Yagyu hand knife across his chest, "with this? !”


"You … you great god will be too bully! !” The president said angrily, but there was nothing he could do.
Yagyu led people to stop other guild players outside, and the Jiugong Great God has come to the three great artifacts-Tiancong Yunjian’s front desk reached out to grab the artifact in the magical power cover like Jiuzhong’s previous one, and the result was also bounced back by the magical power cover and was shaken out.
"Why can’t I get it?" Jiugong Great God turned his head and shouted at the three great gods, "How can I get the artifact with a divine shield to protect it?" !”
"Dropping blood will drop blood on the Divine Power Cover. If you are an adventurer in the Japanese region, your blood will be recognized by the Divine Power Cover. If the Divine Power Cover disappears, you can get the artifact!"
Although the player’s blood in the game world of "Era" looks like blood in reality, its quality is definitely not the same as that in reality. In the game world, the player’s blood is just a string of data. What blood in the game world recognizes the Lord and now the blood recognition is to confirm the player’s data information.
"Hey … white ~!" Get the cracking method. Jiugong Great God immediately bit his finger and dripped his blood on the magical shield wrapped in the sky.
As soon as the blood of Jiugong Great God touched the divine power shield, the divine power shield suddenly flashed a dark flash. Suddenly, an extremely bright and unbreakable divine power shield melted away like snow in the hot sun, and the Cong Yunjian "slammed" on the platform.
"Ha ha day Cong Yunjian ~! !” Jiugong Great God was so excited that he picked up Cong Yunjian, a Taoist priest, fondle admiringly, carefully put his eyes into his backpack, and then turned and headed for an artifact. On the right side of the Taoist priest, Joan Gouyu ran past.
"Mom dare to rob old things to die! !” Seeing that Jiugong Great God has successfully collected the yoshimitsu blasting in the eyes of Tiancong Yunjian’s nine eyes, the three gods will be shaken off and then the three gods will be transformed into three avatars in an instant. !”
Three busy people exploded and gasified at the same time, and three light groups, like mangs, flew away toward the three gods respectively.
The three gods have just seen the nine heavy strokes and haven’t yet responded. Three statues of nine heavy strokes have appeared in front of their eyes respectively, and they watched the nine heavy chemical light mass disappear immediately before breaking their chests and appeared behind them for a moment.
"… huh?" The three gods are all one leng, and they have no trauma in their chests. They have just seen visions.
But for a moment, all three gods broke out and screamed, "Bang bang!" Three explosions, three gods blowing the department to pieces and suddenly dying on the spot.
Get rid of the three gods and go straight into the state of "God" without looking back. The three streamers have swept away to the great god who has already rushed to the ruler mirror Jiugong.
Just as Jiuchong solved the three gods, Jiugong Great God has successfully collected two artifacts and the last ruler mirror.
第二百六十一章 失败
"The hard way is to die! !” Nine-handed explosive force
"Ah, er … Fang Sheng, wait for me!" Jiugong Great God stared at Jiuchong Road with bloodshot eyes and a face of resentment. "You wait for me to finish my career and finally turn into a god who can wield the greatest power of my career. I will call you to die! !”
"When you become a god, young and old are already great gods. You will always be a buffoon in front of the old!" Say nine heavy pinch JiuGong great god neck to a half a channeling and then reverse body pressure JiuGong great god stung on the ground "basaltic shock! !”
"Xuanwu Earthquake" has a unique explosive punch strength, and the serial explosion and cracking have stirred and impacted the ground in waves, and the Jiugong Great God has been abruptly embedded into the ground by the Nine Heavens.
"Kang long regrets! !” As soon as the "Xuanwu Earthquake" ended, both sides made a fierce move, took up a mighty cast golden dragon fist and smashed it in the other side of Jiugong Great God, directly blasting Jiugong Great God’s head into a comminuted fracture, and Jiugong Great God was killed on the spot.
"Ah, President! !” Yagyu is leading the players of the Great God Club to intercept the players outside. Suddenly, he heard a bang and twisted. Looking back, he saw the scene of the Jiugong Great God’s head being smashed.
