On the right, this man is under considerable pressure in the face of Pearl Krabs and Nalan’s joint attack. His physical strength is not much different from that of these two men. In the case of one-on-one situation, the number of winners and losers is also five-five. Where can he resist a few, he will be screened.
The machine gunner on the left side flashed very cautiously. When he heard the ak gun ring, he suddenly lost the courage of Ye Qing to the gun and immediately chose to retreat. Ye Qing was still waiting for him to flash out again. As a result, no one came out for a long time. When he chased it, he saw that the man had already disappeared.
"Kill it!" Ye Qing reached an order. Pearl Krabs and he rushed into point A directly from the right, and Ye Qing went in from the left. At this time, the old fish story left three people at point A who were killed by three people from the I club. The two sides were just evenly matched, but Zhao Xiayang took the opportunity and shot a head directly from a commanding position.
This is actually a bit like the routine of the old fish story. At that time, the old fish story also had a personal path to explode a machine gun in Club I when people were unprepared, but that person was unfortunately shot in the head by Ye Qing’s old gun. Zhao Xiayang was obviously luckier than that person. After he killed a person, the other person immediately wanted to kill him, but when their troops came, they divided another person to deal with Zhao Xiayang. Where could the remaining people resist the attack of Ye Qing and others? This person was killed by Pearl Krabs as soon as he was distracted.
Zhao Xiayang took the opportunity to jump out of the alley and then swept the other person to death at close range. Ye Qing couldn’t help but twist his head and give Zhao Xiayang a thumbs-up. This guy is much better than before, and he is very good at grasping that almost all the fighters are playing soy sauce. Now it is still quite big.
At point A, the enemy’s department was wiped out and immediately entered the package with Bao Nalan. At this time, Thomas swaggered into point A and jumped into the pit frame. In this attack, he failed to shoot one shot, but the team still won. This is the best result for the sniper. If the gunner can solve the problem, he doesn’t need to get out of the mobile phone. If the gunner can’t solve the problem, he will come again.
The line of defense at point A of the old fish story collapsed too fast. At point B, the man looked at the right side of the screen and brushed out the death information one after another. It was meaningless for him to win this game. You know, no one in Club I is dead now. This advantage is too obvious. He wants to kill the other five people by himself. He thinks he can’t do it.
At this time, he still had a Grenade on his body and threw it at his crotch, but where would a professional player do such a thing? He still ran towards point A, even if he was dying, he would struggle.
He walked slowly into point A, but as soon as he appeared, he heard a sniper rifle, and then he fell to Thomas. He had been waiting for a long time, and the sniper rifle had been set up and was hungry.
Seven to two! Club I was ahead of the old fish story by a big score and got the match point, which was unimaginable before the game. Although everyone knew that Club I might win, no one expected that it would be such a big score. The old fish story was not as good as before, but after all, it was also a strong team with rich background. After failing in the Qilele Cup, it was hard to learn. Who would have thought that they were still no match for Club I and the strength gap was still so big!
第1169章 又是大比分
In the fourth round of half-time, Club I never gave the other side a chance to break through the defense line of Point A and take and package Point A. This old fish story arranged two people to defend Point A at Point B, and three people could not resist the attack of Club I of course.
At point B, the two men directly killed the pit from the middle of the road. At point A, the fire killed a machine gunner, but they were killed by a sniper lurking in the trail. Then a machine gunner flashed out from the side of the package point, and a gun shot left the machine gunner with a shot, without giving him a chance. This flashing machine gunner is naturally a leaf tilt.
Compared with the third I club, I took the blasting diagram and was more than five points ahead of the opponent. Judging from the score, I club is not the team that had to fight hard to win. Now I club definitely has a higher ability than the super strong team, even if it is almost the same.
The second map is the team competitive map. Ye Qing is the best and best model. Since he can crush the other side in the blasting map, it makes no sense that he will lose to the other side in the team competitive map, right?
The story of the old fish is that the best way to beat the I club is to explode the map. As a result, I didn’t expect to lose so badly, so the team competition mode is even more shameful. Their command also gave up this map selectively, but they felt very sure that this map could not beat each other.
There is no old fish story in the game yet, which is not a good sign, but on the surface, they can’t see it. Even if they can’t beat each other, they are still very calm and can’t see that they have lost a map first.
