The news that counterfeit money is rampant spread like wildfire. The copper coins in the market are all fake. The government has stopped selling copper coins. In a few days, the copper price has become 1200 to 1200 silver, and even the bigger restaurants and restaurants refuse to sell copper coins. Today it has become a smelly shit. Those people who have just changed a few pieces of copper coins in hand are so anxious that they cry and shout that they want to exchange the silver back. But at this time, everyone is afraid of copper coins and holding them everywhere.


Li Qinke regardless of these, he really made a lot of money this time. When he came to Zhang Guangfa with a thick stack of silver tickets, it was a slap in the face that Uncle Zhang gave you a way.
One of Zhang Guangfa’s tricks is waiting for Beijing to play, and the other is puzzled by the recent shopping mall in Shanxi. Seeing Li Qin playing tricks again, he didn’t give him a good face.
Master Qin, where have you been recently? If you mess around again,
Take your time, take a look at this first. Li Qin took out the stack of silver tickets and told the story of copper mine casting money in detail when Zhang Guangfa was in a daze
Jintai Yufeng is going to fall. You spent a lot of effort and didn’t get anything done. I helped you do it, Uncle Zhang. You should always thank me. Li Qin waited to hear Zhang Guangfa’s praise, but Zhang Guangfa even pricked up his eyebrows after listening.
Thank you, Master Qin. Do you know how much trouble you’ve made? You really don’t know that this private copper mine is a capital crime, and it’s even more necessary to steal money. Your master sent me to Shanxi to deal with Taiyufeng, so it’s okay to knock it down. We are going to replace Shanxi merchants to turn Shanxi banks into Li banks, and we are going to deal with the trading of provincial banks.
Then what did I do wrong? Li Qin didn’t look angry at me. Didn’t I defeat one first?
Oh, my master Qin, Zhang Guangfa, was so anxious that he stamped his feet straight. Is it worthwhile for you to do this? This is an unforgivable death sentence, which is tantamount to giving someone a handle to catch him. No matter how much we suppress Shanxi merchants, you will be defeated immediately if someone holds this one. Aren’t you confused?
I can tell you that Zhang Guangfa breathed a sigh of relief and went on to say that the master’s serial plan is coming soon. This is the key time. You mustn’t stab Lou at this moment and immediately fire the workers and fill the mine. Don’t go there again from now on, otherwise even the master will not be able to protect you.
Li Qin felt a lump in his heart, holding a silver ticket and walking on the Daping. The more he thought about it, the more he held his breath and hated it. No matter what happened, he said that I didn’t live up to expectations, and he said that I stabbed Lou. I can’t believe this. Can this large amount of silver have nowhere to go?
For a doctor, it takes a month to keep him in peace. In less than half a month, he got up and turned around in the streets and lanes. There were sighing crowds everywhere. The only thing that jumped was that the officers in the yamen slammed into the doors and forced them to pay taxes, yelling and pleading together. The city was sad in the past, and there was a lively and prosperous grocery market. Today, even no one could be seen.
This business can’t be done. Two grooms are chatting at the street entrance. No one buys it every day. Who can afford to talk? Ge Ma Xie, who wears a pair of holes, puts his fingers into his ankles from time to time to pick and smell.
That’s all. Maybe in a short time, the two officers will take all the money for the day’s meals. That’s bad luck. A big-eyed man replied
It’s not bad luck, it’s not bad luck. The worst thing about that person who keeps waving his hand is that he doesn’t have any silver and copper coins. That’s too bad. If the government wants silver, it’s necessary to arrest him and let his family deliver it. If it’s late, it’s a slap in the face.
The government doesn’t want copper coins, and the business stalls don’t want copper coins. I said that Zhang Dage’s big eyes smiled two times. You owe me the two hundred dollars, and I dare not ask for copper coins. Who knows which one is true and which one is fake or silver?
200 yuan is converted into silver, and it’s only seven yuan. I haven’t cut my nails yet. Why can’t I pay my brother Zhang’s feet off and stare at them and get angry?
The two Guping understood that there was a dispute over the repayment of debts. He said that I can tell the difference between the true and false copper coins. You might as well give me the money and let me help you distinguish it.
You two looked at each other and didn’t believe it. Look at you, a white-faced man who can’t spend money will recognize the authenticity of the money. I heard that this fake money can be distinguished from the real one.
I’m the banker. I’m Tai Yu Feng San, the shopkeeper
Yo, that’s really ignorant. Brother Zhang untied his waist pocket and took two small strings of money to wear. Please have a look.
Guping took the two hundred dollars to untie the rope, picked it up one by one, looked at it, touched it, and shone it in the sun for a long time. Only then did he point to the less pile, which was true and the rest were false.
Oh, brother Zhang slaps his thigh, which is a real shame. Who is so wicked to fake money and let the emperor catch him alive?
Guping was secretly surprised when he saw the 200 pieces of money. From the appearance, the real money is different, but the calligraphy and painting are a little blurred. However, the wear and tear of the calligraphy and painting will be blurred after the real money has been used for a long time. This can’t distinguish the true from the false. It’s just because of experience that the real money and fake money are slightly different in size at the Chinese hole, but it’s absolutely difficult for ordinary people to identify it without handling so much money.
