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Chapter DiErErSi Genius
Chapter DiErErSi Genius
"Ahem, although I have two wives, I don’t have any experience in this kind of thing. You’d better ask someone else." To say that chasing girls Meng Qi swears that he really has no experience. In fact, if it weren’t for Cheng Rewei’s initiative, Meng Qicheng and Wei Gen could not have developed into the present.
"I don’t care, anyway, you must help me do something." Zixiang had a hard time getting up the courage, but it’s not enough to know that determination alone is not enough, and there is no implementation method. Nai herself has never had experience, and Meng Qi, a guy with two wives, just didn’t really pursue girls.
However, Zixiang has made up her mind that she will not give up because of this, but there is no way for Meng Qi to help her make up her mind.
Meng Qi thought with a bitter face that this was not a duck rack. After thinking for a long time, he also said with a wry smile, "If I have to find a way, then I can let you confess to him directly."
"Confession?" Zi Xiang looked at the meaning of Meng Qi not white.
Meng Qi shook his head and said, "Just tell him your mind directly."
"Ah?" Purple incense remembered that scene and her face couldn’t help burning up. After a while, she murmured, "I’m a little scared."
Meng Qi said, "Why don’t you try to approach him first?" Meng Qi also knows that if you go directly to confession, the success rate is really low. After thinking about it, I still think it is better to step by step.
However, Zixiang seems to have put up with the burning feelings for that person. After hearing Meng Qi’s suggestion, she just said, "Don’t just confess!"
Meng Qi followed Zixiang to a lively large-scale martial arts venue in the center of the city. The preliminary contest of the Demon Conference was being held here, and Zixiang said that the man was usually missing and was said to be practicing with great concentration.
Although this is a preliminary trial, he will occasionally show up to watch the game. Of course, this is not because he is afraid of what’s in it, but because he wants to see it, because he has already become one of the three places without fighting for it.
There is nothing shady about it, and it is purely because of this person’s talent and strength, even if he directly enters these three places, there is no objection to the whole Longgu.
That man is the pride of the whole Dragon Valley, because he once won the tenth place in an all-demon conference at the early stage of then. What a horrible ranking, but he was only at the early stage of then.
Now that he is a monk then dzogchen, he may be promoted to the baby stage at any time. There is a lot of gossip that he is attending this demon meeting. He is actually deliberately suppressing his own practice.
It sounds ridiculous. The whole world hates that he is practicing too fast, but he is trying to suppress his practice speed. But there are many people in Longgu who believe in this gossip. This is the hope star of Longgu and the pride of Longgu Dragon.
Meng Qibai sat in the corner of the huge martial arts field to help Zixiang pay attention to the man, but strangely enough, Meng Qi didn’t know what the man looked like, because when he asked Zixiang, Zixiang said that she had her own form, but she would naturally know him as soon as he appeared.
Meng Qi was looking at the purple fragrant flowers and sincerely greeted them in his heart. Then he came to this martial arts field with purple fragrant.
The most shameful thing is that Zixiang watched the game with relish after she came here, and asked Meng Qi to help her pay attention to finding someone to look at Zixiang. Meng Qi really wondered whether she liked that guy that much.
And that guy doesn’t come here every day. This is the third day that Meng Qi Zixiang has come to this martial arts field.
Meng Qi yawned. This fight is really not wonderful. Of course, it’s from Meng Qi’s point of view. After all, these battles are wonderful but competitive. Where can Meng Qi be on the verge of life and death?
However, for the general demon family, the face is still wonderful, and you can’t watch it without purple fragrance. Meng Qi shook his head and was about to take a nap quietly when suddenly there was some small commotion in one direction.
Then after a while, the commotion spread to the scene. Today, there were no famous players, and the whole stadium was a little deserted, but suddenly it became lively, like a sleepy person was given a stimulant.
Meng Qi quickly turned to look at a figure slowly appearing in the center of the commotion, but although the crowd was very excited, no one seemed to dare to stand in front of that figure.
Compared with the whole martial arts field, the origin of the commotion has actually become the quietest place in the whole martial arts field, but every time that figure walks through an area, that area immediately falls into a cheering sea.
