Fang Liao Shuo sat behind the desk and looked at Fang Nuo Nuo in front of him. He said with a smile, "What’s the matter? You have to tell your father alone. You can’t let your mother and your brother know."


Fang Nuo Nuo frowned. "Dad, there is Liu Yizhi in this matter."
"What happened to him?"
Fang Nuo Nuo went to the window and pulled the curtains. The moon was hanging high in the sky outside the window, just enough to take in a glance.
"Dad, I married Lu Yizhi not because of love, but because of interests. I helped him get Lu’s inheritance, and he kept me prosperous for the rest of my life."
When she marries in Nuo Nuo, she will be as unique as the moon.
Fang Liao Shuo frowned. "Nuo Nuo is a serious matter. Although Lu is in the palm of his hand, Liu Yichen is already the president. Now many people regard Liu Yichen as the future owner of Lu."
Fang Nuo Nuo’s long nails fell into the palm of her hand, which she tasted and could not see.
At the beginning, she had an engagement party with Lu Yizhi, and she tried her best to invite people. As a result, she went to curry favor with Lu Yichen and no one paid attention to Lu Yizhi.
But she believes that "everyone can conquer nature"
"If Lu Zhengying doesn’t announce that Lu Yichen is the heir of Lu, then Lu Yizhi will still have a chance."
Fang Liaoshuo walked beside Fang Nuo Nuo and patted her on the shoulder and said, "Nuo Nuo, in fact, you don’t need it. If you want wealth, our family can give it to you. You must bet on your marriage."
"Dad, let me ask you, are you happy with your mother?"
Fang Nuo Nuo’s words made Fang Liao Shuo put her finger on her shoulder and stiff. After slowly taking back her hand, she said lightly, "I am not the same as your mother."
"What’s different?" Fang Nuo Nuo turned to look at him and seriously asked, "You and your mother are not matchmakers. You are free to marry, but many times I can’t see your happiness. So why don’t I choose marriage before interests?"
Fang Nuo Nuo’s words will choke Fang Liao Shuo for a long time and he can’t say a word, so his body is stiff.
"… Nuo Nuo dad wants you to be happy."
Fang Nuo Nuo smiled brightly at Fang Liaoshuo. "Dad, I know what I’m doing. I hope my father can support me. Since I got engaged to Lu Yizhi, my family has been linked with Lujia, right?"
Yes, since Nuo Nuo got engaged to Lu Yizhi, Fang Jia and Lu Jia have been linked together in the eyes of outsiders.
And their combination with Lujia has also brought many benefits to Fangjia.
But this is not what Liao Shuo wants. He wants his children to be happy.
His marriage is not happy in this generation. I hope they can be happy!
But he never thought that Fang Nuo Nuo’s marriage view was so extreme.
Did his marriage with Wan Dongmei make her so realistic?
Fang Liao Shuo stepped back a few steps and finally Nai said, "Nuo Nuo, you have grown up. Since this is your choice, dad will certainly support you."
"Thank you, Dad." Fang Nuo Nuo took Fang Liao Shuo’s arm in front of her heart and she knew that Dad would not object.
"Fool, you are my daughter. Why thank me? It’s rare for you to come back and chat with your mother. I have some things to deal with."
"Good dad, don’t work too hard."
"Well …"
Fang Nuo Nuo walked behind Liao Shuo and sat in a leather chair for a long time without moving.
If the dialect is as promiscuous as Fang Nuo Nuo, he will be happy.
Fang Jia needs ambitious men to inherit Fang Nuo Nuo’s sex, but it worries him a little.
But after all, Lu Yizhi is his only daughter. If he marries Fang Nuo Nuo, he is his son-in-law. He has no reason not to help him.
In the end, it depends on God’s will.
Before going to bed at night, Wan Dongmei rubbed skin care on her face while Liao Shuo said, "Nuo Nuo came back today and told me that she hoped to tell Lu Jia about her marriage at the right time."
Fang Liao Shuo let go of his hand and pondered for a moment. "This kind of thing is better for a man. How can Nuo Nuo take the initiative to get married when she is a girl?"
"Well, of course I don’t understand this, but Nuo Nuo said that naturally she has her purpose, so let’s try our best to help her."
Think of just Fang Nuo Nuo asked him to help Liu Yizhi in the room.
She was afraid that after she helped Lu Yizhi, he would go back on his word and not marry her.
Since Lu Yizhi made her feel insecure, why did she put herself in?
Fang Liao Shuo nai sighed, "Well, I’ll be in front of Liu Zhengying when I have the chance."
Fang Liao Shuo lift was lying in.
Wan Dongmei goes to bed after wearing skin care.
Sue went back to Liu Zhai Wenyiting directly after work with Liu Yichen, and saw that they were naturally heartbroken.
Thinking of the call, I heard Sue talking to Liu Yichen in the evening. Her face turned red and her eyes looked at her belly. I wonder if there is her grandson in it.
Sue didn’t know what she had done because of drugs.
Liu Yichen is clearly looked at Sue late pick eyebrow corners of the mouth become warped become warped.
I didn’t expect that his wife Lu was actually very enthusiastic. I thought that Liu Yichen, who was passionate in the office at noon, was in a hurry.
Liu Zhengying saw them coming back and glanced at them faintly. He knew all about Sue’s late feelings in Su’s trip.
I didn’t expect this woman to be so busy. Now she has become the leader of the pb project. What does she want to do?
The servant called everyone to eat.
Wenyiting took Sue’s hand and walked towards the restaurant.
I haven’t seen Wen Yiting for a few days. Sue is also very fond of her clever sitting beside her.
Wen Yiting was about to speak. She felt something was wrong with holding Sue’s hand. She looked down and was shocked. "How did you hurt your hand in the evening?"
Sue looked at the back of her hand late feeling embarrassed.
These days, she has been wearing Liu Yichen to help her buy gloves. When she came back today, she took the gloves specially for fear that Wen Yiting would see the clue, but she didn’t expect it to be discovered by her.