That man is the Qingcheng School Xu Wancheng. At this time, his cassock has turned into a wispy half of his cheek. His face and bones are exposed for a long time. His body is scarred everywhere. There are several green bags on his body and skin. Li Wei knows that it is eating his Jingxue ghost. It seems that he is crazy to see him. If he goes like this, he will also die. Li Wei does not know that his eyes are full of ghosts and ghosts. He can’t stop if he wants to.


While you are sick and killing you, Li Wei is not a good man and a woman. When his sword was cut to the ground, Li Wei stepped on his back and cut off his arm with a flying sword. When the light of the sword turned, Xu Wancheng cut off his legs knee-high. It is estimated that his body has made these ghosts unconscious.
Xu Wancheng’s legs have been broken and he is still sitting in the ground. He is still screaming with only one hand. He is still fingering and scribbling Levi’s hands. He slaps a palm on his head and a flash of white light has arrested his soul.
Put away his sword and bag to see his body wriggle. A little purple fire fell on his body, and several ghosts cried and screamed. The sword gently scratched his chest and abdomen. A gold Huang Cancan Dan was bigger than table tennis, and Li Wei took it out and copied it in his hand. This was the biggest Dan he had ever seen.
Without extra trouble, I will pounce on Ouyang Tiange to kill Levi and recover it in Xu Wancheng’s body. Several ghosts have been refined, and the purple fire has filled their heads. Levi can’t help but regret it. Why do you want to refine these ghosts?
At the same time, he has put away the heavenly heart jade and surrounded them with fewer ghosts. Can these ghosts also absorb aura?
His heart was wondering, and there was a strange laugh around him. Li Wei and Ouyang Tiange were surrounded by black fog and water, and they generally retreated around the periphery. Tens of meters were clean, but it was still dark and foggy in the distance.
There were nine people around who were covered in black fog. It turned out that the black fog was not retreating, but was inhaled into their bodies.
There were black snowflakes falling in the cold around Li Weixian. These snowflakes were also condensed by ghost forces and fell on his naked body. The cold turned into bone marrow, and a little ghost force got into his body.
He didn’t dare to let the black snowflake fall on the sky and pull her into his arms, but it couldn’t protect her! Ouyang Tiange Ouyang Tiange clung to Levi’s hand and Levi gently squeezed it and said, Don’t be afraid.
Li Wei saw that one of the nine people was wearing a silver face mask that Li Wei had seen, and all of them were holding a silver knife, while one was wearing a golden face mask, and the knife in his hand was as golden as a mask!
Golden ghost face Jie Jie smiled and said to Li Wei, "Qin Gong killed you. We really lost a lot of people. I didn’t expect Qin Gong to be a strong soul. Hey hey, this little girl’s soul is not strong, but it is rare to be so pure." Li Wei listened to his voice. It was the speaker in front.
The man said to the silver ghost face around him, "We have detained these two souls and sent them back to Gui Mu without any damage. Her old man will love it. Hey, hey, you will all have a great job!" Look and tone have regarded Li Wei’s two things in their pockets.
The silver ghost face bowed slightly at him and said, "It’s up to the Red Ghost King!" There was a clear female voice among them.
And this golden ghost face is the four ghost kings, the Red Ghost King.
He raised my hand and waved black snowflakes towards his palm, and the black fog went into his palm, but it became colder around him. Before waving a knife in his other hand, a red skull was condensed with red light and black gas, which seemed to flash for a few times. This skull has grown into a red giant ghost with a height of five meters!
This giant ghost has a red head and two red twisted ghost corners, and its eyes are sprayed with red light. Its latosolic red sharp claws are more than half a meter long. It seems that Xu Wancheng’s scars and broken robes just now are thanks to it.
The giant ghost is not red in one place, but also crimson in the fog. It is the real red ghost king!
Levi also learned from the ghost gate that this ghost gate bending art can be divided into two parts: the ghost bending and the ghost bending. Those with low skill can raise ghosts in their own bodies. For example, Levi’s encounter with those colored ghost faces can’t drive the spectre outside the body.
And like the Red Ghost King, he can not only drive ghosts outside but also move them. A real Ghost King can say that his ghost power is unfathomable.
As soon as the red ghost king’s figure was condensed, he gave a piercing ghost roar to the sky. Levi also felt a shock in his mind. Ouyang Tiange exclaimed a loose hand and grabbed Levi’s hand to cover his ears.
Levi knew that it was already run, but he had to fight anyway. Although his mind was full and splitting, now he could attack and there was this purple fire. Before the ghost king roared, Levi’s palm was a fist-sized dazzling purple fire. Shu had reached the ghost king and was about to break into this red ghost king. This was the strongest attack Levi could make now.
Levi knew that purple fire was necessary for these ghosts to resist. Although refining such a powerful ghost, would Levi, the ghost king, explode his head? But now he can’t care so much.
To Levi’s surprise, this red ghost king’s giant mouth spouted a latosolic red something congenial purple fire against the purple fire, which was blown lopsided, but in an instant, it has been refined and refined.
This purple fire is Li Wei’s soul force, which is more clever than the arm and finger. When the purple fire moves, it drags a line of purple light and hits the ghost king again. It moves a huge palm and slaps it on the purple fire!
