"You can’t treat me as your own mother."


"But …"
"Yu Ying, I’m very happy that you treat me as your sister, but it’s too easy for you to find a job and you can find a suitable one in the government department. I don’t mind if you come to see me and play, but I strongly disagree with you as a teacher."
Gentle theory
The teachers in their school are very, very reliable. If everyone knows that Miss Yu has no certificate but comes to be a teacher, they can’t swallow her up with their eyes.
I feel terrible when I think about it gently, and I refuse immediately.
But I really want to be with the children. I swear I will take good care of them.
"Miss Yu Da, please be kind and give me a break. I’ll invite you to dinner another day and we’ll talk about what you left behind. I’ll see you out myself."
"Sister Rou, I haven’t finished expressing my determination."
"I know you must be full of blood, but you really can’t unless one day you show your certificate with strength and then come back. I’m sure I will welcome you with open hands."
"Then do I study in our city?"
"no problem"
"You wait for a year and I will get the qualification certificate, which is better than every teacher in your school."
Yu Yuying immediately turned around with confidence, high morale and gentle assurance.
Gentleness, although I don’t agree with it in my heart, I still nod my head. I’ll wait for you.
Yu Yuying was reluctant to go.
As soon as Gentle returned to the dining hall, the teachers were curious and asked her who it was.
"A little sister likes children very much."
Without laughing at her simple words, everyone was already in a gentle heart, and that was a little sister.
"Then why didn’t you stay?"
"Haven’t learned" gently smiled a sip of his lip.
Everyone agrees to nod, which is why they know tenderness.
Some foreign teachers gave her thumbs up when she put people in kindergarten without feeling.
Tenderness is picking eyebrows. In fact, her family is better, but if she really studies and comes back one day, I will accept her.
Everyone laughed. If that day really happened, they would also like to see this girl.
Everyone here can eat by strength.
Even in kindergarten, is there no dispute?
Is it not as dangerous as it is outside?
It’s okay and gentle. I think at least she will try to make this place a clean place.
Their kindergarten teacher is still Qi Xin. Although he sometimes fights for strength, he does not secretly trip each other up.
The new teacher said I felt so stressed.
Everyone laughed.
In the evening, Wenrou drove home with three small bags. Professor Yuan returned, but Professor Teng didn’t.
When I heard that Professor Teng wanted to stay with my sister, I didn’t say goodbye. Although I might be tired, it’s normal for my brother to miss my sister, just like her brother and sister are willing to fuck her heart.
Probably the eldest brother and sister at home are in that mood.
"Grandma, I want to drink water." Professor Yuan is talking with tenderness and listening to Sun’s words, he immediately nodded and went.
Gently pull her and then shout a sister Wang, please pour a glass of water for the triplets.
Professor Yuan couldn’t help smiling at you.
"You are tired enough in the hospital during the day, just come back and rest."
"The wealthy family says yes, but our professor Yuan is too fond of the young master and the young lady. As soon as they open their mouths, Professor Yuan wants to carry it out in person," said Wang Jie, who came out with water.
Gentle also looked at Professor Yuan and smiled. Professor Yuan is even more naive. Look, who can not love their grandchildren? This is my heart.
"Grandma, you are my heart, too." The little princess immediately covered her small breasts and expressed her feelings for grandma.
Professor Yuan was moved to tears. Although he didn’t cry, he was excited. Holding his granddaughter’s face, I knew I didn’t hurt our little baby in vain.
Two little boys listened to their sister’s words, and grandma’s heart was a little wanting to move forward, and she was a little embarrassed. Her big eyes wandered around until Sister Wang divided the water, and they forgot to hold the water cup and drink it.