With a bad road, she suddenly found her real treasure for nothing, and continued to enjoy it with her eyes closed. It was nothing to have the first time and the second time.


Finally, I’m going to my hometown. The two of them have arranged their clothes and sat on both sides as if nothing had happened, but the shiny things in the grass proved what had really happened just now
Xiao jiao has lost her strength for five times, and she has fully relaxed for five times along the way for almost an hour. Sometimes Ma Liang seems to have spare capacity to fight more and more bravely, but she can’t support it.
This is the only time that she has finished thinking about her man’s stuff. This is what women should be happy about.
It’s like a woman who sees 10 thousand diamond rings will still be interested in 100 silver rings
Ma Liangfa stayed in his head and didn’t turn white. He came to catch up with this charming young woman in the car. This happened in the car.
"It’s all your fault that you can’t wear it now." Xiao Jiao took a white look at Ma Liang and then stuffed a wet thing into his hand. It was the sexy little pants that she wiped before.
Ma Liang didn’t lose it with it, nor did he.
"Put it away. When others see it, they can’t tell."
Good horse. wait for a while put things in his pockets
Because Ma Liang has to get the car first, this forage is directly loaded into Xiao Jiao’s family. two dog slowed down and shouted to let him come.
"Teacher Ma, this matter is between you and me, and I will make you happy." She gave a glad eye and obviously waved her hand at Ma Liang and walked away with a throttle car in two dog.
Ma Liang thought that the things in his pocket used to be so comfortable to do with women, and he had a poor aftertaste. Moreover, it was the first time that he ate such a beautiful young woman. He also met Xiang Lanjie for the first time, but she was not bad at all and was so coquettish that she dared to go back to her family without wearing shorts.
Remember when she got wet everywhere?
But now we have to go shopping first. There are still quite a few people in this village. There are few thousands of people wandering around and selling things.
Ma Liang went directly to the seed store to sell the seeds, which was Aunt Li from two dog, and the junk shop in two dog was next door.
"What can Miss Ma buy?" she asked.
"Give me some watermelon seeds"
"Mr. Watermelon Ma, it’s not just a joke that you still grow watermelons this month," said Aunt Li.
"I didn’t do the research." Ma Liang explained that the secret of this small pot can’t be let others know.
"That’s up to you, but the price can’t be less than two yuan a pack."
"It’s okay, I know you’re giving me some bitter gourd seeds." Ma Liang picked a breath and asked for more than a dozen Bao Butong types. So many aunts Li really did what he did?
But it’s ten packs of thirty-six dollars and thirty-six unlucky. Aunt Li gave a discount. Forget it. Thirty-five Ma Liang is content to buy herself clothes and Mengmeng is a girl who makes people feel distressed
I didn’t buy the meat, but the pig’s trotters were still frozen in cold water. I also went directly to the street. I propped up five or six tents in large chunks, all of which were foreigners with big speakers. Generally, it took more than ten to twenty pieces.
Ma Liang made a simple short-sleeved shirt, a long-sleeved shirt, and then two big underpants cost a total of 50 pieces, which hurt a little.
It’s troublesome to choose for Mengmeng. I always feel that it’s not good, and that’s not good. Finally, I saw a floral dress with a white background, which felt particularly suitable.
"Big brother, you have a good eye. This dress is of good quality, and the girl looks very beautiful in it." The middle-aged woman selling clothes quickly came out and said.
"How much is this one?"
"Big brother, to tell you the truth, I am also a real person. Generally, I don’t take this dress out. This is the stuff in the specialty store. Look at this card, which says that the suggested price is 399, which is expensive."
"You make a firm offer" Ma Liang is not stupid.
"At least you have to give me 150."
Ma Liang frowned. One hundred and fifty-one skirts are too expensive. You can buy many ordinary ones.
"Big Brother, this dress is the same style and material in the county store. If it’s less than 200, you can buy it. I’ll eat it raw. If you don’t think it’s appropriate, there are other things here." She didn’t look like someone who could buy it when she saw Ma Liang.
Ma Liang looked at the other colors and saw that they were beautiful, but they always felt that they didn’t match Mengmeng’s fresh and refined temperament.
"Why don’t you come in and have a look at this? It’s the most popular skirt in town. It’s called Qi B short skirt. It’s very popular now. It’s very attractive to wear."
Ma Liang followed the owner’s fingers and looked at a row of short skirts. It is estimated that the ass can’t be covered. How can Mengmeng wear this?
"Boss, what’s your lowest price?" Ma Liang gritted his teeth and decided to buy this one.
"One hundred and twenty can’t be less." The shopkeeper dropped a little.
"One hundred dollars for my horse or forget it."
The shopkeeper seems puzzled for a moment. "Okay, big brother, this is a good dress for me. You will know when you go to the county."
On the surface, the shopkeeper seems to have lost money. In fact, she sold it at a psychological price of 10 yuan, but the price of this skirt was indeed much higher and she could not sell it.
Ma Liang paid the money and felt a little crazy. She actually spent 100 yuan to buy a skirt. But when I think about it, Mengmeng’s girl feels quite worthwhile. I hope she will remember this teacher when she grows up.
Today is one of the bleeding. Ma Liang simply bought another big drink, two bottles of beer and some melon food.
Finally, I saw a small pot selling some soil, some flowers and plants in it, and a cactus was particularly beautiful. I bargained and spent three yuan to give it to Su Yuyao. After all, I came from afar to pay attention to etiquette.
After several rounds of shopping, there are already several people waiting for the two dog bus at the intersection. Ma Liang also puts his things aside and waits against the tree to talk to the villagers from time to time. Some of them are parents of children.
At this time, however, some fierce people came over and Ma Liang knew that it was just a time to flirt with Miss Su, and they saw them when they were just shopping.
27 fighting master
I had a fight and was chased by a wild boar. Ma Liang was not so afraid. Everyone next to me was far away, afraid of provoking this group of thugs.
"You have seed to come here." The bald guy pointed to Ma Liang’s nose and scolded the rest of the people for their eagerness. This time, he even brought a stick.
"Why can’t I come here? You did something wrong." Ma Liang was supercilious.
"Do you still dare to talk back to the old man?" The bald man was chastened and took two steps back to let the man with the stick
One stick was drawn to Ma Liang’s face, and his body reacted much faster, but the other stick was drawn to his face, and a nosebleed followed.
As soon as there is blood, Ma Liang is inexplicably excited and looks at these people who have taken the initiative to rush.
Caught a man with a stick on his body, he just gritted his teeth and punched him hard, and directly beat everyone out for several meters.
He didn’t hide anything when the stick fell.
A few times, four of them were lying on the ground, and the remaining two were afraid to fight when they saw it. They all circled around.
Ma Liang was also injured, but his eyes were fixed on these people like wolves in the mountains.
"It’s so small and cruel." The bald guy was also surprised. It’s so powerful.
"Boss, what now?" The two left people didn’t admit and dared not go.
"Of course, what else can I do?" Today, I don’t know how many people look at it. It would be quite humiliating if they ran away.
The two men fluttered with a grind.
But Ma Liang has a little experience, sees a dodge and knocks over one with one punch.
There’s one left. Just one hand, the stick was held by Ma Liang, and it took several turns to stop when I smoked it in his face.
Many onlookers were surprised, especially in the village, who didn’t expect a teacher to play so well.
This bald guy is neither retreating nor embarrassed.
Six of them were lying on the ground humming as if they had been hit by a motorcycle.
"I don’t know how to get up yet." The bald guy finally compromised. It’s better to escape with his tail between his legs than to be knocked over to the ground, and it’s not too late for you to take revenge for ten years.