"Mom, I know," Zhang Long hurriedly replied.
"Brother Lung, you come to one" just then the floor came to Liu Ting to shout.
Zhang Long, if granted amnesty, hurriedly ran upstairs to get into his room. As soon as Liu Ting entered his room, Zhang Long felt even more embarrassed. Looking at sitting in bed and blushing, Huang Ya and Zhang Long were eager to know the results of their discussion.
"Brother Long, what do you think?" Liu Ting didn’t say that he and Huang Ya discussed the result, but asked Zhang Long first.
"I think it’s better for you to say this. I’m waiting for the trial." Zhang Long skillfully kicked the ball to Liu Ting and two women
"I tell you this time it’s cheaper for you. I’m Huang Ya or Huang Hua girl. It’s better to follow you first and then get married. Then let’s talk about it! How are you satisfied this time? " There is a strong sour taste in Liu Ting dialect.
"What?" Zhang Long felt a little stunned. This is what they discussed for a long time. The result is incredible, isn’t it? Is this existence allowed in modern society?
Is probably saw Zhang Long surprised Liu Ting said with resentment "don’t talk to you that how to do? My generation was trapped by you, and now Huang Ya has been ruined by you. Can you be a big man and say that you abandoned Huang Ya? "
"This ….." Zhang Long exulted in his heart and put his hand to hug Liu Ting in his arms. He took a delicious bite on his face and said, "Don’t worry, I will never fail you." He looked at Huang Ya, who was sitting on the bed. Zhang Long hesitated for a moment and was finally obediently hugged by Zhang Long on the other side. At that time, the three of them were happy.
Zhang Long door with ears to eavesdrop on the house, Zhang Jin listened to the house and finally turned to Xiang Li with ears. "? I said it’s okay, my door is really a good means, much more powerful than I was at the beginning! "
Upon hearing this, Xiang Li immediately grabbed Zhang Jin’s ear and said, "I really forgot if you didn’t say this." Give me back to the house and tell me honestly how much you have to hide from me. "
"No! Wife … "
Chapter 34 Oriental Marriage
The three people in the room frolicked for a while and felt chatting. Zhang Long decided to play in Qili for a while and talk about the same. That would disagree. Zhang Long took out a note from the building warehouse and put it on his wide desk. He turned his head and said to the two women with a serious face, "I decided that the three of us will live together from now on."
"Go to hell and think about beauty!" Liu Ting did not hesitate to interrupt Zhang Long’s fantasy.
"Why can’t three people live together? You are both my girlfriends anyway. What’s the shame?" Zhang Long retorted.
"Don’t you think it’s not decent for us two women to live with a man like you?" Liu Ting added.
"What’s wrong with it? You see that Huang Ya didn’t comment." Looking at Huang Ya next to him, he didn’t speak. Zhang Long asked for help again
Liu Ting turned his head and looked at Huang Ya, who didn’t speak. "Aya, you don’t really agree with his ridiculous idea, do you?"
"This ….. anyway, I’ll be together if no one lives together for a long time." For Zhang Long’s opinion, Huang Ya can’t wait to promise that happiness will come too suddenly and too short.
"Okay … I’m afraid of both of you." Liu Ting felt very good and agreed to Zhang Long’s whimsy.
"Yes!" We get a nasty thought of threesomes in our brain, and please help both women to sit in that position.
I was still bored with the long update after hitting the odd brain. Zhang Long casually hit the game forum. The forum was very lively and posted a lot of people, but it wasn’t just last night’s big war. The king candidate Zhang Long noticed that there was a game administrator posting at the top of the forum. It was a voting survey. Four countries voted in four ways. Each country selected four players who were most qualified to run for the king. Each player had a chance to vote and had to enter the game. Account password Zhang Long, look at his country’s voting activities, ranking first. It is that he has more than 50,000 votes, far ahead of others. If nothing unexpected happens, then the king’s position must be himself. Zhang Long also secretly smashed a vote for himself. It’s better than nothing. Well, Zhang Long has some thoughts of looking at other countries’ voting activities, but he didn’t know what he expected. The bosses of the other three guilds all took the lead in their own country’s voting. It seems that four countries and countries will be the bosses of the four guilds. I didn’t expect that no one had told himself about this
At this time, the game was successfully updated. Zhang Long quickly retired from the forum and entered the game. As soon as he entered the game, Zhang Long received the secret message of Oriental Sword: "Boss, do you have any extra dharma equipment? I am in a hurry!"