The man seems to have a dazzling eye-stinging light, full of Meng Qi’s eyes narrowed, and a name appeared in his heart-the best dragon brother in Long Xiaotian Longgu in the past thousand years, except for him, Meng Qi couldn’t think of anyone who could cause such a sensation when he appeared in Longgu.
Looking at the whole crazy dragon brother Meng Qi around him, I can’t help but think of the country called the Soviet Union in my previous life, which was once a country with extreme personality cult, and it turns out that it is extremely harmful to be blinded by rational personality cult.
But looking at the young faces around, Meng Qi suddenly smiled and shook his head. Maybe it’s not a bad thing that young people have idols and goals.
Of course, Meng Qi didn’t find out when he thought so. Actually, he was probably much younger than most people when he was born in this world. However, Meng Qi’s experience in these years is more mature than these young dragon brothers.
However, at this time, Meng Qi felt that someone was pulling her skirts. As soon as she recovered from her old state, she saw that pulling her skirts was Zixiang sitting next to her.
Meng Qinai turned his head, only to find that Zi Xiang kept pulling her skirts, but her eyes kept looking at Long Xiaotian motionless.
Seeing this, Meng Qihao Nai stretched out his right hand and then swayed in front of Zixiang for a few times and said, "I know it’s him if I don’t watch it, right?"
But Meng Qi’s generous palm covered the line of sight. Zixiang’s angry hand patted Meng Qi and gave him a hard look, but when he turned his head, he found that Long Xiaotian had disappeared into the sea of people.
Filled with anger, Zixiang really stared at Meng Qi this time, which seems to be the same as Meng Qiyou’s vendetta.
However, for Meng Qi, this attack is naturally a direct epidemic, ignoring Zixiang’s fierce eyes and saying, "Well, now it’s finally time to wait for someone. How are you going to confess to him?"
Of course, this sentence is said in a secret way, otherwise Meng Qi will definitely attract all the people around him to watch. Meng Qi doesn’t want to become a zoo monkey himself.
However, after hearing Meng Qi’s words, Zixiang could no longer be angry. She looked at Meng Qi pitifully and hoped that Meng Qi would give her an idea.
Meng Qinnunu said, "How about waiting for him to leave and then quietly waiting for no one to find another chance?"
Zixiang nodded. If Meng Qi asked her to confess in public, she really didn’t dare to go to Meng Qi. This method is good, but Zi Xiang thought of another problem.
"But how can we keep up with him when he is so high for a while?" Purple sweet concerns asked.
Meng Qi waved and said, "Just give it to me. I’m worried that if he has always been so eye-catching, how can I go out with him when I leave?"
Purple sweet hear Meng Qi incredibly confident and he couldn’t help looking at Meng Qi eyes, but worry about Meng Qi purple sweet is have their own way.
"We’ll leave early for a while. There are two big entrances to this martial arts field. He will definitely come out from these two exits later, because it will definitely cause chaos in the other small exits, and he hates chaos most.
When the time comes, we have to wait at an exit, and when he comes out, we will definitely find him at the first time, and then we will send signals to each other. But if you come out from my side, you have to come at the first time, otherwise I won’t be able to follow him for long. "
"To be honest, did you have a plan?" Meng Qi’s expression is weird. Looking at Zi Xiang’s even tone-deaf, I forgot to make it, but I didn’t listen to this sentence before, and I didn’t recognize anything.
However, Zixiang almost jumped up to cover Meng Qi’s mouth for fear that he might spill the beans, but at last she was able to restrain herself from looking around like a thief and then glowered, "Be small!"
Meng Qi also found himself stunned when he said it, and then said, "In that case, let’s do it. What will we do then?"
Zixiang took out two small purple disks and injected a little bit of her own spiritual power into both of them. Then she handed it to Meng Qi and said, "You input your own aura into these two astrolabes, and then we can find out each other’s position one hour after excitation."
Meng Qi took two small astrolabes and injected his spiritual power, then handed one of them to Zixiang and said, "Is that enough?"
Zixiang took the astrolabe and nodded, then turned to the referee’s seat that was most suitable for watching the game. After watching the game, Long Xiaotian’s eyes became a little dull again.