"Oh, you are idle. Then forget it and I won’t find you again."


Muhai shook his head, put away five lingshi, and then left the training ground with Ping Yinghao on his backpack.
"Lu instructor give an explanation."
"Lu instructor I treat you well at ordinary times? How can you unite them to harm us? "
Soon an instructor went to Ruggie and surrounded him, looking like he was going to swallow him up.
"Sun instructor, Yuan instructor … I really didn’t harm you. I was wronged."
Ruggie showed a wave of his hand.
"Hum, how can you open an instructor and even beat the students? I think there must be a ghost."
"It is today that you must give an explanation."
These instructors don’t think that Ruggier cheated them because Lingshi lost, and they are upset and looking for someone to vent their anger on.
Muhai dialect just gave them an excuse.
It’s hard to describe the scene that Rudier was beaten again …
Chapter 24 Treasure Hall [Second Watch]
Muhai returned to the dormitory at exactly 7 o’clock.
After he chewed the devil fruit, he was ready to practice and exchange it for the awakening fruit. After that, he shook his head.
"Now the soul realm can refine The Hunger Dan by breaking through the horse." Muhai andao flashed his eyes.
The soul realm is divided into virtual soul, dust soul, sand soul and stone soul from weak to strong …
Most people’s realm is that after the virtual soul is transformed into reality, they can have gods.
The stronger the soul, the higher the understanding, and the wider the scanning range of the gods.
Muhai’s soul realm has reached the dust soul realm for a long time, and now he breaks through the sand soul realm as simple as piercing a layer of window paper.
After reaching the sand soul realm, the soul will increase its understanding by ten times, and it will also be ten times higher, and the gods will also be able to explore subtleties.
It is this subtle insight that makes Muhai capable of refining The Hunger Dan.
The Hunger Dan is no better than Magic Yuan Dan, and its effect is a hundred times stronger than that of Magic Yuan Dan now.
One is enough to bathe in the sea and practice for several days, and it can also practice quickly.
You know, Muhai’s achievement method now is the third practice speed of the immortal body, and the magic Yuan Dan has been unable to keep up with Muhai’s practice speed.
However, there are two kinds of materials needed for refining The Hunger Dan, such as magic grass, which is very difficult to find. It is estimated that the earth may not find it
There is no magic grass, but it is more than enough for Muhai to have magic Dan instead of magic grass.
Another kind of material is polygala tenuifolia.
Gathering Lingcao, hence its name, gathers aura for refining.
Gather Lingcao has an effect on strength, and Magic Yuan is no exception.
So Muhai is going to visit the Treasure Hall today to see if he can find this kind of gathering spirit grass.
Gathered grass is not too precious, like Yunling, where aura is abundant, there should be some treasures, maybe there will be some in the temple.
"Go and see"
So want to MuHai got up and went back and forth outside the dormitory.
Today, all the military training students are in the training ground, and the whole dormitory building is Muhai alone.
Ten minutes later, Muhai looked up at the door of the treasure house and nodded his head.
Then he released a little knowledge to cover the treasure hall.
The treasure area is a huge warehouse.
It’s chilly in the warehouse and treasures are everywhere.
The more you look at Muhai, the more you lose heart.
Just the lingshi, which is a mountain, is estimated to be tens of millions less.
This is still the worst western hospital. If it is the north hospital, it will be more than ten times.
In addition to Lingshi, there are many Dan medicines, most of which are ineffective and have not attracted Muhai’s attention.
In addition to Dan medicine, there are dozens of spiritual weapons, except for three.
In addition to the spirit is the material.
There are so many kinds of materials that you really have everything.
In fact, there are refining Lingqiwu iron ore refining Dan medicine Qinglingcao and so on.
Each kind is hard to see outside.
I can’t believe that there are so many treasures in this small west courtyard.
"gather the spirit grass?"
Soon Muhai saw a pile of gathered grass and was surprised by the flashing eyes.
"It’s great that there are quite a few. Each plant is enough for me to refine a The Hunger Dan. There are even hundreds of such a pile." Muhai nodded with flashing eyes.
Then Muhai continued to go in.
"Hum …"
As soon as there was a sound, a blue barrier lit up and blocked Muhai’s knowledge.
Muhai couldn’t help showing horror when he saw it, and quickly recovered his knowledge.
Fortunately, the soul is strong enough and not damaged.
"It’s only when there are powerful treasures in the sample that the array will be arranged to stop others’ gods."
Muhai secretly nodded and made a decision in his heart, and then he didn’t easily make his soul explore the treasure house of others, otherwise he wouldn’t know how to die.
Fortunately, this array is very weak, otherwise you may not be able to come back with a blow to Muhai just now.
Take back your mood and stride into the treasure hall.
The Treasure Hall is divided into several windows, including the new student consultation window, the old student consultation window, the contribution point exchange window and the treasure recovery window.