Jiang Zhe a face flushed.
If someone hadn’t spoken to him like this in the game, he would have flown away with one punch, and Jiang Zhe would never stop until he built this arrogance.
"Ball!" Jiang Zhe ran to the line and asked Yi Yefeng for the ball, regardless of whether he had got a good position.
Yi Yefeng thought for a while and naturally knew that Jiang Zhe was going to report that he had just been cheated into a goal revenge, plus the opponent’s center technology was still immature, but was it because Jiang Zhe’s opponent Yi Yefeng was not too conservative and hung it to Jiang Zhe?
Although Jiang Zhe’s position card is not good, it also relies on excellent bounce to collect some high basketball.
Wei Ning is still thinking about talking to himself in the cold weather before the game. "If that No.7 comes hard, don’t talk to him and make him angry." I don’t know which Wei Ning is playing in the cold weather. First, I resisted the sight of Jiang Zhe slamming the ball and turned around. I suddenly wanted to force Wei Ning to have a brainwave.
Because Jiang Zhe’s elbow is a little too big, it’s nothing to fight against this small movement, but when one side is in a mental arithmetic mood, Jiang Zhe just touches Wei Ning’s chest, he takes advantage of the situation and sits down.
Jiang Zhe’s elbow was directly exposed to the eyes of several referees. Jiang Zhe hasn’t figured out how the center fell to the referee’s whistle at the touch, but it has already pointed to him.
Offensive violation! Jiang Zhe immediately stare big eyes to see Wei Ning face smile is a few minutes-this small pendulum is intentional.
Jiang Zhe, who has always been grumpy, can’t stand it and just follow the referee’s theory
Yi Yefeng followed and took hold of Jiang Zhe. "Stop it and hit hard. You are moving a little too much or you won’t be caught by others."
Jiang Zhe stared back at Wei Ning angrily and ran back.
Zhao Bin, the referee, is still shouting and watching the No.7 player go away. Recently, the whole international basketball world is extremely strict with players for not judging, and it is a technical foul to dare to yell.
However, the No.4 captain was calm. This big man showed little concern in his head. Some of the other party came at him, and even Zhao Bin found it. But who can blame him for his irregular behavior?
Three fouls. Liu Dehai was contemplating looking at Jiang Zhe in the third quarter, but he had already stepped into the danger zone just twice. It is Liu Dehai who still doesn’t know whether all this happened on purpose or whether the other party was aiming at Jiang Zhe … If it is the latter, Jiang Zhe will be in danger. He is a powder keg in the team, and no one is afraid-who can he be afraid of if he dares to stab someone like Zhang in training? !
5135 still has a 16-point advantage, which is Liu Dehai’s hand advantage now, and Jiang Zhe still has two foul opportunities. Liu Dehai feels it is necessary to pay attention to whether Jiang Zheru is targeting his strategy or changing the focus.
It’s safer to let them play together at the last key moment.
Jiang Zhe seems to be staring at Chu Chen’s hope that Yang Lesi has been repeatedly thrown a ball by two dozen. He doesn’t seem to care, but Yi Yefeng wants to say something, but he sighs and feels it’s hard to say more.
This time, Jiang Zhe Online raised my hand again, and Yi Yefeng frowned and hesitated.
On the other side, Moore ran out of the position and Yi Yefeng sent the basketball into Moore’s hand.
The shooting basket is crooked.
Jiang Zhe is not annoyed by wild wind. Anyway, he has a board to catch himself.
It was Wei Ning who chewed a frontcourt rebound.
According to the arrangement, the frontcourt rebounds should be taken out for another 30 seconds in this situation, but Jiang Zhe waved to Yi Yefeng and turned to compete with Wei Ning.
It seems that he has two things on his mind now.
One is GaiChuChen hope a hat, and the other is wondering how to make a few minutes in Wei Ning.
Zhao Taozhe also grasped Jiang Zhe’s psychology and directly abandoned Yang Lesi to double-team Jiang Zhe.
Jiang Zhe indeed as expected see Yang Lesi expression of eyes turned around and dare not move too good half hook.
Although Wei Ning is no match for Jiang Zhe, it is not enough for him and Zhao Taozhe to seal a Jiang Zhe who didn’t notice that he was already in the rebounding square.
