This sentence is bullshit!


Yuan Heng doesn’t know whether other metempsychosis universes are the same, but he knows that this level is enough for him, the first heavenly fiend, and congenital treasures are few and far between in the vast land.
That’s right. Nowadays, it’s necessary to grab a handful of soil, which is congenital soil. Any river is congenital stream.
But this innate thing is also graded!
Do things of this grade have anything like ordinary soil and streams in our modern feet for the first celestial fiend?
It’s possible that there were …
What’s the magic weapon refined from this series of things? It’s possible that a demon who is not good at refining can smash dozens of such toys with one fist.
Therefore, Yuan Heng’s series is the first time for Tian Mo to collect materials. At least, it must be the previous series of innate Kang Jin Jing, which is worth refining Lingbao the day after tomorrow.
For those ambitious top celestial fiends, they need a higher level of innate spiritual materials to refine a spiritual treasure that they need to protect when they enter the mixed yuan in the future.
The so-called Taoist Lingbao is actually the so-called Taoist Lingbao!
Chapter seventy Yin and Yang avatar
Congenital Lingbao is very precious!
Just three thousand pieces in the vast wilderness can tell whether it is rare, and sometimes scarcity means its preciousness.
It is conceivable that even a few innate treasures are not enough for the first heavenly fiend, and even the innate magic weapon is not a roadside cabbage.
The innate magic weapon is that some innate spirits combine with the mystery of the operation of heaven and earth to achieve the first amount of robbery. There are 3,629,600 pieces. It looks like a lot. Each amount of robbery can add another 360 pieces. Everyone who has traveled in the wild can throw dozens of pieces like Yuan Heng, a top-level fiend with a continuous fortune. There are at least a hundred pieces, right?
Actually, not much at all!
These innate magic weapons are at best understood by Yuan Heng, the first celestial fiend, and these innate magic weapons are at best middle and low-level things, almost all of which are accompanied by the first celestial fiend. It is the top innate magic weapon that can rival the lowest innate magic weapon.
Therefore, the ultimate fate of these low-level innate magic weapons is to be given to those younger brothers who have more prospects to suppress some bad luck, and how many younger brothers have created races?
Remember, these innate magic weapons are not released, but given to those talented young people who have blossomed in the years. That’s how to finally have such a little thing in their hands.
From this, we can see that the innate magic weapon, especially the top innate magic weapon, is also very precious.
Moreover, the key point is that although these innate Lingbao magic weapons have all kinds of magical effects to suppress the fate, their functions are actually various, and even a large part of them are very wonderful;
Just like some Yuanheng collections are like the universal bottle, the main function of which is to hold how much liquid Yuanheng can hold according to the law of liquid inclusion, and it is not clear how much liquid Yuanheng can hold, and it can also be pregnant and filled with liquid. In Yuanheng’s view, the effect of holding wine and liquid medicine is very good;
Bicuifeng, the innate magic weapon of the middle position, is a mobile abode of fairies and immortals. There is no shortage of spiritual pulse, spiritual spring and medicine pu, which can be described as a good thing for home travel.
Don’t say that even the innate treasure has many such treasures with no attack power and different defense effects, but there are quite a few celestial fiends. It is very likely that there is only one such treasure. If you happen to encounter such a treasure, then if you can break the disaster on the way to the monastery?
Looking forward to finding one or two more innate treasures?
It’s better to expect that you have proved your ancestry before you find it. This is more realistic.
Thus Lingbao entered the eyes of many great gods the day after tomorrow.
Lingbao the day after tomorrow must seem very cheap to many people, right?
If you think so, it’s all wet!
Every side of heaven and earth comes out of the acquired Lingbao or the nature of heaven and earth, which is between the artifact of heaven and the artifact of heaven, or the innate spiritual material of heaven and earth.
The innate Lingbao contains the forbidden gods first, and then the information contained in this Lingbao is gradually changed from shallow to deep, forming a series of forbidden gods first, which is different from the acquired Lingbao.
The spiritual treasure of the day after tomorrow contains the road that the brother Lingbao realized. Every spiritual treasure of the day after tomorrow contains a spiritual tire that the refiner has made every effort to condense in the core of this spiritual treasure. This is the spiritual tire of the avenue, which is the spiritual tire of the refiner’s own avenue and needs atmospheric transportation.
These acquired Lingbao can form or attack, or defend, or assist according to the refiner’s mind, and their wonderful powers can grow with the progress of their master’s road repair and pregnancy.
It is not impossible for some Weineng Avenue to be the ultimate in Lingbao after tomorrow, and it is even better than Tianbao first.
Of course, this is purely from the perspective of power
Therefore, many monks refine a spiritual treasure in their lives!