Although someone stopped him at the periphery, it was different after all. Fortunately, Zheng Dianxian and his wife had won the gold boat and decided to go to Baoshan. Just as they were shaken by the joy of the upcoming treasure, the water on the river came to light from a distance. Everyone in sonic boom paid no attention to the gold boat.


Seeing that Zheng Dianxian and Song Changgeng both broke the seal and entered the golden boat, they were delighted when they suddenly heard the hissing sound. Suddenly, a loophole appeared in the halo of the golden boat near the left.
Most of the people are thinking about what they can get. When they catch a glimpse of the cracks in the light layer, they should think that Zheng Dianxian deliberately led the people into the boat to get the treasure. A strange call took the lead in rushing over. Sisters Mu and Ouyang Shuang and others also took the opportunity to fly Qin Ziling one after another without thinking. Although they were cautious on weekdays, at this time, they didn’t rush into the defense because they saw the demon.
At that time, I was greedy and was about to fly to the ship to choose the best. I heard Zheng Gu shouting, "Be careful, don’t come back soon! This is someone broke the forbidden attack from the bottom of the water. "
Say that finish and then fly up and let out your own snow soul beads and rush directly to the crack, thinking that it is necessary to stop others from being stunned by her shout, and soon they all react and fly back to their respective positions to stay.
When Zheng Dianxian and Song Changgeng expected to defend, because no one was proficient in water fighting, the personnel were divided into three parts at home and abroad, but the water was good and a large number of bans were made. When they considered these bans, the powerful experts in the then period could not break in without interest. If they could break in without interest, it would be a level expert. It would be meaningless for the ordinary brother to resist.
And Song Chang-geng’s proposal of prohibition to stop everyone has no problem. Now Zheng Gu sees this crack strangely. She was born in the magic religion and knows a lot about all kinds of evil magic. At first glance, it’s that evil magic is corroded. It’s not that Zheng Dianxian deliberately went out of the way to see that everyone has been carried away by treasures and had to drink a lot.
Volume 22 Raiders of the Lost Ark Chapter 219 Self-destruction of the Great Wall
The halo layer released by the golden boat is more than 100 meters high. Once the crack is hissing, it is still ringing. The Guanghua released by the golden boat has collected half of it. More than 100 human arms are shrinking, and the spider silk is also crumbling. One third of the golden hull has sunk into the water. Zheng Gu just flew near there and saw a strong man showing his shape when her snow soul was shining.
Obviously, the other side was restrained by the halo released by the golden boat, but he destroyed the water ban all the way and the evil method corroded a passage. He came here to rush into the golden boat, but Guangcheng magic weapon is to cleanse the evil in the world and refine it. Even the golden boat dressed as a magic weapon has the function of ward off evil.
The strong man corroded a passage, but the closer he got to the golden boat, the more difficult it was to see Zheng Gu flying. He seemed familiar, but he didn’t put it in his heart, but he saw that the other party released a charm and threw it at him. There was a thunderous noise, and ten thousand golden lights came straight with thousands of thunder and fire. At the same time, Zheng Guyin also came from afar. "Is Xuanyuan French King a hundred years old?"
This strong man is the King of Kongtong Xuanyuan. He broke the ban at the bottom of the water to avoid people, but he didn’t expect the golden hull to emit so much light. Now Zheng Gulei’s fire attack is coming, and he immediately transports his capability. Suddenly, his arms suddenly rose and turned into a giant hand with a length of more than ten meters and a thickness of three or five meters.
The giant hand and huge arm are as big as the rafters, and the purple flame burns to block Zheng Gu’s attack from mine fire. However, he still dismisses the thunder fire, and the charm is made by the blissful real person himself, which is specially designed for Zheng Gu and Qin Ziling’s younger brothers to defend themselves. Although King Xuanyuan missed the thunder fire, the giant hand has also been bombed and disabled.
Incomplete arm made him roar like thunder in his mouth, and Zheng Gu opened his mouth and spewed out dozens of zhangs of green fire and poison flames. Zheng Gu directed the snow soul beads to release a silver halo, which blocked the green fire and poison flames from shining in the silver halo and gradually disappeared. Zheng Gu had already taken out a Zhang Ling operator in his hand.