I club people are also relatively calm at this time, not as excited as before. After experiencing such a game, they have gradually matured and will not be ecstatic about winning a game.
Ye Qing leaned back in his chair very calmly and took a look at the players in turn. Then he said to them, "We still have to play a map carefully. Don’t be careless. We must send Thomas to the side bridge and then clear their machine gunners out of the main road. Thomas blocked the main crossing. No matter what they tried, we should keep at least two people on the main road, which means that the main road must be controlled by us."
"Yes!" The players are all together should way
"We will defend in the main road if we have experienced people in the middle building and the auxiliary road. We don’t need to go to the middle building and the auxiliary road to fight with them. We will eventually force them to come to the main road. Anyway, if we don’t go out in the main road, they will find the door themselves." Ye Qing went on
"well! It’s better to defend Thomas on this side of the main road in the middle building, and the other side can see us on the surface as soon as they appear, but I think we should send a machine gunner to the side bridge after we master the main road to protect Thomas, help him defend and share some fire damage. "Pearl Krabs gave his own opinion.
"That’s right. Then it’s up to you to protect him!" Ye Qing ordered.
"Good!" Pearl Krabs also readily agreed to the battle plan, so he made a good plan. Club I is determined to stick to the main road all the time. Can the bureau control the main road? This is not a problem they should consider because there is no suspense in this root. There is a strong cover for Thomas’ side bridge root. It is not a problem to occupy the side bridge and add a machine gunner to break into the old fish story. Can it withstand it?
After the I club took the first map, Dami was so excited in the audience that he clapped and shouted desperately. I was great. The audience naturally applauded me. At this time, the players on both sides took off their headphones and heard the audience’s voice. There is no doubt that these audiences cheered and cheered for the old fish story, which created a lot of psychological pressure and made them feel that they were lower than each other in momentum, as if it were the home of the other side.
At this time, Club I was in the middle of the red-hot scene, and half of the audience were directed at them, and the other half were nb team and several other super-strong teams’ hardcore fans. Those people were so engrossed in watching the game that they didn’t pay attention to it. The outcome has been decided here.
Ye Qing is calm now, and many people have not shown any excitement when they hear the audience’s voice. He feels that he should gradually adapt to this situation, because it is likely to happen every time after the game. If he is affected, it will not be worth the loss. Although those people are cheering him up, if he is excited about it, he will definitely affect his state. A person’s heart will accelerate when he is excited, and his hands may tremble seriously. This state will definitely have a great impact on playing the game. Ye Qing should try his best to stay calm.
After a short rest, the second map competition was really a classic desert 1d. According to the leaf inclination, the tactical bureau made four guarantees and one guarantee. In the leaf inclination ak, Thomas was strongly suppressed and successfully boarded the side bridge. Then the main road and the side bridge cooperated with the old fish story, which soon could not resist being killed one by one. Finally, the department was cleared out of the main road, and two machine gunners were sacrificed here at Club I.
After controlling the main road, the plot development is exactly the same as that inferred before Ye Qing’s game. The other side went to the middle building and the auxiliary road. After the middle building and the auxiliary road did not meet with resistance, they had to go to the main road again. However, the people of Club I had already set up a defense line on the main road, and there were snipers sitting in the bridge and a machine gunner to cover it. It was quite difficult to take the main road.
After several attacks, the story of the old fish will be lost. There is no way to rush in from the main crossing again. This time, three machine gunners rushed in. After all, Thomas can kill one of them with one shot after another, and the other three machine gunners can still rush in, and then snipers can also take the opportunity to deter Thomas with their guns.
In fact, the role of the three machine gunners who rushed in was very limited. You know, the people in Club I were all in the main road, but the firepower was quite fierce, so they were afraid to show up. Moreover, there was a sniper and a machine gunner on the top of their head, and they had nowhere to hide. The sniper was awesome at the main crossing and actually killed Thomas. Unfortunately, when he killed Thomas, all three machine gunner teammates were killed on the main road.
Thomas’s absence from the side bridge has no great influence on the control of the main road. Pearl Krabs still occupies a position. After his resurrection, he can easily climb the side bridge again. Every attack has suffered heavy losses. The death ratio of both sides is almost three to one, that is to say, it is obviously unequal for them to die before one person can replace the other. This ratio is very dangerous for the old fish story.
