When Qiao Feng saw this remark, he actually said that Chen Guyan, the most unruly of the four elders, was very happy and slowly said, "That Gongye has done a heroic job, and the right and wrong are subcontracted differently. These three girls are also gentle and kind. These people are either Mu Gong’s family or his relatives and friends. As the saying goes, birds of a feather flock together. Please think calmly that Mu Gong is such a bunch of people who get along with each other. Can he be a big villain and a despicable person?" Most of the beggars’ sect masters are loyal and love their friends, which makes them feel reasonable. Many people echo them.
Crazy Tang days glances to see each other’s eyes that a bit of color to listen to Qiao Feng words this MuFu hand three ye a like importune, a like to make trouble, another blind arrogance if really as Qiao Feng said the MuGong is not a good bird! Quack quack! But seeing that all the people in the Beggars’ Sect believe them, they will not be stupid enough to provoke that suit of coquettish! Although Tang Tian just despised Mu Fu’s position, at this time, it is enough to listen to people at home in Qiao Feng. If you sweep Uncle Joe’s face one after another, it is not crazy to take half a lift!
Not to mention the fact that Tang Tiankuang and the other two listened to Guan Qingdao, "Master, in your opinion, isn’t it Mufu who decided to kill Vice Master Ma?"
Qiao Feng said, "I dare not say that Mu Fuding is the murderer who killed Deputy Wang Ma, but I dare not say that he must not be the murderer. There is no need to take revenge at the moment. We must make a detailed investigation. It is Mu Fu who arrested him and avenged himself. It is not that he must eventually catch Zhao Xiongzhi. If he kills the wrong person and kills the real murderer by wild speculation, he can secretly laugh at the beggar’s gang. We are not only sorry that the wrong person was killed, but also sorry that Deputy Wang Ma ruined my beggar’s famous leader. It is delicious for all the brothers to go to the Jianghu and give people a sneer.
The elders of the Beggars’ Sect have never heard of it. At this moment, they stretched out their hands and touched the chin and said, "That’s reasonable. I killed a good man by mistake, but I’m still upset!" 
Wu Changfeng Avenue: "Wang, what we betrayed you was all due to misinformation. Your deputy Wang Ma didn’t collude with Gusu Mu’s hand and hurt him. We couldn’t help but believe that we are too brutalized now. Elder, please ask for a magic knife and let’s end it ourselves according to the rules."
Bai Shijing’s face is as cold as frost. "Law enforcement brother, please help me."
Tang Tianyi pulled back to the field when he heard that he wanted to pay attention to the magic knife. Since he got this secret information from the mysterious man, he sincerely admired several of them. Qiao Feng was one of them, and the most touching part of Qiao Feng’s whole plot was the bloody punishment in Xinglin!
Nine beggars’ brothers Qi Ying said, "Yes!" Everyone took out a yellow cloth bag from the back bag, packed it, took out a knife and nine knives with the same length and size, and the light shone on the blade. A law enforcement brother held a section of trees and nine people at the same time inserted nine knives into the wood, which shows that the nine knives were unusually sharp. The nine people cried out, "The law knives are all wrong." Looking at the nine cold light shining knives, Tang Tianxin moved and praised, "Good knives! If I guess this knife is not bad, it can cut iron like mud! "
Bai Shijing, the elder of law enforcement, sighed and said, "Elder Xi, Chen and Wusi mistakenly believed people’s words to plot rebellion and endanger the great cause. When one knife is used to kill the great wisdom, the rudder master Guan Qing made a mistake and incited chaos, when nine knives are used to kill the rudder brothers who participated in the rebellion, each of them will be punished separately in the future."
Crazy sigh "success or failure! Although this result has been doomed, how come there are still some unfinished feelings? The rebellion was over as soon as it was over! Wood is a bit anticlimactic! " Tang Tianhao laughed. "If you let Qiao Feng hear this, you will get at least 36 slaps ~!" Crazy said, "I think something is wrong. These people know what Qiao Feng people and capability are doing! I always feel weird! " Tang days face a whole "you guess good things haven’t finished yet! Look! " No more words! I gave him a crazy look and said nothing more.