"The sacred! If you dare to kill our president, we will fight with you! !” Yagyu led a group of players from the Great God Club to flock and pounce on Jiuchong angrily.
"It’s just that you will die alone and be lonely, so you can die together and go back to accompany him!" Three nine-fold rows are aimed at the players in front of the Great God Club, and at the same time, they are pushing "three times … the dragons are dancing wildly! !”
In an instant, thousands of golden dragons burst into flames at the same time, enveloping the player department of the Great God Club for a while, and the lotus flower splashed and exploded, screaming and screaming.
Ten seconds later, there was a sea of blood in the backcourt, and 99.99% of the players of the Great God Club died suddenly on the spot except one person.
"The sacred you go to hell! The dragon cuts through the heart! !” Yagyu half evaded Jiuchong’s triple "dancing with dragons" and at the same time, people spun a knife drill like a gyro and flew towards Jiuchong.
"I haven’t had a long memory to kill you once!" In the face of Yagyu’s attack, he was so busy that he was not afraid to move or move. He stared at the opportunity and suddenly reached out like a snake and grabbed Yagyu’s long sword.
"Chi Chi Chi-!" Yagyu’s knife in the palm of his hand was grasped by Jiuchong, but it was still spinning rapidly. Jiuchong’s double evil spirits stirred up bursts like sawing iron and slowly continued to advance towards Jiuchong’s chest.
"You have no chance!" At this time, the left and right sides were busy and nine times at the same time, and a "Qinglong Broken" Ssangyong Zhengzhu was actually blasted in the temples around Yagyu.
"bang!" Yagyu’s head suddenly burst like a balloon, and his brains splashed and he was killed.
Just now, I was intercepted by the players of the Great God Guild. When other guild players saw the nine cruel and cruel killing methods, they shivered behind their necks, and their scalp was numb and stiff, and they poked there like wood carvings and clay sculptures.
Nine heavy ignored them to leave two busy alert, and the third busy picked up the body of Yagyu without head and dropped some blood on the magic cover wrapped in ruler mirror.
Just now, the gods shouted so loudly, and it is natural to know that although he is a foreigner, he can’t drop blood to play the magic shield, but the ghost player’s blood is not as much as he wants everywhere.
As soon as the Divine Power Cover touched the blood, a divine light flashed, and then it collapsed and disappeared. Without the support of the Divine Power Cover, the ruler mirror "slammed" and fell on the altar.
Jiuzhong unceremoniously picked up the ruler mirror from the French platform and was too lazy to look at it for the time being and threw it directly into the backpack.
Previously, the three great gods have said that in order to successfully lift the national border blockade, it is necessary to unite the three great artifacts. Now, the three great artifacts and one foot mirror have fallen into the hands of nine heavy hands, which means that it is impossible for ghost players to unite the three great artifacts to lift the national border blockade. Although the unification has not yet been shown, the national war has actually failed.
Successfully destroyed a big stone in the hearts of ghost players in the national war.
The three avatars are integrated into a nine-fold statue. Turn around and face the remaining ghosts in the temple. The player ordered the puppet beasts to "kill one without leaving! !” Suddenly blood stained the temple!
Ten minutes later, none of the ghost players in the temple was killed by the puppet of the nine-fold method beast. As the last ghost player was killed in the middle of the temple, a door suddenly appeared.
At the same time, it is shown in the ears of every Japanese player that "players in Japanese areas should pay attention to the fact that players who have entered the national battlefield area have died and failed to fight the border blockade with the three great artifacts!" It’s a pity that the national war failed! However, the national war scroll is still valid, and a new national war can be resumed after seven days! "
"Oh, how did that happen? What failure? !” Hearing this bad news, the players in the whole Japanese area mourned again and again.
But the players with access quickly went to inquire about the news, and soon learned that there was one reason for the failure of the national war, and that was Fang Sheng’s intervention.
This news is as fast as wings. In less than half an hour, players all know the news that Jiuchong is not dead.
Suddenly, the whole Japanese area was filled with resentment!