The Southern Sect was developed by an illiterate person, which is a mockery of the culture of the Tang Dynasty. So many people are constructing a language and writing structure, which is subverted by a firewood master and subverts the innovative pattern.


Volume 2 Language Loneliness 4
Call language loneliness
Language loneliness comes from a unified culture without the slightest possibility of subversion, and this unified culture is bound to die. All the orthodox political parties are in this cultural structure to make language speculative ability. Hui Neng is right about language and literature
Words are speculative, and he is skeptical about language and Buddhism, so he can go back and think about what Buddhism is and what language is.
Hui Neng lost the mantle given to him by his five ancestors during his escape. Later, he hid in the hunt and ate meat. He ate meat and vegetables, which broke the Buddhist rules of rutsu, but it didn’t matter if he came to one place to make dust. Hui Neng knew each other and the external forms of China and France were intimate.
Later, Hui Neng, the sixth ancestor, was given a golden body in Shaonanhua Temple. When I visited the temple, I saw many people prostrating themselves in worship as soon as they entered the temple. I don’t think Hui Neng wanted these.
In Zen case-solving, there are many easy-to-understand dialogues. A little disciple followed the master pitifully and asked the master what Buddhism was, whether the teacher and the elder were selling it or not. Finally, the master asked him if he had eaten.
Go for dinner
Then do the dishes.
This is a case-solving. If you go through the monthly records, it is all like this. For example, it is to bring the language back to life and to a simpler vernacular. When we go to the Japanese Zen temple, we will see the word "go to tea", which is also a vernacular. Often, when you ask what is the meaning of Buddhism, he says "go to tea" and asks the truth on the surface. He gives a subversive answer.
No Zen Buddhism subverted Buddhism. By the Tang Dynasty, it had become a solid body of knowledge, and then it would become an illusion. Western religions were also subverted. The most important subversion of Christianity during the Renaissance was St. Francis SanFranes, who wrote some songs in Italian dialect for everyone to sing, turning the incomprehensible Latin Bible into several songs and subverting a Christian system.
These are all language subversion, but language subversion is not so easy to handle, just like young people are thinking about Mars language and writing. Some people lament that this represents the decline of Chinese language. I think Zen case-solving should also be regarded as a symbol of the decline of Chinese language in the Tang and Song Dynasties, because he is very vulgar and vernacular, not elegant, until master Xuanzang translated Buddhist scriptures in the Tang Dynasty, but Zen case-solving is extremely simple, as can be seen from the record of Jingdezhen lanterns.
Break loneliness through language
So we can rethink what kind of accuracy language should achieve in order to truly reach our thoughts and feelings, and what kind of language is our close couple?
In the language of husband and wife, Wulongyuan in Shuihu vividly depicts that it is raining. When Song Jiang saw a wife holding her daughter by the roadside trying to sell herself to bury her father, he immediately gave a helping hand, but he didn’t want to take advantage of the danger to marry a girl as a concubine, but said that he had to marry her. Song Jiang finally accepted him to buy Wulongyuan’s golden house to hide his charming.
Occasionally, I go to spend time with this girl named Yan Xijiao, because it is often sneaky to be afraid of people telling stories behind her back. Yan Xijiao feels that she is so young, and she is unwilling to come with a bad old man who is afraid of Xi Xi love. One day, Sung River is busy and sent Zhang Wenyuan to visit Yan Xijiao. Two young people get better when you say a word, and become Zhang Wenyuan. She often goes to Yan Xijiao’s ear and makes up her mind to go to Wulongyuan for exploration.
Yan Xijiao is both grateful and hateful to Song Jiang. He hates money to bury his father and hates good youth to be buried in his hands. It’s not welcome to talk to him that day when Song Jiang came in. Yan Xijiao was embroidering, but Song Jiang was embarrassed and didn’t know what to do. Later, he had to talk. He said, "Big sister, what is it in your hand?" It’s a nickname for husband and wife, but it’s very interesting for a middle-aged man to call a little girl’s big sister. Yan Xijiao made it clear that he thought he was chatting. Song Jiang said it was a shoe.
This novel plays the language so beautifully. Think about how many of our family and friends have learned it. When you speak a language like this, you don’t really want to ask anything, but you want to break a sense of loneliness or indifference, so that the language will keep talking.
