Chapter seven hundred and thirty-six Waste


Chapter seven hundred and thirty-six Abolished "Bunny, don’t be complacent. There are still many great magical powers that haven’t been put to use, and you will be more than you can bear!" Tathagata Buddha’s face is fierce, but how to listen to it has such a strong taste.
"It’s a pity …!" Hearing the Tathagata Buddha’s words, he shook his head with a heavy smile. "You don’t have this chance!"
"Why not? ! I’ll …! " Tathagata Buddha’s voice did not fall when he suddenly heard a scream and hurriedly bowed his head and saw the prince’s chest with a bowl of big blood holes.
A figure behind the prince changed from unreal to real, which is exactly nine fold.
Nine heavy right hand through the prince’s chest on the other side exposed, holding a bloody heart in his hand and suddenly grasping the heart directly.
The prince bowed his head and stared at his chest and squeezed his heart blood. Then he turned his head and looked back. There was a trace of unwillingness in his eyes behind him. Immediately, his body dumped forward uncontrollably and slammed to the ground.
When the prince of Yan hangs a word, Jin Guangzhong, the Tathagata Buddha method, the golden body is also out of control, and the illusion gradually disappears
"You …? !” Gradually disappear Tathagata Buddha looked at the two identical Jiuchong in the field, and his eyes were full of expectation, hoping that Jiuchong could explain to him before he disappeared.
Nine heavy also saw the Tathagata Buddha eyes strong knowledge * * but smiled and didn’t explain is watching Tathagata Buddha filled with unwilling to disappear completely.
Although the combination of the Tathagata and the Buddha of the Prince of Yan is powerful, it can actually force him to use his ability as a king, but the weakness is also very obvious. That is, the Prince of Yan may be able to stop his attack, but the Prince of Yan is hopeless. To get rid of him, the Tathagata and the Buddha will naturally fall apart, and the two sides have discovered this in a short time.
I didn’t do this because I thought it was rare to meet an opponent who was a bit interesting, and I didn’t want to wait until now because it was not too emotional to make a quick decision.
In the Tathagata palm, the golden palm collapsed and burst instantly, and its cover started the Taiqing jade symbol. The effect of gasification and Sanqing was separated. Two avatars touched the back of the prince and put on double insurance. They were always ready to be black hands, but I didn’t expect the prince to be so fragile that even one avatar could not bear the attack damage and hung up.
Arguably, the prince of Yan was also an advanced god-level combat figure long ago, and now if the Tathagata is mixed together, it will definitely be blessed by some attributes of the Tathagata. The defense should not be so weak, just like paper.
In order to relieve the doubts in the heart, the nine-fold hanging up in the prince made the critical eye explore the character attributes of a prince, but it was amazing that the prince had sixty-nine levels and actually lost thirty-one levels.
However, just thinking about the nine-fold mind will suddenly realize that it must be because the Tathagata Buddha has exerted his strength before, and the Tathagata has the palm of his hand and ten thousand buddhas have lived in the dynasty.
In the game, Tathagata belongs to the fate level. In this way, no matter what kind of contract players reach, it is impossible to exert their strength under normal circumstances unless they pay some heavy price.
At first, I heard that in the offensive and defensive war in the ethereal city, the Jiugong Great God paid a lot of price to deal with him, so that he could inspire 10% divine power of the Heavenly Imperial God. He wanted to fight, and the prince of Yan was able to let the Tathagata play his full strength for the time being. The price paid must also be a loss level, but the loss of this level is too much. After this battle, his number is tantamount to waste.
The fact is that it is as close as Jiuzhong thinks.
The prince paid a price of 40 levels for the Tathagata to be able to fight for five minutes. It was because of the strength that there were five minutes when fighting. Just now, the Tathagata Buddha said those words to Jiuzhong after a wave of attacks by the ten thousand buddhas, and continued to exert his other closet skills, which could indeed pose a threat to Jiuzhong.
It’s a pity that Jiuzhong didn’t give him the chance to think that he was out of stock after displaying the ten thousand buddhas, and chose to kill the prince directly. As soon as the prince hung up, he naturally didn’t have a spell to read and could go to the grave with him.
"The prince has died. Congratulations to the player Fang Sheng for winning this knockout!" With the ringing of the unified sign, Jiuzhong was automatically sent out of the competition venue after playing the last knockout match today.
After the game, I temporarily returned to the misty city of Jiuzhong and did not stay in the game. I immediately chose the line and returned to reality.
Coming out of the bedroom, Jiuchong plunged into the game room and logged into the Tianxun chat room. Gao Yuping made a connection.
After a meeting, the two sides will definitely meet again for communication. Gao Yuping has left a temporary contact for Jiuzhong.
"Holy leader again so soon I don’t know what’s the matter? !” Gao Yuping sat on the opposite sofa and learned to call Jiuzhong "Holy Leader" in the game. Gherardini asked.
"Of course, things are not going to the Three Treasures Hall!" Jiuzhong smiled brightly. "There is one thing that requires your help!"
"oh? What else can you tell me? !”
"I played the last knockout just now. I don’t know if you have a note? !” Nine heavy asked with a smile
"Of course there is a note!" Gao Yuping nodded and said, "The holy leader is really strong. Even in the game like Tathagata Buddha, going against the sky in the face of you is cut like a dish!"
"Ha ha, who told him to be trapped by his own cocoon? If he doesn’t come with the prince, he may really have a chance to kill me!" Nine heavy smiled or returned to his topic "since you bet me to compete with the prince, I think he was there to talk to me. You must have heard it clearly, right? !”
"Of course!"
"You know I’m a first-class citizen. What I hate most is killing!" Jiuzhong said in a serious way, "You can ask your heart to protect the personal safety of my family!"
Gao Yuping almost didn’t laugh when he heard the first half of Jiuzhong’s sentence, but he looked right after hearing the second half. "Don’t worry, whoever has a hard time with you during this period will have a hard time with us. You won’t see the prince again after our people have taken action!"
"Thank you very much!" Jiuchong’s face is passionate, but his eyes are hard to hide. His predecessors are deeply afraid. No matter how powerful he is in society, he has no curse to read when facing these people.
After Gao Yuping’s brief communication ended, she quit the Tianxun chat room and the girls ate some midnight snacks for a long time before going to bed.