Then Bai Shijing announced that everyone was guilty and everyone was silent about the Jianghu gang. Anyone who betrayed the gang and murdered the Wang would of course be executed. There would be no dissent. Everyone knew the consequences when they participated in the plot.
Wu Changfeng bowed down to Qiao Feng before striding forward and said, "Wang Wu Changfeng can’t afford to take his own life for you. I hope you know that I am brutalized and you forgive Wu Changfeng after my death." He said, he walked to the front avenue of the law knife and "Wu Changfeng took his own life to loosen the law enforcement brother."
A law enforcement brother said, "Yes!" I have to untie him before.
Qiao Feng shouted, "Wait a minute!"
Wu Changfeng cried, his face as white as ashes. "Master, my sin is too great. You won’t let me take my own life?"
When his crazy face changes, he is a brother of the Beggars’ Sect. Naturally, he knows that the rules of the Beggars’ Sect have been violated. If he kills himself, he will commit crimes of dishonor after death. If there are some people who say that he is evil, the Beggars’ Sect will intervene in the martial arts heroes. Everyone will attach great importance to his name and refuse to let his name be insulted after his death. I didn’t expect that Qiao Feng would not allow it. Is he that petty person? I was wrong about him? Crazy eyes staring at Qiao Feng!
Look at Qiao Feng again and walk to the front of the magic knife without answering. He said, "Fifteen years ago, when the Khitan kingdom invaded Yanmen, the elders of Song Dynasty learned the news, they stayed up for three days and four nights and rushed back to report the emergency military situation. He even killed nine good horses on the way, and he was too tired to suffer from the wound and spit blood. Finally, the defenders of Song Dynasty were prepared for the Khitan to ride without giving up. This is a meritorious service to the national affairs. Although we don’t know the details, our beggars’ sect knows the elders of law enforcement. Elder Song has made great contributions. I hope you
Hearing this, I was crazy and relieved, and my face was soft. Many of them were his eyes rolling around again. What do you think? Tang Tian is still so indifferent to see that everything is passing by! Just now, the feeling of that era has disappeared at this time
Listen to Bai Shijing’s saying, "It’s reasonable for Wang to intercede on behalf of the Song elders, but there is a cloud about helping the guild regulations." Even if you have made great contributions, you can’t redeem yourself. "Wang pleaded with the guild regulations and we can’t break the rules of Wang in previous dynasties."
Song elders smiled sadly and said, "The words of law enforcement elders are not bad at all. Since we are in the position of elders, which one has not had a lot of achievements?" If everyone pursues the old work, then any crime can be committed. Wang, please have pity and let me take my own life. "I heard that the tendon tied to his wrist has been broken."
Crazy can’t help it. The tendon is strong and tough, even if it is cut with a steel knife, it may not be able to break it for a while. But the Song elders will break it when they raise their hands. Think about the four elders of the Beggars’ Sect. Think again about the talent of their own Beggars’ Sect, the cheats have fallen, and there are only two or three kittens left. Who can imagine that the Beggars’ Sect was so brilliant hundreds of years ago!
Seeing that Elder Song’s hands were free, he stretched out his hand and grabbed the sword in front of him. Unexpectedly, a gentle force forced him to come over. His fingers were a foot away from the sword, so he couldn’t reach it. It was Qiao Feng who didn’t make him take the knife.
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Chapter 21 Climax (6)
Chapter 21
Back to Elder Song, when he broke the tendon and tried to take the magic knife to kill himself, he was rented by Qiao Feng. Seeing this scene, he looked crazy. I didn’t know what Qiao Feng meant. I was suspicious in my heart. The Elder Song also cried sadly, "Help a Lord, you …" Qiao Feng stretched out his hand and pulled up the first magic knife on the left. "It’s just that I thought of killing you. It was your hand that deserved it!" At present, the knife light flashed and poof, and Qiao Feng poked the magic knife into his left shoulder.
The crazy eyes changed and shouted, "Big Brother can’t!" However, the knife still stabbed into the flesh, and the blood spilled out of it was particularly enchanting. Tang Tian was also frightened. Although he was prepared in his heart, he still exclaimed.
