He is a threat. He should not be taught magic martial arts any more. He should be obliterated. We must never make a mistake again. After the dragonfly left, the water god suddenly sprayed a sharp stream of murder from his eyes, just like telepathy. The Vulcan God of War and Fengshen heard the cry of the water god almost at the same time, and all of them suddenly had different opinions and ideas.


Being in the array, dragonfly didn’t know what the gods were thinking, but he intuitively felt that this time it was particularly long and after a moment of waiting for the array, it still exuded soft light, but it didn’t stop. Dragonfly couldn’t help but feel a sense of foreboding.
Finally, I sent the air around the magic circle to slow down slowly. Dragonfly knew that it must have reached the destination now, and the uneasiness in my heart gradually disappeared with the magic circle stopping.
When the magic circle stops, we meet again. Now dragonfly is neither a god of war nor a fengshen, but has previously taught dragonfly fierce inflammation and quarrelling with Vulcan. What, I will come here? Isn’t the water god saying that I should see the god of war? Dragonfly asked doubtfully.
Hehe, you should go to see the God of War. You have entered the second seal reward. We decided to let you have more practical skills, but in the end, considering that your strength has surpassed that of your peers, I am afraid that if you have too many martial arts, you will eventually learn the essence of each martial arts. Therefore, we decided to stop here this time and we should send you directly back to the world, but I still want you to call you here again. Vulcan will slowly draw up a plan for the dragonfly.
Oh, it doesn’t matter if I come here. In fact, these two martial arts alone are enough for me to practice for a long time, and I don’t have a dragonfly’s open-minded personality. I immediately let him decide to be indifferent to the gods. Looking at the dragonfly and explaining to himself, Vulcan secretly breathed a sigh of relief. Then listen to him and say, Dragonfly, you have to remember that we teach you martial arts, but it’s not for you to compete for the first place in the human world. Every generation of contracts is born with different lives. Although I can’t tell you what your life is yet, you must practice hard to meet it On the coming challenge, you must firmly believe in the protoss power, otherwise it will do you great harm. Now, whether you are white or not, don’t ask anything. Just remember my words. You have been in the dreamland for too long, and the atmosphere here is not suitable for you humans to live for a long time, so you’d better return to your world as soon as possible.
Although the myth of fire is very confusing to dragonfly, dragonfly did not ask anything again because he has always been white. When the other party wants to tell you something, you will say it without asking, but the other party will not say it. Then even if you do something, the other party will keep a secret and force the question, which is likely to be false or endless. Dragonfly is very white.
Vulcan, although I don’t know what my life is, I will try my best to cultivate it, because it’s not just what my life is, but more importantly, my friend’s blood feud. Thank you for teaching me everything, and I will be lucky. After that, Dragonfly bowed deeply to Vulcan.
Looking at dragonfly sincerely, Vulcan seems to have some mood swings and wants to tell dragonfly everything he knows. However, he is a deep confidant. He can’t do this. He can’t betray a protoss by killing a human. Go back to your own world. I want you to work hard enough. I want you to experience more hardships. I want you to have a strong belief and never change it. Then we will meet again. After Vulcan cut off his heart and slowly send it to the magic circle. Looking at the white light, Dragonfly Vulcan’s heart is in chaos. Being a high-ranking god and the most powerful first generation god in the protoss, he should
Hey, hey, idiot, whirlwind Long Ye’s climbing skill is good, right? You have to climb a few more steps to get to the boss’s side, so you can see what happened to the boss. Xiang Ling said excitedly and climbed forward at a faster speed. When the destination was just around the corner, when the dragonfly was about to approach, Xiang Ling’s whirlwind suddenly went crazy.
No, it won’t. Xiang Ling’s words haven’t been finished yet. I saw that the quietly rotating whirlwind suddenly flew around like a wild horse. Wow, you are so insidious. You were taken off by a whirlwind and rolled to the ground dozens of meters away. Xiaolong immediately denounced it again and again
You are so insidious, schemer, jerk, villain. You are so insidious. You are rubbed your ass for a while, and your head is rubbed, and your eyes are closed. You didn’t notice anyone walking in front of him. How dare you scold your boss for being a jerk? Now the jerk will punish you for not eating chocolate for a month, which will also make you lose weight. Only when the dragonfly returns will the whirlwind suddenly dissipate.
