursue and appreciate things without a trace, or is this another practice attempt?
"Maybe it’s a right choice to spend most of your energy in this bust?"
Inexplicable thoughts passed in my heart. Yuan Heng smiled inexplicably and filled a few minutes.
"This Qingqiu fox city is really good. In fact, many friends of God are looking at this point, which will locate the daily trading places here."
It can be seen that Yan Hong is a very enthusiastic true god. Seeing this friend around him, he is interested in watching the urban landscape and can’t help laughing. "It is said that this is from their ancestors in the wild, and the artistic blood has been engraved in the bone marrow. It is said that they can be inspired by this kind of art to make the road of practice smoother."
Speaking of which, the girl’s face is hung with a strange smile. "It is said that it is only said that the blackwater emperor who was hacked to death by Shang Tang in those years-Xuanbeizhen, the Qingqiu fox family, has been deeply attracted by this Qingqiu art, and the result is that she is addicted to art. Finally, she has not worked out from the art whether to wait until the Shang Tang Gate to draw something with a brush, and when she reacts and wants to copy the guy, she has been hacked to death …"
"oh? Open the gods should not be so unwise? "
Being able to become a great figure should not be so fragile, right? How can you be confused by the practice of Qingqiushan? Experiencing life and understanding the world is like this. Yuanheng is not a foolish person who is bent on practicing. The cheerful girl is talking about these anecdotes.
Xuanbeizhen, the unlucky man, didn’t make it into a painting, and he didn’t make it into an artistic explosion, which made the explosive art spread all over the world. Instead, Xiao Di became a Xiao Li-style figure. This has always been a joke of many gods in the mountain and sea world. This is the toddler mountain and sea world in Handan. Anyway, Blackwater is a disgrace and lost to the ends of the earth
"ha! Who knows! "
The girl’s so-called shrugging is also a kind of divination unofficial history. In fact, if few people know it, or nobody is really popular, except Blackwater and himself.
"I don’t know what I just found will be picked up by those lucky little guys. Well, it should be good luck to pick up my things. Gee, or consider observing one …"
The two men walked or stopped several different curved roads in this huge water-drawing capital. It seems that they are still walking with some kind of maze ring array special effects, and they are smiling and sensing something. "Well, what should these little guys get after they have achieved something?" Full of a hundred kinds of spirits? Mountain and sea food seats? Is there a variety of ingredients in the north and south? Or ninety-nine species of a spiritual fish in the East China Sea … "