At the same time, a group of beggars came to the ear and shouted "Ah". When they all got up, Duan Yu was even more surprised. "Big brother!" Even Wang Yuyan, an outsider, is scared by this change. "Joe Wang, don’t …
What a Qiao Feng. He kept his face straight. with an easy grace said, "Is there such a rule in the rules of the White Elder Gang that’ if you help your brother break the rules, you can’t forgive the Lord lightly, but if you widen it, you must shed your own blood to wash his guilt’?"
Bai Shijing’s face is still as stiff as a stone. "There is such a rule in the guild regulations, but the crime of Wang’s own blood washing people must also be considered whether it is worth it." Tang Tian looked crazy and replied, "I am not a law enforcement elder who broke the rules. Where can I remember clearly?"
Tang Tian frowned and stopped talking, but he listened to Qiao Feng’s saying, "It would be nice if we didn’t break the ancestral legacy." He turned to Elder Xi and said, "Elder Xi showed me martial arts in those days, but I had a master’s name. This is still a personal kindness. I thought that the five masters of Wang’s Khitan kingdom were ambushed and captured in the black wind tunnel of Qilian Mountain, and threatened to force the beggar to surrender Wang’s body to Qidan. Elder Xi was three points similar, so he was willing to pretend to die for Wang, so that Wang could get out of danger. This was meritorious to the country and help
Everyone was shocked. The knife was sharp as mud, and the unusually deep red blood spilled slowly along the snow-white blade! Qiao Feng’s eyes slowly moved to Elder Chen’s Avenue. "Joe Wang, I don’t have much friendship with you. There are too many places that offend you at ordinary times. I dare not ask you to bleed for your life." His arms suddenly moved from behind to the front, but his wrists were still firmly tied with tendons. It turned out that his "Tongbi Boxing Skill" had been practiced to perfection. His arms were flexible and his body was squatting, and his arm was slightly long. He had grabbed a magic knife in his hand.
Tang Tianxin recalled that Elder Chen was grumpy in previous years. He was sorry for his family’s name and fled. He was always worried that others would expose his scar. Qiao Fengjing was always sparse and intimate with him. Maybe in his opinion, their friendship was not deep, but ~ ~ ~
Elder Chen’s kung fu is much better than that of Xiao Feng. Before Tang Tianfeng saw Qiao Feng clearly, he had already grabbed the short knife with backhand. "Elder Chen, I, Qiao Feng, am a rude man who doesn’t like to make friends carefully, and I don’t like to drink or talk much. Laugh and make a lot of noise. This is my natural disposition. I am reluctant to come. I don’t like your temperament. It is rare to have a kind word. I don’t like Mr. Ma’s deputy leader. When he sees him coming, he often prefers to drink strong liquor and eat dog meat with a bag of two bags of junior brothers. Everyone knows my temper, but if you and Mr. Ma want to get rid of you, it would be a big mistake. You and Mr. Ma are self-serious and never get drunk. That’s your advantage. I, Qiao Feng, don’t’t you. "
Tang Tian didn’t wait for crazy inquiries to know whether he knew the complex or not, so he took the initiative to explain, "Several years ago, the Khitan kingdom invaded heavily, but several generals in the army died suddenly and violently, and returned to the Great Song State. In addition to a catastrophe and sudden death, there was a deputy marshal on the left. In this beggar’s sect, no one except the top leaders knew that this was the great contribution made by the elder Chen. Hey! From now on, I’m afraid this elder Chen will become famous! " You have to know that fighting alone is different from fighting in the army. Elder Chen dares to take the head of a million troops. This courage alone is admirable! Group of beggars in the field are also talking about it in a low voice.
Elder Chen was greatly relieved to hear Qiao Feng publicly proclaim his contribution, and said, "I, Chen Guyan, am famous in the world, and I am deeply grateful to Wang."
After some crazy thinking, I said, "My Beggars’ Sect has been secretly helping the court to defend the country and protect the people from foreign enemies, but it has not attracted the enemy’s attention. All kinds of schemes to attack the Beggars’ Sect have been done regardless of success or failure, so it will never be leaked. Even if we don’t know much about it, we will try our best to keep it secret. This is recorded in the memorabilia of the Sect. Even in the Song Dynasty, it was so big. Emperor Taizu relied on my Beggars’ Sect at first, and then he took part in teaching!