Ah, boss, I said it wasn’t you. I wronged Xiang Ling, but she was not happy when she saw that it was a dragonfly. She explained it to the dragonfly in a hurry. After listening to Xiang Ling’s messy explanation, the dragonfly didn’t deliberately make things difficult for him. She smiled and said, OK, I know that you are loyal and will not punish you. Hurry up and become a sword. I want to fix it. They discussed that the dragonfly stretched out his right hand and Xiang Ling was also very clever. At once, Huaguang flashed and the Excalibur fell into the hands of the dragonfly.
The sun gradually rises to the sky, although it is still in March, but it is not very cold in Tianlong military camp in the south-central part of the mainland. In the dragonfly camp, slender green people sit on both sides and listen to dragonfly words.
We encountered repairs. You should have heard from Jieniya, right? Dragonfly said slowly to Jiexiu that the rescue road was being repaired. Due to intelligence error, we traveled from the official road to Mikaroka. Although we didn’t meet Dragonfly and others, we scattered them in Mikaroka. That’s why he turned around and met with members of the Chamber of Commerce such as Jieniya.
Well, my base already knows, and Kay’s situation is evergreen, and they have already told me to fix the emotional fluctuations. After listening to the repair, Dragonfly turned to look evergreen for a long time and said thank you for evergreen. They didn’t speak, but they all said that Longfei Bai meant evergreen without repairing first, saying that Kay and others had died, and Dragonfly really didn’t know to explain to Xiu that his two good brothers had left him.
After three people were silent for a moment, the dragonfly once again said, Kay, they died and gave me a great blow. Once I wanted to die to escape, but now I won’t think so again, and I will never leave this world. Then it must be that after the enemy killed the inferno, the dragonfly sounded higher and higher, and the radiation in his eyes was enough to wear gold and jade.
Master, with all due respect, you don’t worry about Kay’s death, and don’t rashly launch an attack on the inferno because of a whim. At present, although our army can be partial to one side, it is not strong enough to fight millions of infernos. Kvas is surrounded by Nanboles, and it is eyeing up the east and Liu Ji. Even the northern Desite province is constantly expanding its troops because of the increasing pressure of the inferno. We will easily mobilize the army to enter a punk, so it is very likely that we will easily get the land and change our names. Besides, we are constantly losing our laughter. Lost to crush the necromancer magic punk millions of troops against the inferno, how can be defeated by our army of 300, 000? Xiujian Dragonfly seems to be a punk who intends to immediately object.
You’re wrong, soldier punk is not. We can avenge Kay and them. What’s more important is that we have to recruit punk, worship Sotheby’s. Since ancient times, punk has been on the same side in the inferno confrontation. Not only millions of soldiers died in a foreign land, but also the inferno has a deep hatred. At present, the root cause of the inferno’s daring to lead an army to attack punk easily is that worship Sotheby’s is now in chaos. They believe that worship Sotheby’s efforts to rescue punk. Now we have lost the weapon against the undead. Punk’s inferno war is likely to win Now the decisive change is that we are still on hold at the moment, so then do you think that the inferno in Luoue Kejing will let go of Bezos, and how long can the fragmented Bezos resist the inferno? So this time, not only do we want a punk, but I also want the prince to call on all forces in Bezos to form a Coalition to rescue Punk, so that Punk can cultivate and live in the inferno for a long time. Dragonfly got up and said to Xiu.
Then I think the master should discuss this important decision with the chief staff of the wind, and it is the repair that has been discovered. However, after a little thinking, the dragonfly will pull the windy day as a shield. In this respect, I will not only discuss it carefully, but also listen to your opinions. But before that, I will go to Delhi City once again. I want Borus to sign the Coalition treaty again. Only then does the repair find that the dragonfly is not impulsive but has already considered Zhou.
