In this blow, Mo candlestick was seriously injured directly, and the blood phoenix demon emperor’s hand was even more flustered.


Don’t yell at him. There’s nothing like Wei Pu. At least he’s an emperor. Since he has made a decision, how can he change it easily? With the blood phoenix demon emperor, the two men will be forced to retreat and be black and blue all over in an instant.
"Come and help me!"
Don’t yell at him. His voice is full of fear.
He is in a hurry to face a blood phoenix demon imperial city, and he is not an opponent. He is in danger at the moment and may be beheaded at any time.
He asked for help and didn’t wait for a response.
No one in the other five emperors has the luxury to manage it. Mowentian’s department is struggling, and they are all in danger. They have no spare capacity to help Mowentian.
"I will fight with you!"
Don’t ask for heaven, be filled with despair, indignation and roar.
He occupied the Sect of Heaven, which was an excellent opportunity for him to rise, but he didn’t expect that he would even lose his life when it passed so far.
Grieving and indignant, Mo Wen’s surging fairy yuan is actually going to blow itself up!
When it comes to the realm of the great emperor, the supernatural powers and ghosts are unpredictable, and no one will want to blow himself up unless it is absolutely necessary, because then death will dissipate completely.
But if it weren’t for the self-explosion, even if the Yuan God was destroyed, there was still a glimmer of hope by leaving only one body.
It is said that the corpse emperor is a corpse born, and his mind has gradually cultivated into the top emperors in the celestial world.
There is also a corpse god who taught the silver-faced emperor to be beheaded when he was in the realm of the great emperor, but he left a body. Now he has returned after ten thousand years and has become the great emperor again!
Don’t ask for heaven to choose to blow itself up directly, which has to be said to be an extremely tragic choice!
The emperor blew himself up, even if the blood phoenix demon emperor and the Wei Pu emperor were aware of it, they couldn’t stop it, and they couldn’t even retreat and approach one after another.
The roar of thunder shattered a large area of emptiness!
The rest of the group with Mo candlestick and several emperors also retreated and dared not go near the past. Take this opportunity to get rid of the siege of Xia Gu Emperor and others. Because they were close to the past, they accidentally turned fly ash directly!
But there is an exception!
The original Heaven Sect Cangshan Emperor did not retreat at this moment, but took the initiative to approach Mo candlestick!
Du zong and bing Li, who are besieging Cangshan emperor, have to choose to retreat and give up, and continue to pester Cangshan emperor with his proximity to the past
In Mowentian, the Emperor Cangshan is beside Mowentian!
However, what makes people astonish is that at the moment when Mo Zhen blew himself up, a guardian emperor appeared to block all the explosive power.
Of course, blocking this explosive power, this rare defensive emperor is also completely destroyed!
But with this short moment, Cangshan the Great is enough!
Only to see that his body flash turned out to be decisive, and he entered the virtual direct escape in the crack of Mo candlestick’s explosive explosion, regardless of whether he could come back from the virtual reality.
"It’s fast enough to escape!"
Summer ancient emperor cold hum with a hint of unwilling.
Before this, several people of Xia Gu Emperor recognized that Cangshan Emperor absolutely supported Xia Qi, but did not expect that Cangshan Emperor unexpectedly chose the opposite of Xia Qi.
"No matter if he surrounds the remaining four."
Xia Qi took one look at the healing cracks and immediately withdrew his eyes and rested on the remaining four emperors.
These four emperors all took the initiative to put themselves into the hands of Wan Jian the Great, hoping that in today’s celestial world, the first strong hand can gain treasures and gain strength.
But they never expected to get any benefits from investing in Wan Jian the Great, but now their lives will be lost.
Xia Gu Emperor, Li Huo Emperor, Ling Feng Emperor, Du Zong Emperor, Wei Pu Emperor, Bing Li Man, Blood Phoenix Demon Emperor, Golden Crown Ghost Snake, Ghost Tree and Xia Qi add up to ten emperors!
The result of such a powerful array besieging the four emperors is obvious.
The four emperors were lucky enough not to give up their lives like Mo candlestick, and the siege was soon completely killed one after another
"Wan Jian the Great!"
The last slain emperor was unwilling to roar.
He doesn’t think Bai Wanjian the Great hasn’t appeared yet, because at the same time, they have sent a message to Wan Jian the Great, asking Wan Jian the Great to come to help quickly.
The emperor is I don’t know at the moment Wan Jian the great is facing trouble!
After destroying the holy land of Zi Xia, Wan Jian the Great’s confidence swelled and he planned to directly destroy the five-element holy Sect, but his idea was good, but his strength was still a little short.
Because of the five elements of the holy Sect, the shogunate, the corpse religion, the heavenly sword gate and other top immortals, even Wan Jian the Great can resist!
He was besieged by many emperors when he received the distress signal!
Chapter one thousand The celestial massacre
Chapter one thousand The celestial massacre
Sheng zong of five elements
Wan Jian the Great’s confidence exploded and he directly killed the Five Elements Holy Sect, but he was in big trouble in the Five Elements Holy Sect.
He is indeed the strongest in the celestial world now, but his strength is far from being able to sweep the celestial world. After destroying the holy land in Zi Xia, the rest of the immortals have already joined forces in the five elements of the Holy Sect, which just caused Wan Jian the Great to fall.
Twenty or thirty emperors appeared and trapped Wan Jian the Great, so that Wan Jian the Great could not attack the five elements of the Holy Sect, but the emperor around him lost two, which made him escape.
Moreover, because of the siege, he was delayed to rescue several people, which made him lose a lot.
Wan Jian the Great shouted coldly to the proud sword emperor around him.