"Urgent you are not a warrior? What do you want the mage to do? " Zhang Long replied in wonder.
"54545LP4FS" Oriental Sword came back with a number and letters.
Looking at this paragraph of digital plus letter synthesis, Zhang Long replied gloomily, "What language do you speak? Please make the earth language talk to me. "
"Eldest brother is not! I mean I’m a samurai and my wife is a mage! " Oriental sword quickly replied
"Wife, when did you get married?" Zhang Long asked.
"Oh, it’s not in reality, it’s in the game. I’m about to propose to someone!" Oriental sword way
"Be careful to meet a shemale when proposing marriage!" Zhang Long Road
"Fart shemale, we have watched the video!" Oriental sword reply
"Oh, I remember there are a few extra mage red moon equipment in my warehouse. If someone is willing to tell me about his love story, I will give it to him." I am very curious about the Oriental Sword love passing through Zhang Long
"I fought for the Red Moon" (selected from the personal experience of a netizen in official website).
Life is bound to meet friends because of kindness. I remember that it was half a month ago when I happened to visit a game place, but I met a beautiful woman who didn’t want to get a good answer when I asked to have a video with her for the first time (this beautiful girl can be seen). At first glance, I felt that she was really a beautiful woman with regular features, fair complexion, ruddy face and small nose, especially her big eyes like two black grapes (maybe she likes to eat grapes), with gentle wisdom and fragrant aura. "There are really beautiful MM among the players who bought Ga." ""I’m in SZ, and you? ""I am in SH "; "Beauty, what do you do? "; "Move HUA to make Zuo" "Can you get up and have a look? "I asked naughtily, and I saw a beautiful shadow passing by. It turned out that she was wearing jeans. I counted the cabinets behind her: 1, 2, 3, 4, and 4. That’s not 2 meters! A "giant" beautiful girl! "You are 2 meters tall, right? "I asked stupidly"? ""Your head is on the fourth shelf. Isn’t a 5m shelf just 2 m? "Hehe, I like to make some comedies when chatting." Hehe, yes, "I seem to see the cuttlefish trembling … So after a while, I asked a beautiful woman a quick answer, and I had a preliminary portrait in my mind. I was tall, handsome, unique and simple. Quiet and serene in appearance, calm and practical in doing things; Sentimental, fond of pursuing perfection, rich in emotion, and dual in cold and hot personality; Anger is like a volcano erupting and laughter makes you numb; When you are angry in heaven, you are angry in hell (Zhang Long vomits …)In fact, the internet is such a wonderful life, and there are not necessarily such memorable interesting things. Friends will be very glad to know such a beautiful woman who can be seen in the eyes and remembered in the heart. She is sentimental and hides in her own world when she is cold, thinking and adjusting her emotions alone in loneliness and indifference, and then comes out. In fact, her heart is extremely kind, with unique persistence and loyalty. She also knows that she would rather hide in the corner than hurt herself now. It’s not easy to influence her unless she is a good friend or meets a strange friend because of kindness, so I want to be a strange friend and become her good friend, so I often joke and hope to "laugh" to make my friend less troubled and more happy. Remember to give her a gift on her birthday and rack my brains. She should have everything in her life. Let her be more happy and more happy. "Laughter" is the best gift! Later, beauty and I naturally developed
Looking at the Eastern Sword coming one after another, this long passage of language Zhang Long felt that he was going to retch against Buddha’s nausea. It was too small and shameless to say such disgusting words. Zhang Long not only wore the Eastern Sword, but also quickly recovered his face thickness. "Okay, okay, I’m afraid I’ll get something for you and wait for me in Tucheng warehouse."
Tucheng Warehouse Oriental Sword excitedly clicked the OK button and looked at the pieces of mage’s red moon equipment in his baggage and said, "Boss, I’m going to propose to her. You should prepare a wedding gift!"
I received the news that Oriental Sword proposed marriage successfully. Zhang Long ran from Tucheng to Enchanter and came to the wedding hall! A lot of people! There are many members of Hero Gate guild, and some other guilds make friends with Oriental Sword. Oriental Sword has already arrived. After all, he is the hero! But this damn thing is really cunning! I wonder how many gifts he received today! How dare you ask yourself for a wedding present just now? God knows how many gifts she received!
