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Generally speaking, Venus is not in the mood, and it is straightforward to speak. "This mountain is called the Lion Camel Ridge. There is a lion camel cave with three devil heads."
Tianpeng spat when he heard the news, "But it’s too oversensitive for the three demons to report."
Venus stood up on crutches and asked calmly, "Aren’t you afraid?"
The canopy hummed and laughed. "But what’s so difficult about the three demons? My brother killed an old pig with a stick, and I killed my sand brother with a palladium, and stick to kill killed my master with a stick. "
Taibai Venus was not annoyed, but said slowly, "Those three devils counted five thousand east-west intersections in North and South Ridges, ten thousand patrol roads and five thousand gates. This famous brand has a total of forty-seven thousand firewood and several miles."
Tianpeng smell speech without talking quickly turned around and ran to find a grass squatting near the golden cicada.
When Jin Chan asked him questions, he got the answer. He turned to Sun Wu and asked, "What should we do if we count monsters and ghosts in this mountain and valley?"
Sun Wu patted Jin Chan on the shoulder and said with relief, "Master doesn’t need to be afraid. It’s like those little demons don’t say it’s 47 thousand. Even if they multiply it tenfold, they don’t have to beat him up overnight."
Tianpeng angrily said, "It’s not so fast because of your means!"
"I shake this baby and call it a long windward, and it will be forty or fifty long, and it will be rough, instant and ten thick, and it will kill him when the mountains roll in the south and the mountains roll in the north, and it will kill him when the intersection of five thousand things rolls again, and it will kill him when it is even less than two hours."
Sun Wu laughed and took out the precious iron of Dinghai and held a stick flower.
Hearing this, I was too white to watch the excitement in a different place. Suddenly, I heard the canopy shouting, "Master, big brother, the old man who reported the news is missing."
Taibai Venus Trail "Go, go! That spilt monkey must come to find out! "
I nodded and was about to pull the old fairy away, but suddenly it occurred to me that hot wheels would roll up all over the sky for a moment.
This stupidly kung fu then listen to Sun Wu behind shouted Taibai Venus nickname "Li Changgeng! Li Changgeng! " Shouted and shouted, he grabbed Taibai Venus sleeve robe and wouldn’t let go. "How did you change the old mountain forest to sway me?"
Taibai Venus’s face froze with kindness and smile, then hung up with a slight smile and turned to salute. "The devil of the Great Sage Mountain is really miraculous. You need to change your machine to get past it. It’s really sad to be lazy and neglect!"
"The old fairy is grateful for her involvement!" Sun Wu thanked him for saying "it’s so difficult to travel here." In the middle of the sentence, Sun Wu stopped for three or two steps and turned to me, saying, "Santai Jade Emperor took a message to borrow some heavenly soldiers to help me in the future!"
Chapter 116 Chapter 116
For Jin Chan, Guanyin dialect must have been Sun Wu. He met Niu Mowang near the flaming mountain for a few days and had some trouble.
However, it’s not too much trouble for us idle immortals to make his merits. Instead, we let the Tathagata make a fortune and nationalize Niu Mowang to Lingshan as the protector of the Ministry of War.
I think it’s enough for me to go and see what happens to Sun Wu’s four disciples on the westbound road every day. It’s not expected that Venus will be more idle than me. I always see him when I chat around the Heavenly Palace several times.
Today, I was going to Miaoyan Palace to listen to the master’s testimony, but I was stopped by some fairies in Hongqiao outside east door, or the old fairy Taibai Venus helped me out when driving a colorful cloud.
I asked, "What is Chang Geng going to do?"
Taibai Venus laughed and said, "Haiyan Heqing has nothing to do. I think their master and disciples will go to the Lion Camel Ridge soon and earn some merits from his monkey."
Lion camel ridge, if I remember correctly, should be the territory of these two guys, the green lion and the white elephant.
I asked, "Is there a sand city four hundred miles west of Lion Tuoling?"
Taibai Venus sighed, "That fellow made a bloody crime in the world. When the Golden Cicada and his disciples crossed the Lion Tuoling, the Tathagata should spare him."
I’m naturally happy to hear that he’s going behind his back. "I’ll go with Venus and join him in the fun."
"Three Tais please"
"Venus please"
The lion camel ridge is steep and abnormal, and the black gas on the top of the mountain is filled with resentment, and the smell of corpse is still lingering in the wind for ten miles.
I don’t know how many sins Manjusri and Pu Xian have killed in teaching them these days.
I’m at Yundian, sweeping the east where it’s clean and looking for a place to stay, drifting slowly across 30 miles away.
Taibai Venus looked five or six miles away and said, "Santai, do you think the Tang Priest and his disciples are at the foot of that mountain?"
I looked in the direction pointed by Venus, but I saw the golden cicada stop and look at what Sun Wu said in the mouth of the peak. After a few words, Sun Wu urged the horse to re-enter the sheep’s intestines.
I nodded. First, when the Taibai Venus assimilated into the ancient age, the old man trembled on his crutches.
A few miles later, there was a high rock covered with pine needles, which was relatively flat. I waited here for a moment and thought that the two of us appeared in their sight.
I cleared my throat and shouted, "Don’t go any further over there. There are a group of goblins on this mountain who have eaten up the world!"
Maybe the ground is uneven, maybe the carved saddle is unstable, and when my voice falls to the ground, the golden cicada’s face will shake up and roll down in the grass, humming straight.
Sun Wu looked at the grass and comforted him naively. "Don’t be afraid that my two younger brothers are here."
Jin Chan fell motionless on the grass and turned a blind eye to Sun Wu’s hand. He said, "Listen to the old man Gao Yan, who dares to ask the truth?"
Sun Wu said, "Master, sit with me and ask him one."
Jin Chan suddenly sat up and shook his head for a while, trembling. "You are ugly and rude. What if you collide with him and can’t ask the truth?"
"When I become handsome, ask him." Sun Wu turned into a gentle and handsome young monk, but when he saw him, Jin Chan asked, "Master, do you think I have become good?"
Golden cicada nodding good canopy wu wear nose tone came vinegar generally sour "how bad! Just compare us to master! Old pig, I can’t be so handsome if I roll on the spot for a few years! "