It’s not ordinary people who can make this set of fake money. Gu Ping thought it was right. The mold for casting money and turning sand is the twenty-five pieces of real money from Su Zixuan’s painting department, which is almost perfect.
Guping came back to Taiyufeng to find Wang Tiangui Wang Tiangui. These days, there are hills and high copper coins in the library, which has become a hot potato. Not to mention that the cabinet is in a hurry every day. He knows that if he wants a sum of silver, it will lead to a run. At that time, Taiyufeng will be suspicious. He would rather lose money and shout to borrow silver from other banks to pay interest, but he will also do business. But when he sees the hole getting bigger and bigger, Tiangui has to quietly sell several shops. This will be able to cope, but it is time to pay another ticket next month. He hasn’t decided what to do with the interest. The guys in the bank are afraid to tiptoe through the backyard every day, otherwise they will be severely reprimanded. The only person who doesn’t change his normal state is still crooked. He is so gloomy that he is afraid to stand still at the door. Guping came to see Wang Tiangui first and gave him a deep look at the crooked old one. When he looked back at Guping, he would immediately avoid looking at others, but Guping didn’t. He took a careful look at the crooked old one and lifted his legs into Wang Tiangui’s room.
After a while, Wang Tiangui was angry in the room. Ray shouted, Don’t you dare to make trouble at this time and get out of here.
Guping left the house without saying a word. Wang Chi and others gathered in the front hall, the back hall, the moon gate and looked at Guping, but they were not in a hurry. Instead, they turned to the old crooked and said, I will wait for you at the border temple at noon on the first day of the month.
The old crooked took a rare look at Guping.
Come or not, you can go outside with Guping’s words.
Three shopkeepers, why did you come here when you didn’t get well injured? Guys, Wang Chi, who is full of arguments, also asked what you were doing to find a big shopkeeper.
Guping didn’t answer his words, but said with deep emotion that some people only care about money, so that even if they are in a big shop, they are still small businessmen.
Guys listen to puzzling Wang Chi but listen to him say it must be Wang Tiangui. This is his respect. Is it bad to look at Guping stupefied at the interface?
Guping no longer went on to say that he asked for a pen and paper from the cabinet, wrote a piece of red paper and two lines of letters on the surface, and then moved a set of tables and chairs to stick the note on the surface end to end.
The guys at the mother money table are stunned. Three shopkeepers, this is you?
If you don’t distinguish between real money and fake money, you can’t trade with the law. If you can’t win the trust and profit, you can’t stay in sight. Shanxi’s business community is in a mess. It is because of this copper coin fraud that everyone is in danger of selling goods and dare not buy goods. The road is blocked. Guping pointed to the front table. I set up this mother money table. Everyone can distinguish between real money and fake money, so that sellers can dare to sell and buy, and this road can be reopened.
These guys hesitate. Look at me. I’ll look at you. Agkistrodon scratched his head. A province in Shanxi can only pass copper coins. If you identify it like this, you can finish it in years.
Guping didn’t answer, so he moved the table and set up a stall on the first floor not far from Taiyufeng.
No one. Later, diners gradually had to pay copper coins to fill the first floor of the cabinet. Both sides had an argument and thought of Guping together. So they both came to him to identify Guping meticulously, and identified thousands of dollars one by one. Only after this, the business of filling the first floor was completed. Instead, people paid their bills with copper coins and went to Guping’s place. A big boy didn’t want to finish his white errand. He was so sorry that he had to eat three meals from morning till night. Guping thanked the cabinet for asking for a pot of hot tea to drink.
Seeing that the business on the first floor has been done again, other restaurant owners can be jealous and find Guping privately. He wants him to move the mother money table to the front of his restaurant. Guping smiled and told them that everyone has been in the money bank for three years in these restaurants. Set up a mother money table at each street corner, and then Taiyufeng running broker buddy will turn to be on duty.
Running broker man has prepared a gift for being a man because of the market depression. Of course, he is happy to earn some extra money. It took a few days for everyone to find that the benefits of this mother money table are too great, regardless of which business street it is. When running broker man sits on the street, it will be booming, and buying and selling will no longer be a customer’s door to withdraw money.
Three shopkeepers, your skill is really high. The city is scattered this day. Guys gather at Guping’s house to drink and chat. The short-legged tiger picks up a few peanuts in his mouth and chews a little wine with relish to feel that Shu Tai can’t help but feel that the mouth is slower. When there is so much money in the market, it is the head. Guys can’t do nothing. When they stay in the trading street all day, they grow up and the big shopkeeper doesn’t do anything.
You are absolutely right. Guping wants to find an opportunity to talk about this matter. Everyone has worked hard these days and the total amount of money is tens of thousands.
Hundreds of thousands of Agkistrodon rubbed his sour fingers.
Ok, if you find the difference between fake money and real money, you can tell the difference as soon as I say it’s common people.