In this respect, you can make a feasible decision, but you must agree that the general staff of our army, Mr. Feng, did give me an order to defend the main public security at all costs. I absolutely can’t let you take a dangerous repair. I firmly said that Longfei was going to take a small number of troops to Derride, but at the moment, he looked at the repair with firm eyes and knew that it was absolutely impossible to say repair, so he said after a little consideration, well, you should divide half of your troops to protect Jieniya and others and return to Kvas Chicheng, and the rest of the troops will go to Derride with me. After all, it
I’m going to arrange the slender body and get ready to leave the camp. It’s not so urgent to repair these things. Let Evergreen arrange them. I still want to discuss with you. Dragonfly suddenly stopped to repair. Well, it nodded and then turned to Evergreen and said, Evergreen, then do it for you.
Immediately after Evergreen left, Dragonfly ordered the guards and soldiers in the camp to leave first, while he went to Xiuqian and said, "Do you know anything about Luo Cha Ziyue?" Dragonfly slowly said that Princess Ziyue laughed at the vice president and asked them what to fix.
Alas, this is the most troublesome thing. When Luo Cha Ziyue is at the edge of the year, the dragonfly will laugh slowly. After Luo Cha Ziyue tells Xiu, it is another sigh. Alas, although I don’t know what happened to Luo Cha now, his magic weapon is still alive and dead because Carlos left together. No, I really don’t know how to explain it to Ziyue. You also know that Ziyue’s temper is very sexual, but things are very broken and the problem is absolutely firm. I am afraid that Luo Cha will leave and let her get over it.
Look at the dragonfly several times. Finally, Longfei Bai is worried that Purple Moon will think about not doing stupid things for a while, master. In this case, I think we can temporarily hide her. First of all, we will send more troops to search for traces of Laughter Adults nearby. In addition, we will go to Derride this time to cover up the joke about Princess Purple Moon. Adults will stay in Derride for a few months before returning to you. After a little consideration, we said to Dragonfly.
Alas, it seems so. Dragonfly nodded blankly and said, Master, you don’t have to worry too much about laughing. My Lord, the sky will be repaired safely. At this moment, I really don’t know what to say to comfort myself.
En Longfei nodded and said to Xiu, You must be very tired to lead the army to travel long distances. Let’s go to bed early. In the morning, we will move forward to Dred. After listening to Dragonfly’s words, we will be slender and say yes. Then I will leave and then turn to salute and go to the camp to raise the sun. In just one day, I will dedicate myself to the earth’s creatures. After a tiring day, it finally slowly sinks to the west with the last ray of light.
After nightfall, I will sit alone in my own camp. At this moment, the low table in the center is filled with all kinds of delicious food, water, three bowls, chopsticks and three glasses of wine, while the living cultivate themselves.
Karen, my good brother, you can’t eat any more. What can you do to prepare a delicious table for you to have a good meal? Fix the hip flask in your hand and pour wine in the seats on both sides, and say, Kay, you stinky little boy, you have been the biggest eater of dog meat since childhood. The reason is that eating too much dog meat is not good for your health. Now Brother doesn’t restrain you. Eat more, repair and put pieces of dog meat into Kay’s bowl. Although he is laughing, tears have quietly fallen down his cheeks.
Ryan, you drink, but you didn’t bring good wine in the army. Now you can replace wine with water. When Brother returns to Kvas, he will make you drink enough. He will definitely pick up the flagon and prepare to add wine again. Ryan suddenly found that the glass that had already been filled was no longer filled with more wine. He laughed and stiffened. Baikai Ryan has left him forever. They will never take anything from him again and will never hear his voice again.
Hehe, you’re really gone. Haha, I won’t worry about you anymore. Take good care of your hip flask, which is as heavy as a thousand pounds. Who knows that although life and death are separated, the true feelings of brothers will be reduced.
Outside the camp, another person quietly looked at the responsibility and grief. Once again, the dragonfly surged from the bottom of my heart and planned to discuss the visit to Derride carefully. However, at the moment, he was able to walk into the camp again. After a long time, the dragonfly left quietly. After a few minutes, the dragonfly waved the Xiang Lingjian and threw his energy and grief in the sword. In the moonlight, the dragonfly finally became white. This is the cruel and realistic war.
When the sun rose again, the Tianlong military camp suddenly became very busy. After more than 10,000 days, Long Jun soldiers had already received orders to prepare, so they prepared various matters while it was still early.
Longfei camp meditation and others respectively escorted Miss Jieniya back to Kvas by the master on both sides, and you were responsible for the thunder and rain. In addition, I have also said that you can rest assured that Evergreen respectfully said to Longfei.