Xuanyuan French king knows that it is difficult to accomplish today because he underestimates his enemy. He is also a decisive figure. He glanced at Zheng Gu bitterly and growled, "Don’t you dare ruin my good deeds, and I will get even with you later!" After that, just visible into the water, along the road of digging the earth when he came from here, he knew that there were many local people lurking around here who were leading their own way, and now he was injured and didn’t leave, so his death was coming.
Zheng Gu drove away Xuanyuanfa by Leifu, a blissful real person. Wang Gang listened to a thunderbolt exploding in the south since she let go. She turned to look at it. It was the worried younger brother who defended the middle section. The sound should be a violent explosion caused by the collision of two thunder and fire. She couldn’t help but wonder that everyone had a magic weapon to fly swords and attack each other. No one had Leifa yet.
It’s not that people don’t want to attack Leifa because they are close to each other. It’s not that Song Chang-geng lures the thunder and fire of heaven and earth with his own physical ability, but that Leifa is that of Zheng Gu. Leifu is made in advance. These things attack both the enemy and the enemy. If the distance is not far enough, they will be attacked by Bo Bo, and no one will.
She didn’t know that the thunder fire was mad at Xu Fei Niang at this time, and the person who was mad at her was her favorite disciple Lian Hongyao and the other five disciples on the opposite side. Several people joined forces in the speech run, which made Xu Fei Niang angry for a while. Fortunately, the magic weapon of worrying about his younger brother’s defense was very powerful, and no one was injured.
It turns out that Xu Fei Niang didn’t stop here after Wei Chi-yuan shouted from the thunderbolt just now. After that, the woman reprimanded Wei Chi-yuan from the thunderbolt and insulted Xu Fei Niang a lot.
Heart angry Xu Fei niang drink a way "who are you? Didn’t your master teach you to respect your elders? And you, Wei Chiyuan, your master is my nephew. Why do you call me uncle? "
The opposite woman sneered, "Gee, listen to the power and prestige! Tell you that my master is the venerable Si Zhan of Mohe Cave in Yunmeng Mountain, and he is still the younger brother of Taiyi mixed yuan. At the beginning, my master and nephew were the grandfathers of Taiyi mixed yuan, and you did it without authorization. My master didn’t recognize you as a peer, so you were less and more senior. "
At this time, a 15-year-old girl flew up. She looked cute but extremely ruthless. Several people in the magic religion bullied her, but she was killed by a faint blue light. Xu Feiniang’s sharp-eyed eyes were recognized at a glance. It was the jellyfish Ji Xuanliu’s unique method of refining water properties. If you look at that little girl, she thinks of a person.
The little girl flew to the two groups and stopped not far from the defensive circle of the worried younger brother. She took a look at Xu Feiniang with anger and laughed. "Sister Xu, it’s been a long time. Look, now you have found a group of people. What have you been busy with these years? How can I not know this Xiao Ni? This girl is very famous now! "
At that time, the proud woman said, "Hum! You know girl, I’m famous, little girl. Who are you? See you’re a little led and so clever. It’s so messy here that your sister can protect you. "He said, he flew out from the team of those people and seemed to come and pull the little girl. There’s no way this little girl looks really cute.
But Xu Fei Niang knows that cuteness is a representation. This girl looks at 15 or 16 years old, but she is actually 100 years old. She is a figure of the same era. Her skill is higher than her. She is cute on the surface, but her hands are biting. Hundreds of people died in her hands. If her teacher was not too powerful and defended her faults, she would have died early.
Now this female disciple of Mohe Venerable Si Zhan was deceived by her lovely appearance. She was about to speak when she heard the little girl giggle and say, "Thank you, sister, but I dare not go with you. I heard that your body is a natural instrument. Even your master Mohe Venerable Si Zhan once missed the truth and almost broke her way. Now you are famous."
