Hang Ningdai pouted. "I told her to choose another one … but she likes that one … Brother Dabao, are you angry?"


Han Xilang squinting slightly listening to this, I knew that NingDai was bullied. My little girl didn’t know how to refuse others since she was a child. This Sun Chuchu had never heard of it before, and NingDai was not familiar with it.
"No" Han Xilang shook his head. "Can’t you live at school? Classmates bully you? "
"No!" Hang Ningdai hurriedly shook her head and waved her hand. "Dabao brother, don’t guess Sun Chuchu. It’s nothing. She’s just a little cold and cheerless. I don’t think she meant any harm … what don’t you do! I don’t want to make trouble with my classmates because of this. "
Er … Han Xilang feels a little headache. What if he has taught Sun Chuchu a lesson?
That Sun Chuchu doesn’t know if he knows enough. Should he complain to Ning Dai?
"Brother Dabao, did you hear that?"
Hang Ning Dai shakes Han Xilang’s arm Han Xilang pretends as if nothing has happened, smiles and nods "I heard".
"Come home with me tonight!" Han Xilang held out his hand to Hang Ningdai. "I haven’t been back for many days. My parents also went to the presidential palace tonight. How can you be missing on such a busy day?"
Hang Ningdai promised clever nodded.
"Then let’s go!"
Han Xilang tugged at her hand and took two steps forward, but the little girl behind her stood still.
"What’s the matter?" Han Xilang looked back doubtfully. "Don’t go?"
"Well …" Hang Ningdai bowed her head and pointed to her left ankle. "It still hurts a little! Hee hee … "
That means nothing more than pain in the feet and back.
"Ah, lazy girl"
Han Xilang spoiled and smiled and squatted in front of her. "Come on!"
"Hee hee" Hang Ningdai got it on Han Xilang’s shoulder and circled his neck.
Han Xilang’s shoulders are quite broad and very secure. Hang Ningdai stared at his clean head and involuntarily put her face on it. Han Xilang was shocked and wanted to ask her what was going on. But I was afraid that I would break this rare sweet moment after asking.
In the end, he walked all the way with a smile on his lips and carrying Hang Ningdai.
Chapter 3 I’m bored early
Hang Ningdai met Sun Chuchu in the girls’ dormitory.
"hey!" Hang Ningdai greeted her with a smile and a friendly attitude.
Sun Chuchu dislikes Hang Ningdai even more because of this incident. At the moment, his attitude is also cold. "Hum!"
After humming, she wiped Hangningdai’s shoulder and walked past.
"Ah …"
Hang Ningdai was surprised and hurriedly stopped her. How strange this person is! I borrowed her clothes and haven’t changed them back yet. Should I return them?
"What is it?" Sun Chuchu glanced at her coldly back.
"Well …" Hang Ningdai thought she was very unfriendly, but Dabao’s brother gave her clothes. She couldn’t help it. "Can you give me back the dress you borrowed?"
"hey!" Return the dress? Sun Chuchu sneered that Hang Ningdai was deliberately humiliating her! Why is this darling daughter so annoying?
She just wanted to open her mouth to talk when she heard the housekeeper shout, "Sun Chuchu came to get the express! A lot of things … "
"Good aunt!"
Sun Chuchu should have glanced at Hang Ningdai and left, leaving Hang Ningdai confused. This person is really … so strange.
When Sun Chuchu arrived at the building, she saw a lot of express boxes waiting for her to sign for it. What’s going on?
"Mr. Sun, this is from our president," explained the delivery courier. "The president said that it was his personal intention and our cousin that he was offended."
Then solemnly handed over a bag with a different package, "Miss Sun, please take it back to our table."
Sun Chuchu was stuck to react slowly.
It turns out that Han Xilang didn’t want her to be unhappy with her classmates because she listened to Hang Ningdai’s words. This time, she sent ten sets of clothes to Sun Chuchu … One set for ten sets is enough to give her face. The important thing is to ask her not to return the remade dress to Hang Ningdai!
Sun Chu Chu Qicong understood the meaning and couldn’t help sneering at this Hang Ningdai. It’s a good blessing to be born in a good family. Everyone looks at her like the moon.
I hate itchy roots, but she has to smile and take these things. No matter how proud she is, she knows that Han Xilang can’t afford to offend.
When she carried everything back to the dormitory, the students would have heard of it and surrounded Sun Chuchu.
Section 569
"Hey, Sun Chuchu, what are so many things?"
"Yes, yes! Who gave it to reveal it! "
The small dormitory is surrounded by water, three floors inside and three floors outside.
Because of the noise, Hang Ningdai was also attracted out of the dormitory to watch the fun with her classmates. She just came to make up the numbers, but she was targeted by Sun Chuchu in the crowd.