At this time, the bride also came. It was a female mage named "Cold and Hot Tenderness" (nonsense, of course, female ……) wearing a demon robe and holding Grain Rain with a set of magical equipment. It seems that the Oriental Sword was well prepared just now! The couple arrived at the wedding. A couple met face to face in the red carpet hall. It was very festive. Everyone was quiet … Suddenly, the East shouted, "It’s not good. I don’t expect the wedding to be held." …………………………………………………………………………………………. ! There is also a blessing oil. When he was thirsty, he took the blessing oil and drank it. It was a pity that the wedding ended like this!
My friends have all left the East, and my wife has gone to earn money.
I don’t know how long it took to see a striking line. Congratulations to the Oriental Sword and the tender feelings of ice and fire. I wish them a long life together! Oh, my god, the meeting was boiling. "Congratulations!" "So you got married? Congratulations! " "…………………" "Early birth is expensive" …
Hey! What a dramatic wedding! Another private life partner!
Chapter 35 diabolical PK
Seeing the news of the successful marriage of Oriental Sword, Zhang Long flirtatiously sent him a message, "How can I hope to pull enough?"
"Okay, okay, boss, stop laughing at me. I just didn’t pay attention beforehand!" The east feels very nai.
Just as Zhang Long was about to continue to play tricks on the East, he accidentally received an absolutely unexpected message from the demon road, "Dragon, it seems that you have been down a peg or two recently! Are you interested in a single race? "
Single event? This y is not insane, is it? Why come to fight with yourself when you have nothing to do? Besides, I don’t have any certainty of winning this senior Taoist priest. I’m about to refuse Zhang Long’s message "If you win me, I’ll send you a thunder necklace". The thunder necklace thought of the tall 37 attack power. Zhang Long hesitated and asked, "What do you want to find me PK? What price do I need to pay if I lose?" This demon is very cunning!
"What do I want to find you PK? I heard that you got a lion’s roar recently. It’s just to deal with our Taoist nemesis. Don’t pay any price. I want the attack speed in your hand to be +1."
What a joke! It’s impossible to numb his three-level baby who has just practiced lion roar! What does a Taoist priest want to do if he wants to behead him in anger? When Zhang Long asked his own question about the demon road, the demon road replied very succinctly, "Don’t ask more questions about what I want to do. You have to tell me whether you agree to PK with me or not."
Zhang Long wants to refuse, but she can’t resist the charm of the thunder necklace. Will she agree or not? Zhang Long hesitated to win, but it was gratifying that he could get a thunder necklace, but he lost the furious chop, but he was already used to it. If he suddenly lost himself, he couldn’t find anything to replace him. He decided to promise to go to Zhang Long, but if he didn’t promise, I’m afraid he wouldn’t have much face in the game. Besides, even if he failed, he borrowed the 37 ruling in the hands of Dongfang Sword and took it back. Anyway, there was a bully blade in his warehouse and he went up two levels again.
I couldn’t help laughing with satisfaction when I saw my girlfriend sitting beside me fondling her head as beautiful as flowers and pure as jade. If it weren’t for her girlfriend, she also decided to play strange games and trained as a soldier. It’s impossible to take the initiative to call me Dragon Little PK. Although her career is similar, his fighter is not sure to win, but think about her smile when she sees herself. After she finds the attack speed of +1, she feels that everything seems to be worth thinking.
"Where is PK?" Zhang Long also hesitated. It must be unrealistic in his own country or other countries. It is even more impossible if he goes to Cangyue country. I believe that players there must hate their teeth and itch. Zhang Longke doesn’t want to kill himself. If you want to go to Zhang Long, you still think that PK is the best place in the magic valley, and Caofei himself has no big complaints. When he decides to come to Zhang Long, he typed the words "in the magic valley."
Enchant the devil! Daitian didn’t have any different opinions about the specific PK location, but it would have been possible if it hadn’t been in Tucheng, so he replied, "Well, I’ll see you at the Magic Valley Palace now."
Zhang Long, the palace of Fengmo Valley, looked at two people in front of him, and invited Fengmo Valley landlord Caofei to witness this PK competition. He was still quite proud of being able to host the PK Caofei competition, the number one figure in other two countries.
Before the game, Zhang Longxian looked at a demon road equipment.
w w w
Player name demon road
Xiaoyao Fan Weight 45 Durable 3/3 Attack Power 513 Skill 415 Lucky +2 Strength +1 Accuracy +1 Required Level 35
The weight of Buddha’s robe is 37, lasting 3/3, defense 49, magic resistance 46, Daoism 25, required level 4.
Heavenly Buddha helmet weight 1 lasting 7/7 defense 44 magic bending 12 magic skills 1 requires spirit 25.