They are too far behind each other in killing people, so they will be quickly dumped by each other and then watch each other kill 15 people and win the second map.
The story of the old fish is no longer about defeating the I club. They want to win a map to save their face, and they can’t let the other side win the score three times. Then they will be hit too hard, and maybe they will fall into a third-rate team from now on.
Although they tried their best to turn the tide, Club I was quite steady and nailed to the main road. In the end, Club I beat the old fish story by a big score with the advantage of the main road, and got the second map, which was better than the lead.
Club I has made great strides all the way, but the Tiger Brothers League has encountered a little trouble. They did take the first map, but they have gone through a hard battle. The second map is still backward. The main road is suppressed by the opponent, and the main road is still controlled by the opponent. Although the sniper rifle is sharp, the opponent’s machine gunner is not weak, and he is good at cooperating with the bunker to flash and prevent it from leaking.
Bare bit his lip at this time, thinking about countermeasures. He is also a conductor with outstanding command ability, and he often plays amazing games. This is not the first time he has encountered this dilemma, and every time he can avoid danger and finally tide over the difficulties.
Let’s not talk about the nb team’s game. It’s a clean two-to-one lead, and it’s ready to play the third map. Moreover, the nb team’s opponent is still strong. even, a god-class ak machine gunner, has attracted many people’s attention. The two men’s duel is really wonderful, but it’s difficult to tell the difference between high energy and high energy.
And the sniper confrontation with the sniper God Jiang Yuhan is not responsible for the name of the sniper God. The super-strong crushing has beaten the ag sniper’s temper. The speed of Jiang Yuhan’s gun is the first in the world. This alone has already made him invincible. The sniper confrontation with whoever shoots first has the advantage. Of course, Jiang Yuhan must also shoot correctly first. He is suspected to be quite accurate. His sniper rifle method has been transformed into a terrible one.
Chapter 117 A good start
The ag team was beaten by the nb team, but the Han Palace beat another team in the same group, but they didn’t gloat when they saw the situation of the ag team, because one game was that they had to face the nb team’s humiliation. To be honest, they were likely to be beaten by two to three, and the third map was also hanging.
What the ag team wants to do most now is to save some face with the third map, otherwise it will be too ugly to lose. The Han Palace side wants to beat each other a three-to-one hearty victory, so that the players will not be make a fool of oneself when facing the nb team.
In the final analysis, the semi-final quota is that several super-strong teams compete for a slightly weaker team, so they can lose points in the strong team and get them back in the weak team. nb team and other three super-strong teams are in the same group. That team is suspected to be such a role, and they are also quite resistant to lamenting their bad luck. If they are in the I club group, they are very hopeful that they will qualify for the second place in the group. In their view, they should still be very confident that they will win the I club.
The third map game, the story of the old fish, is the same as that of the ag team. You must take a map and you can’t lose the game by three scores. The third map is the annihilation mode. The map can’t guarantee the annihilation of the opponent’s department to win.
Throwing caution to the wind, the story of the old fish has been finished. After a fierce attack, it goes directly to the other base. When it sees the enemy, it stops to fire and suppress it. This move is actually very effective. The key is that they are lucky enough to sweep the other person’s head with a shot. It is much more difficult to shoot the head than to shoot the head with some shots. This is definitely a bit of luck.
In the first round, Club I lost miraculously, and was beaten by the old fish story. In the second round, the old fish story was even more fierce. Five people discharged the triangle formation and pushed forward. The triangle was praised as the most stable graphic institute, and this formation was relatively stable.
Ye Qing knew that the other side was completely crazy. Instead of playing hardball with the other side, he arranged a defense at the base, waiting for the other side to attack, and then took the second round smoothly with the geographical advantage and the crossfire network.
The commander of the old fish story suddenly realized that it was easy to break into the other side’s position and be surrounded by strangulation, so it was difficult to pose a threat to the other side, so he changed his strategy and concentrated his troops and then advanced from another direction, but he didn’t expect the other side to touch from that direction, and the two sides met with each other without warning, and a fierce battle broke out at any time
Ye Qing ak47 once again showed great power. In this encounter, it was like a heavy machine gun shooting at a crowd in the wilderness in a bunker. It was a one-sided massacre.