Say that finish also hid in the distance "little sister but afraid! I don’t dare to be with my sister. What can I do if I stain our honor? " Look at her innocent face. If Xu Feiniang didn’t know that she was really cheated by her, this woman’s acting was so realistic.
Mohe venerable Sizhan’s female apprentice hasn’t spoken yet. Xu Feiniang’s apprentice Lian Hongyao has shouted beside her, "My little sister, when I see you, you are a good man. Come here and don’t be with those evil spirits." Then she ignored Xu Feiniang’s stare at her eyes and directly ordered her sad younger brother to make way, but people ignored her and made her face extremely ugly.
Gave her a look at the little girl smiled. "Thank you, little sister. We are older and older than you. You can’t call me sister. Oh, hee hee, and I will talk to you. Sister Xu will make a discussion." You, a female apprentice, have relatives with me. Fortunately, you raised your hand and let her go out with me soon after entering your door. "
Xu Fei Niang hasn’t spoken yet, but the female apprentice who was exposed by the little girl in public by the venerable Si Zhan of the Mohe River stood beside her and said, "Little Niang Pi, don’t you think about it? Don’t you know that I, the teacher elder sister Xu, are naturally fond of charming people? When she was young and beautiful, she married her as a wife with her teacher Taiyi, the founder of Yuan Dynasty. "
Speaking of which, I looked at Yan Lian Hong Yao Yinxiao. "Now that she is getting old, it is natural to raise a little apprentice to confuse people. Do you want to take her apprentice away? Isn’t that killing her? Hehe, I used to admire this senior sister Fang Yurou in Lixiansai, but she has always been her role model to confuse myself. All the teachers studied with her! "
Her words made many people here look at Xu Fei Niang Lian Hong Yao in a strange way, but she flew back a little distance. It seems that this master of hers is really going to sell her. She is already flying out, and the defensive circle of her worried brother is very close to the little girl. She didn’t see the little girl looking at her consciously close to her eyes, and the smile is getting stronger and stronger.
The little girl turned her eyes and smiled and said, "So that’s it! What an anecdote! It’s the first time I’ve heard of it. It turns out that Sister Xu, your husband is your master. It’s really admirable to become a master and apprentice. Awesome, but you’re not really going to marry someone else, are you? I heard that you and the leader of the western demon religion, the dragon worshipper, are old frame, so don’t send my relatives to him! "
Xu Fei Niang was exposed by her two people in public, and her face was red, white, blue and purple. It took a while for the little girl to grind her teeth. "Xuejun Jiang, I have known you for decades, and you have never sinned. Today, you want to rob my apprentice and don’t scold me with these ugly words. Are you still in partnership with my brother, the undeserving door? Don’t you think you lost your jellyfish face? "
After looking at her strange eyes and worrying about her younger brother, she knew that her prestige in worrying about her family was gone for decades, and her heart was filled with sorrow. At the same time, she suddenly took out two thunder symbols and shouted, "You two little prostitutes dare to insult me so much! Die for me!"
Raise my hand and raise my hand. Two LeiFu flew out as soon as her voice just fell. One of them was already very powerful. The root of the horror was not that these people could resist the mine operator. Xu Fei Niang regretted it when she first shot. She knew that she had acted rashly. Sure enough, the defense circle of this fried cousin broke a hole. Many younger brothers were injured by the earthquake because they were too close.
Although this gap was made up by the worried younger brother in less than a dozen breaths, in such a short time, there have been fifteen or six colorful brilliance flying in along the gap. These people have been hidden nearby. Now, when they see a flaw, they immediately rushed in to see this sample. Xu Feiniang’s heart sank. She knew that her momentary mistake would be bad.
Volume 22 Raiders of the Lost Ark Chapter two hundred and twenty Golden Basin was born
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These people who fly in along the gap are all masters who have been hiding. They want to find a way to break through the defense circle after the treasure in the golden boat appears, but the defense circle of the worried younger brother was suddenly blown up. These people naturally went in and out, but they don’t worry that these people have been practicing for hundreds of years and even thousands of years. Guys have a lot of means to leave.