Song Jiang asked elder sister what you were doing during the day. Of course, he was probing Yan Xijiao’s advice. Yan Xijiao answered me what I was doing. I took a garlic clove in my left hand and a glass of cold water in my right hand. I took a bite of garlic clove and took a bite of cold water. It was really interesting to walk from east to west and from west to east. Yan Xijiao wanted to talk about two words, but he made some meaningless statements in an oblique way.
It doesn’t make sense like this. Language actually fills us every minute of every day.
The Water Margin is a true and good novel, but I dare not read it, because it is also a cruel writing about human nature, bloody and not warm, and it feels like tearing it up to expose it and let people see the extreme desolation of human nature.
Compared with Japanese director Yasujirō Ozu OzuYasujir, he interprets this meaning language pattern much warmer. One of his films, Good Morning, is to repeat good morning and good night greetings. Friends who have been in contact with Japanese culture will know that Japanese people have a lot of honorific manners. When they meet, they should say hello. A child in the film wonders why adults talk like this and say the same words every day.
In fact, these courtesy honorifics establish an unknowable interpersonal path, which is neither intimate nor sparse, but intimate and sparse etiquette.
But this feeling is quite lonely. We hope that the language will bring us closer, but we are afraid that blasphemy will not be close enough and will alienate us, so our language will become awkward. It is this kind of loneliness and warmth that is presented in the shadow, because when you are on the train platform, everyone will bow to each other and repeat these honorifics day after day, but they will never change their minds.
You can compare the Yasujirō Ozu shadow and good morning in Wulongyuan, Shuihu. Both of them are meaningful languages. I call them meaningful languages because removing these languages will not change the speech, but I don’t know what will happen to life after removing these languages.
The Water Margin is a cruel way to tell us not to take it off. Finally, Sung River killed Yan Xijiao in Wulongyuan. He was forced to end this conversation in a tragic way. It is impossible to maintain a marriage, while Yasujirō Ozu asked a man to love a woman on the train. At the end of the play, he walked over to her and said good morning. Then he looked up at the sky and said that the weather was fine. So it ended and made you feel limited and warm. In fact, he didn’t say anything.
From here, we can also see that the best writing often conveys language subversion. We often think that writing should express ideas, ideas and outlook on life through language, but it is by no means a simple flat statement.
Dependence becomes an obstacle
A very good literary critic once said that when reading a novel, don’t look at what he wrote, look at what he didn’t write, talk to your friends, don’t listen to what he said, but listen to what he didn’t say.
Great sentence, right?
I believe that people’s deepest and deepest worries are ashamed to meet people in the language. It is all disguised. It has no absolute meaning to change the language body with the changing environment and role. It must be interpreted in a context, and relying on the language will eventually become a language barrier.
When writing this novel, he wrote that Lu Xiang attended the United Nations meeting. During the meeting, he saw that Professor Ulzbek of Estonia was ridiculed by the capitalist society, and the Soviet Union, Eastern Europe and other communist countries jointly walked out to protest. He didn’t know which side he should walk out or stay. His reflection was that China was in a dilemma at that time, both a communist country and a big brother had fallen out.
Lu Xiang has been thinking about the incident all his life, which led him to be starved in the bullpen for a long time in the Cultural Revolution.
During the Cultural Revolution, Lu Xiang spent three years in prison, and a red guard engaged in the warfare. Lu Xiang forgot to be hungry in prison for several days. When he felt dead in prison, he vented a lack of heat from his stomach. He knew that his stomach was digesting himself. When he was afraid, Lu Xiang chewed the wooden door of his cell like a mouse biting a wooden box when he was a child. He chewed pieces of sawdust into a thick mucus similar to rice paste and swallowed it slowly.
The Red Guards, the protagonist of the Cultural Revolution in mainland China, were teenagers. When they put Lu Xiang into the bullpen and fought another person, they forgot Lu Xiang and let him stay in the bullpen and chew wood for a while. At this time, he thought about language.
I don’t know what the years outside have become. Lu Xiang thinks that after solving the problem of eating material, he should have a little spiritual life.
He then tried to speak for himself.
Lv Xiang practiced her tongue for a long time, and the mutual displacement of her mouth caused her hair to be different.
This has to be patiently pushed by Superman.