I estimate that Chen Guyan’s pride in sex should be that he thinks he is older than Joe’s mobile, and his qualifications in the Beggars’ Guild are longer than Qiao Feng’s. He is not as modest and respectful to him at ordinary times. This is true in all major gangs, even if we don’t wear clothes! At this time, the brothers of the Beggars’ Sect must have been moved to see that Brother Qiao didn’t feel nostalgic and shed blood to wash his sins for him. In my opinion, this is really a high-minded policy!
I didn’t expect Brother Qiao to look rough, but he is also thoughtful! "Tang day nodded is a bunch of wang if no means that can come out to mix?
At this moment, Qiao Feng walked up to Wu Changfeng and said, "Elder Wu defended the Eagle Sorrow Gorge alone in those days to resist the’ One Hall’ master of Xixia, and made him succeed in the plot to assassinate Yang Jiajiang. You can punish your crime today just by the’ Gold Medal for Remembering Merits’ given to you by Marshal Yang. Take it out for everyone to see!"
Wu Changfeng suddenly blushed and looked embarrassed and said, "This … this …" Qiao Feng said, "We are all our brothers. Elder Wu might as well talk about difficulties." Wu Changfeng said, "I won the gold medal for merit … this … that … has disappeared." Qiao Feng wonders, "Will it be gone?"
Wu Changfeng said, "I lost it myself …" He decided on the road of beach. "On that day, I was so addicted to alcohol that I had no money to buy wine and sold the gold medal to the gold shop."
They are startled crazy roll their eyes and say very! Very!
Qiao Feng haha laughed. "Frank is not sorry for Marshal Yang." He pulled up a magic knife and cut off Wu Changfeng’s wrist tendon first and then inserted it into his left shoulder.
The four magic knives shook in the firelight and gave off a threatening chill. Although Qiao Feng laughed as if nothing had happened, Tang Tian noticed that there was a touch of sweat on his forehead, which was not painful. He provoked it!
The Wu Changfeng Avenue "Wang Wu Changfeng’s life has been handed over to you since then. I don’t believe you any more." Qiao Feng patted him on the shoulder and laughed. "Let’s do it without food or wine. Although we don’t have to sell gold medals to others," Wu Changfeng laughed. "Begging is easy to beg for wine. People say,’ It’s too embarrassing to stink and want to drink when you’re full! Don’t give it, don’t give it’ "
Crazy hearing this, clapping and laughing turned out to be dancing. Beggars burst into laughter and were rejected by drinkers. Many people in the Beggars’ Sect have experienced it, and Qiao Feng forgave the four elders’ guilt. Everyone was relieved. Everyone looked at Guan Qing and thought that he was the chief culprit in inciting this rebellion. Qiao Feng would never forgive him again.
Qiao Feng walked up to Guan Qing and said, "Helmsman, what do you have to say?" Guan Qing said, "What I’m against is that you’ve become a country in the Great Song Dynasty. It’s a pity that you told me the truth about your life. People are afraid of things and death and dare not show up. Just kill me with one knife."
Qiao Feng thoughtfully for a moment, saying, "There is something wrong with my life, though you say it." Guanqing shook his head. "I don’t believe anyone when I speak vernacular. You’d better kill me." Qiao Feng is full of doubts. "The gentleman has something to say, but he doesn’t say it. Guan Qing is a hero who is not afraid to talk when he dies, but what scruples do he have? "
Crazy where input "he is nothing to say! Haha! " Everyone says that things have already come to fruition, but it’s just a crown and a clear bite, and people don’t care about madness and rudeness.
GuanQing but don’t worry sneer at a way "yes, I’m not afraid of heaven and death. What else is terrible? The name of Joe will kill me with a knife, and I will live to see the Beggars’ Sect in the Nine Dynasties fall into the hands of the Hu people, and the Splendid Jiangshan in the Great Song Dynasty will even perish in Yidi, "Qiao Feng said." If the Great Beggars’ Sect falls into the hands of the Hu people? You said "Guan Qing Dao" in vain. At this moment, I said that all the brothers didn’t believe me. I was afraid of death and gossiped. I had already spelled death before I fell into blame. "