"Let’s go," he nodded at An Luo and then turned his eyes to NiHaoDong face low and said.


Section 237
NiHaoDong should pull her hand and walked away.
"There are many of them!" An Luo pulls Ni Haodong to wake up. When Yang Bai came in, her eyes looked around and she didn’t see anyone else. She was shocked. Ni Haodong wouldn’t just break through with Yang Bai, would she? Yang Bai was still injured, and he was weak after walking for a few steps. How did they get in? After thinking about it for a while, she knew why NiHaoDong came with Yang Bai, and she suddenly knew why the door was so strange just now. It turned out that the root was not to take the key! But Yang Bai, the walking key, is strange!
"All asleep" NiHaoDong should be 1, pulling her to continue walking.
"There are Tibetan mastiffs in the courtyard!"
"It’s hard to open your eyes after playing the tranquilizer gun."
"There are wild animals in the Woods!"
"Don’t you have me!"
Well, you said yourself that you are more terrible than the beast!
Anluo finally shut up and followed him this time. Yang Bai slipped the door and picked the lock collar, which was really not a cover! Although this collar is the last skill Yang Bo wants, it’s a good key moment! It’s like entering a human environment.
When I walked past the courtyard, I passed by the snow mastiff. I was so scared that I almost hooked on Ni Haodong and was carried out by him. I have never seen this thing so close! I thought it was fierce and majestic when I saw it before, but it was cruel to see it at such a close distance in life! Especially when I saw that the snow mastiff saw them coming out, its front paws moved and its head shook as if it were trying to get up, so that it made a low voice in its mouth, but Nai finally fainted with all his strength.
All the way out of the hospital without a few steps, Ni Haodong put his arms on his knees, bent down in front of her, turned his head and whispered "come" to her.
"I can walk by myself"
"I’m so worried about this day, let me spoil you."
""why are you so sensational? There are outsiders here! Fortunately, the night is dark, even if she blushes and becomes a big tomato, she will not be seen. She obediently lies down on his generous back, arms around his shoulders, face against his back and corners of his mouth, showing a warm smile.
She turned to look at the house behind her, which was shrouded in darkness and surrounded by lush trees. If she didn’t know there was a house here, she wouldn’t have been able to find it here. Ni Haodong walked with her feet deep and shallow, and she didn’t go far. She saw the light in front of her that was illuminated by the headlights.
A few minutes later, a surprise sound came and saw several cars waiting here.
"Luoluo, are you okay?" Called her again. First, this has reached the ear.
"Why are you here?" Ann fell surprised to speak to He Yan in front.
"Why can’t I come? Can you be found so quickly if I don’t come? "
An Luo was about to laugh at his bragging when Ni Haodong spoke "true story"
Huh? He’s not bragging? Ann smiled ingratiatingly. Now that Ni Haodong said it was true, that’s right.
NiHaoDong let her and Yang Baixian car watching them get into the car before he turned to look at He Yan.
"Thank you this time"
He Yan’s chest was going to stand up. He hooked up his lips and smiled. "Call me brother this time!"
"Without me"
"Hurry up and give dad a message to report peace."
"Dad? Hey, it’s quick for you to change your mind. What about me? "
"Reconnaissance company really deserves its name" continues to interrupt.
"What about me?" After talking so much, Ni Haodong thought about his father. Is he okay?
"If you hadn’t been making trouble, you would have found Luoluo an hour earlier."
"You! Kick down the bridge! " He Yan’s Adam’s apple rolled and rolled, and he was angry and wanted to call names. Later, he wanted to hold back. Since he is already a family, let’s keep his mouth shut, otherwise he will scold him and maybe even take himself in.
Ni Haodong hooked his lips and turned to look behind him and said, "I’m flattered. I’ll trouble you for the follow-up things."