Li weixin said, if you want to die, you will be entangled in the purple fire, and even the ghost king will make you cry!
But the purple fire was actually photographed by a palm more than ten meters away!
Even the soul connected with purple fire was shot with a tremor.
Li Wei is now wrapped in a layer of latosolic red something congenial outside the palm of the ghost king’s hand, and this layer of something congenial is extremely concise, which separates the purple fire from the physical contact of the ghost king. Although some of it is refined, it has successfully prevented the purple fire from haunting Eritrea.
This is a clever ghost king
The purple fire went away, blinked back and rushed to the ghost king. Although the ghost king is smart, it can be compared with the erratic purple fire! It’s only a matter of time before the stalemate is tempered by the purple fire
The Red Ghost King snorted and said, "Sure enough, there are some doorways. What is this purple fire that makes the Ghost King so careful and afraid! Ghost ten ghost ten you two take them "
Two people should be one is the foot black fog that has reached Levi’s side with a knife to attack Levi’s, and one of the sounds is a woman who heard the Red Ghost King drink a way "Be careful not to hurt their souls".
Li Wei is not their opponent at this time, and he has been scratched twice by Ouyang Tiange’s several moves. Li Wei himself has had the experience of ghost eating, and these two silver ghost faces are afraid of hurting their souls. The number of ghosts entering Li Wei’s body is limited, but Li Wei is afraid that Ouyang Tiange will be hurt. Li Wei is blocking the attack on Xiang Tiange’s knife, but he doesn’t care about cutting his knife.
Ouyang Tiange blanched and pinched her lips, but she stared at Li Wei’s white knife light. Li Wei has called Tiange several times to take care of yourself and leave me alone! But she still doesn’t talk!
Obviously, this ghost master is not good at attacking Li Wei’s sword with strength, and he can resist it with a knife in his hand.
However, Tiange is struggling to resist. She is extremely uncomfortable with the sudden disappearance and posture of this ghost gate. She can’t help attacking Li Wei’s knife. Every time Li Weishen gets a knife, the sadness and pain in her eyes get heavier, and the two ghost faces naturally know that Li Wei is the target of this trip, which accounts for 70% of the attacks on Li Wei. Therefore, it is even more difficult for her to resist. (Thank you for subscribing to friends to take a day off. I don’t have time to code words this afternoon. It is estimated that it will be late at night. I wish my friends good health in the Year of the Ox It took me a long time to know that a physical cow is a real cow! )
The second volume The world of mortals Chapter 11 Heart
The second volume The world of mortals Chapter 11 Heart
The Red Ghost King suddenly said, "Hurry up, someone is coming. Hum, we haven’t come back in these years. It seems that Ghost Gate Wei has been forgotten. We are doing things and people dare to break in. Let them see my ghost gate today!"
Two silver ghost faces and feet appeared in a flash of black light, and they were no longer in their original positions. A ghost face stabbed Ouyang Tiange Li Wei with a knife, and even if he could not stop the knife, he could stab him. At the same time, another ghost face appeared behind Li Wei and stabbed him in the middle of the back with a knife.
Levi and Ouyang Tiange are holding hands, while Yan Jian, the other hand of LiTianGe, has come to stop her from moving sideways for a moment, blocking the silver ghost face behind Levi and stabbing her shoulder with a knife!
Li Wei felt his heart twitch violently, and the knife hurt more than sticking it in his heart. He shouted so hoarse that he wanted to tear his voice. His eyes had become purple, and the sword in his hand spit out a weak sword.
He threw his sword at the ghost face in front of him with his strength, and then without looking, he was blocking the ghost king’s purple fire from getting into the ghost face body that stabbed Tiange ten times faster than before.
Li Wei held Ouyang Tiange in one hand and showed a faint red awn in the other. He has drained all his strength, but he also has this strength.
He felt that his heart was frozen first and then smashed into pieces.
It’s so cold around him that despair hangs over him
But he still put several bans on Ouyang Tiange’s shoulders, back and heart, but can these bans stop ghosts?
He held back a mouthful of blood and sprayed it out. He didn’t turn his head sharply and sprayed it on Tiange’s sleeve. Tiange’s face was already flushed with a layer of green gas. She tried to raise her head and show a smiling face to Li Wei, saying that Li Wei today was my happiest day.
Levi nodded and said me too.
He tilted his head and spit out one mouthful blood. Alas, he really has no strength. Even vomiting blood flows down the corners of his mouth.
Without the purple fire, the prince of the devils was wrapped in crimson fog, holding the huge palm with sharp claws, which had a palm toward his chest and struck Levi with all his strength. He completed half a turn and couldn’t let the song of heaven get hurt again. He thought to himself.
The palm fell on his back. When his body flew out, his side saw the refined silver ghost face and floated in the purple fire, thinking that my baby was dead and I was going to die. It’s up to you whether you come back or not.
In a moment, there seems to be a tearing black fog illuminating the sky, and the sword mans flashed.
Levi lost consciousness and was full of blood. His mouth was tightly stuck on Ouyang Tiange’s cheek.