Old Fish Story was hit hard again. In this encounter, they finally killed the other two people, but the price was that their army was wiped out. All the audience lost this round. Old Fish Story should have lost confidence, and the later game should be controlled by Club I, but I didn’t expect Old Fish Story to play a strong team style in the next few rounds.
Just like taking medicine, several machine gunners became sharp, and the rate of head shots was surprisingly high. Even Ye Qing was once shot in the head by the other machine gunner, and even Ye Qing didn’t show his posture. It was a little incredible. Did the other party keep its strength and wait until this map before it broke out? This should be impossible, since you have the strength, you will let the other side win two maps in a row and force yourself to this position. Isn’t that silly?
In fact, the old fish story was forced to a desperate situation, and there was no way out. The players were also in a hurry, which caused their blood to burn and their hands to burn, and then a crazy momentum drove them to shoot, forgetting their situation and not caring about the outcome. Instead, this state can best exert their birth strength.
In fact, to deal with this short-lived outbreak, it is necessary to stabilize the formation and ambush the other side once, so that it is difficult for the other side to shake up again. Ye Qing quickly adjusted his tactics and built a crossfire network. The old fish story of five people is still plunged in, even if they know there is an ambush inside, they will rush in because they are now in full swing, and once they change their tactics, this momentum will quickly weaken.
Ye Qing’s arrangement of the barrage is not so easy to break into the old fish story. Four machine gunners were almost killed together in the I club base, but in an instant they were interwoven into a barrage, killing four machine gunners. A sniper was killed in the back. Although a machine gunner was killed in the I club, it didn’t help to save the game.
Club I finally stabilized the situation after taking this round, but the crazy counterattack of the old fish story in the previous rounds laid a certain advantage. Now Club I still needs to smooth out the opponent’s advantage and then overtake the score.
The old fish story conductor has woken up by this time, and he realizes that it is no longer possible to fight with enthusiasm. The other side has to ambush the base every time, so they can’t win no matter how fierce they rush.
To maintain this momentum, it is necessary to change tactics. The old fish story commander feels that he is under great pressure, but this is what he has to do, otherwise the map will lose again and they will lose face.
The old fish story adopted the tactic of luring the snake out of the hole, sending two machine gunners into the other base to make a turn, point two shots and then quit to lure the other side out to chase the I club. It’s also true that three people were chased out, and the old fish story ambushed the machine gunners and snipers killed three machine gunners all their lives.
Ye Qing couldn’t stop the players from coming at that time. He had his own judgment. It’s hard to say what the blink of an eye team left him and sniper Thomas. The lethality of the two of them was still quite strong, but the number was absolutely inferior. The old fish story was immediately divided into three passers-by, and Ye Qing and Thomas were outflanked from three directions, but they were finally defeated by the number advantage of the other side.
The morale of this old fish story is even stronger, but their commanding minds are still calm and know that a tactic cannot be used repeatedly, and now they are in the leading position, so there is no need to take the initiative to attack again. Instead, they can ambush the other side in the base and wait for it to attack, so that they can hold on by virtue of their geographical advantages, and he is determined that the other side will never leave the base position and not give the other side a chance if tempted.
The tactic of old fish story is very effective. Although Ye Qing tried every means to break through the defense line of the other side, it failed. The other side relied on the bunker to defend, and his sharp ak marksmanship didn’t play much. If they didn’t take the initiative to attack, they would always be in a backward position, which would be of no benefit. The other side had the lead, but it was only fear.
In the end, the old fish story consumed the club I by sticking to the tactics, and took the third map. Ye Qing left a mouthful. He wanted to beat the old fish story cleanly, but unfortunately he couldn’t do it. Think about it. It was also an old fish story. At least it used to be a strong team. How can you spell a map?
A map is in blasting mode again, so it won’t give the other side another chance, and the old fish story has been satisfied. It’s good to get back a point. It’s too difficult to equalize, and the blasting map is not an opponent of Club I. Now Club I is really different from the old fish story. They are in a super strong team and a first-class team, but they are a little better than the first-class team.
At this level, if they play well, they can beat the super-strong team by a narrow margin, and if they play poorly, they may also lose to the first-class strong team, depending on the players’ status and tactical command.