The letter hand sent a hat directly to the backboard edge with a hook.
"What is he doing? !” Yi Yefeng was really annoyed. He turned his head and winked at Liu Dehai, asking him to change this stupid guy who had lost his mind a little.
Liu Dehai looked back at Jiang Zhe with a look I know quite well. He didn’t know what he was thinking with a frown.
Ji Hantian and Chu Chenxi are happy, not afraid of Jiang Zhe’s cow, and they are afraid that he has nothing to do.
Ji Hantian targeted him for a reason. In the first quarter, he felt that No.7 was a brazier. He had to rush to him repeatedly.
It seems careless, but center Zhang’s mind is much more delicate.
Ji Hantian cheated from him for half a day ago. He is hands in the air, who doesn’t eat or jump, regardless of Ji Hantian’s desire for a basket. Your expression makes Ji Hantian dare not move too much.
It’s also a sense of oppression for people in their early twenties to raise their hands.
"Doby him again" Ji whispered to Chuchen in a cold day.
"I don’t have a good idea. Why don’t you just cheat the foul?" Chu Chenxi instigated that he was not so tough and rushed, but Ji Hantian had a lot of experience in this respect
"Fine," Ji Hantian thought on second thought. "Then I’ll do it myself. You move and make an illusion."
"Understand" ChuChen smiled and ran to the frontcourt.
Carrying the ball is a bit casual in front of Yi Yefeng.
"Do you think you can defend me?" Ji cold bent down to say with smile
"Try it and you’ll know." Yi Yefeng’s seemingly tight eyes seemed to widen a few minutes and seemed to be an illusion of Ji Hantian himself.
"Good" is not enough.
The body is on the left side of Ji Hantian, and there is no way to attract Jiang Zhe’s attention from this position. Therefore, Ji Hantian’s left-handed basketball was accelerated to the right by him, and his attention was focused on the left side of Ji Hantian, and Yi Yefeng ate a dark loss. A slow step can drag Ji Hantian clothes to go.
"shout! Nanchuan MVP still prevents the 13th Ji from moving forward in cold weather. "Zhang Han pondered over his own words, saying that Ji started too fast in cold weather, and others had to have an acceleration point. He always came suddenly and quickly as if he had blown the engine to a high speed and suddenly put the brakes on the car.
Wu Ji is a little strange. There are more spacious places to choose the route in the cold weather, but he runs according to the densest people … He didn’t see the No.7 Jiang Zhe, who was waiting there? ! Don’t …
Wu Ji’s mind is too delicate if it’s not a coincidence that the light flashes! He stared at the screen and dared not miss a little detail.
In fact, everyone who plays basketball knows that it’s usually three steps to start after passing the team at the end of the free throw line.
Jiang Zhe suddenly seems to have found a funny thing and paid attention to the cold weather that has already started. He has already forgotten that the first quarter was a loss to him.
He bent his knees slightly. If you want to jump, I’ll cover you up.
On the sidelines, Le Junze looked at Jiang Zhe, a big guy who seemed to fall into some paranoia and madness.
Up to now, he has had several chances, but he still doesn’t know to stop. He is still fighting with everyone.
On the contrary, Ji Hantian’s expression seemed very calm. Although they are still ten points behind now, he looked at Jiang Zhe as if he were looking at his prey with a sly look.
"Oh, no," Zhang said. Le Junze took another look at Ji Hantian’s take-off, which seemed a little weird. It was easy for the wild wind to vaguely detect what he didn’t follow and jumped up because he was afraid that he would stop it, but it was a foul and no use.
However, I didn’t jump Yi Yefeng, only to find that Jiang Zhe didn’t know when he was coming in again. Yi Yefeng was so angry that there was so much need for him to take a center to take off and block the attack. He just had to grab the rebound at any time in the restricted area. This kind of forward jump block is very thankless
Soon Yi Yefeng changed his mind, but I can’t blame Jiang Zhe. The cold weather seems to be directed at Jiang Zhelai, and Jiang Zhe has already carried three fouls. They don’t want to make two plus one to chase points.
Otherwise, which side is different? ! This kind of deliberate foul is much more difficult than scoring goals.