I made a mistake and bowed my head three times and four times.


Shen Suer is distressed at the thought of it. Section 1635 Occasionally, she wants to help him.
The old man said goodbye. Look, Alang has suffered more than you think. Don’t worry too much, girl. It’s just a business anyway. If it’s a big deal, it’s over. He’s done everything harder than this when the company first did it.
With that, the old man smiled.
Besides, he didn’t brag about the fact that when the company started, it was twice as hard as it is now.
Only when young people eat hard can they become dragons and phoenixes
The old man continued, "My Alang, though, is my grandfather, but he is not like some worthless officials, the second generation and the second generation. You can rest assured that his grandson is so proud of China’s virtues, and he accounts for most of them."
Shen Suer hangs his head slightly and still hesitates. Well, I think it’s my fault this time. I want him to do something, and she wants to explain to Xu personally.
Suddenly the old man seemed to come over with a smile and asked if you wanted to help the little one.
Yes, but I don’t know what to do. I don’t know that Mr. Xu and I don’t know where he will be. I dare not go to that company because I am afraid that he will know that I will be angry. Shen Suer is worried that Gao Lang will be embarrassed.
It’s considerate of the old man to smile. Okay, that company
It seems that the grandson is a blessing. The girl is like a good wife before she gets married.
According to his understanding, if Alang knew the truth, he would probably not be angry, but he would probably be too happy to sleep.
Who will refuse others’ sincerity? Of course not.
Shen Suer said the address.
The old man will smile like he knows everything, and then gently send the freshly brewed tea to her. How about trying my tea first?
Yes, Shen Suer listens to section 1636. Occasionally, she wants to help him.
She quietly took a sip of tea in her hands and moved her mouth.
I was surprised in my eyes in an instant, grandpa. It’s really good to make tea.
Of course, most people can’t drink my tea, even though Alang is so young, the old man Lang laughs and sighs. It’s not that he doesn’t want to make it for Alang, but that he has less time. He always talks about his country when he was a child and struggles after returning home.
Shen Suer smiled gently as a response.
Wait for a cup of tea to finish
The old man laughed. Do you want to see Mr. Xu?
Well, I’ll ask him out today.
Really surprised, she quickly thanked her grandfather.
The old man sighed and joked, ouch, you called me grandpa, so there’s nothing to say. Besides, I don’t like it if you don’t solve Alang’s problem all day long, and you are in a trance all day long without anyone to accompany me
It’s a little embarrassing that Shen Suer hangs his head and his cheeks are reddish.
Look at you. You’re shy. The old man looks in a good mood.
He picked up the words and flipped through a sentence. He quickly arranged an appointment with Xu.
It happened that he knew Xu.
He hung up and laughed, and you heard me. I told him to see you on Sunday, that is, you can come here the day after tomorrow
Thank you, grandpa
Well, I invited him over for a casual chat. What do you think about him? However, he doesn’t talk about business in his leisure time. It’s nothing to explain clearly. You don’t know him. What to do depends on you. Grandpa won’t interfere with the old man then, and he doesn’t want to rely on anything to help them. Whether the two young people can succeed depends on their personal efforts.
Success or failure is very important, but the elderly know that this is not the most important thing.
In fact, the lifelong benefit is that they have worked hard in section 1637 to keep out of her private affairs.
In the evening, Shen Suer went to the supermarket to buy some vegetables, hurried back to the apartment and went into the kitchen.
Gao Lang is used to coming to her for dinner every day, even if he works late.
After about half an hour, dinner was also ready.
Soon Gao Lang came back a little earlier than usual.
When she met him at the door, she met a bunch of red roses.
Thank you. It’s very beautiful. She’s shy and smiling, and her heart is overflowing with sweetness. It’s also common that the hero will send flowers to the heroine in this shot, as if she had been the heroine once.
With a gentle smile, he bowed his head and kissed her gently at the corner of his mouth. When he was hungry, he put his arm around her shoulder and went to the living room. When he saw the rich food on the desktop, he swallowed. I’m welcome.
You’re welcome, Gao Lang. Come with your fill.
Looks like I’m full of food.
Shen Suer also sat down. You eat slowly.