Good. Then order Lei Ming to send it now. The dragonfly said to Evergreen, "Say that finish, Evergreen will leave the camp for repair first. After half an hour, we will move forward to De Reed. You send fast horses to inform Lord Burroughs of our whereabouts to avoid misunderstanding."
I immediately made a promise to repair it and then went to the camp to watch the two soldiers leave. Dragonfly said in his heart, Luo Cha, you must come back to me safely.
Four days later, Longfeixiu and others led 40,000 cavalry troops to approach Borus to occupy Derridd province. A year ago, after Longfei signed a military alliance in Borus, they marched into Derridd, and Longfei also sent Carlo to command 50,000 troops to attack in coordination. Within a month after the absolute forces of both sides attacked Derridd province, the governor declared surrender, and Carlo also withdrew Derridd according to the terms of the agreement.
Looking at the Derridd city wall, the dragonfly said to Xiu, this is the first time we have entered Derridd province to see that the tall city wall is not the governor’s cowardice. Maybe we haven’t captured this fortified city until now.
Yes, but it’s only a matter of time before Borus’s adult can play here. Look at the cloud caravan outside the city, and you can think that Borus’s adult must have put the well here in order, and after looking around, he said that En Borus’s ability is much stronger than the average person. Plus Siger around him, this prosperity should also be in love. Dragonfly nodded and said that when the front of the army suddenly came, three fast horses saw that the first person was evergreen.
Three riding came to the front of Dragonfly to see Evergreen turn over the horse and then fuels, saying that Master Borus has already met his master at the city gate. Will you go to meet him now?
Evergreen, you have worked hard. Since Borus’s adult has arrived at the city gate, of course, I immediately went to meet with him. After that, Dragonfly turned to Xiu and said, Xiu Borus’s military has not set up a camp outside the city. This is absolute trust for us. Therefore, you immediately ordered the troops to retreat ten miles and set up a camp 30 miles away from the city. I will go to meet Borus first, and then you will take a few guards into the city.
Is the master rest assured that I’ll do it right away. When the repair is ready to leave, Dragonfly said again, remember to order the troops not to harass the local residents.
Is to repair again after turning the horse’s head to the rear army drove off to see the repair leave dragonfly rest assured turned to evergreen said, let’s go now, let’s go to see Borus.
About half an hour later, Longfei Changqing led more than a dozen guards to meet Borus Sigri Vio at the gate of Derride. Three important generals in Borus’s army have been waiting outside the gate.
Haha, it’s been a long time, Prince’s Temple. When Borus saw the dragonfly, he quickly said that he was really happy to see Borus’s adult still in the spirit of dragon and horse. The dragonfly politely responded.
The prince is welcome. I know a little about the southbound prince this time. It’s really hard for the prince to hold the dragonfly hand before Borus and say, alas, it’s a long story. The dragonfly sincerely said.
My Lord, this is not a place to talk. Let’s go to the ruling hall at the Prince’s Temple. A Rusiger smiled and said, Oh, haha, you see, I forgot all the faux pas when I saw the Prince happy. It was really rude. Borus turned around and shouted at the dragonfly. I want the Prince’s Temple to go back to the city side by side immediately.
Later, nearly 2,000 armored soldiers Lu Longfei Boles returned to the ruling hall of Delhi City side by side. Although there were many guest talks, they still talked about it. After nearly half an hour of walking, Longfei later came to Xiu and others to follow Borus into the ruling hall. After the two sides were seated, they gradually entered the talks.
Borus’s adult, this time I’ve come to the dragonfly to let go of the teacup and want to make a conversation, but Borus smiled with a wave of his hand and said, Prince, slow down first, let the end guess whether your theory of purpose is right or not, and introduce someone you really want to see to you.
Oh, well, let’s guess. Dragonfly smiled and said, Hehe, although today is a confrontation between man and demon, at present this form seems to be signs of collapse. One side of the Southern Dragon Alliance has no ambition to March into the central region. The northern punk was torn apart by inferno. What is most needed now is to recuperate. Although I worship Sotheby’s in the name of the emperor, the actual situation has been chaotic and abnormal. Borus said as he walked towards Dragonfly from the theme.