Have to say; The royal elder sister’s means are still quite high, and she has never seen the real fix-true person; Sunday also don’t know what the royal elder sister is a level in however; Judging from the usual performances of Yujie; Even if it is a group of people who fix the truth, the royal elder sister should be quite strong! After all, according to its magical power displayed by disappearing and escaping; Give people a feeling that those spells are not simple.


Let’s say it’s their sugar gate station on Sunday! The magical power displayed by the royal elder sister on that side is very amazing. On Sunday, the sugar gate station where they live is just a residential building. When you really push the door in; You will find that the house is ten times larger than what you see from the outside. The most important point is when people enter the sugar gate station; You will feel that the environment has changed for the better. It feels like going from a big city to a rural area, but the obvious change is easy to feel as soon as you enter.
Sunday has been guessing; Perhaps the main reason why your home station will give people that feeling is because it has aura inside! After all, if you practice, you need to absorb aura, so it is convenient for you to practice yourself. It is not impossible to transport some magical powers to adsorb nearby reiki.
When the brother and sister saw all the changes they had discovered before their eyes; At that time, I felt dumbfounded. "Is this … is this true?" I saw a UFO on my face; Brother and sister look at each other’s faces, and then they are blindsided by the changes in front of them.
When ordinary people suddenly meet martial arts experts; If I don’t know the martial arts situation, I’m sure I’ll be shocked when the time comes. There will be a feeling that that guy is not human. After all, the strength shown by those martial arts experts is really beyond the understanding of ordinary people.
And the same; Ordinary people will have such a big reaction when they see fighters. The rookie brother and sister are afraid that they haven’t even met a real martial arts expert. Now they suddenly see this fix true person. They are afraid that at this time, they have a dizzy feeling and will doubt what they are seeing. To also is not a strange reaction.
See the reaction of the brother and sister; Sunday is proud of being able to curb outsiders at his own sect headquarters, and at the same time he shows disdain for the expression of his brother and sister who are like hillbillies entering the city. Everyone can see the expression of contempt in his eyes.
"Hum; Let you guys look down on our sugar gate; We didn’t let you know that our sugar gate means that the mountain gate is simple, so what? That’s just an appearance. Even if it’s not as good as those who say that the land is blessed with a cave, I don’t believe that there is another place in Tieniu City that is comparable to our resident location. What if the population is less? I can run amok in Tieniucheng, and my strength belongs to the bullied role in my own sect, although my population is small; But who told us that all members of our school are experts! Even if there are a few people; That is definitely more important than those thousands of sects. If you really want to do it; To the royal elder sister; Who in Wulin can stop her? " Heart proud’ hum” hum’ a few words on Sunday is in contempt of the brother and sister; I forgot that when he first learned about the magic of his sugar gate, although he didn’t have eyes, the brother and sister were so exaggerated, but according to his performance at that time; Really want to talk; He really has no strength to laugh at others.
However; The brother and sister might know about Sunday, but when they found out that they had always thought they were’ bad guys’, they had heard some fairy tales since they lived in such a magical place, but at that time they directly regarded Sunday as a fairy who was traveling abroad and looked at the place where they had arrived. That is to say,’ fairy house’
Because of such a misunderstanding; Even before, the brother and sister were full of disgust for Sunday, but now after discovering Sunday’s identity as a "fairy"; However, I can’t help but feel a little awe of Sunday. After all, the immortal is already deified in the East, except for the miraculous; However, it is rarely heard that there is any immortal who harms people.
In other words; In some mysterious force, it has always been a kind of’ savior’ identity in the East, and those who are declared to have harmed others are demons; And if you do good things to fix the truth, those mortals will regard them as’ immortals’, which will make them; In the mortal heart; Immortals are sacred; Is never going to do evil.
God Zhou may know when the brothers and sisters thought that they had become much more honest after arriving at their sect headquarters. On Sunday, when they were overwhelmed by the situation of their own sects, they didn’t think that they had become a fairy first-class situation in others’ hearts; Sunday was still there, and he was indignant at what he had encountered in recruiting people outside.
Heart dark scold those people have eyes; I didn’t even know that I was there to pull them into the fairy gate. On Sunday, I finally calmed down. But at that time, I had a headache like placing the brother and sister.
Although Sunday is not afraid of the brother and sister; It’s really necessary to say that the other party is also not afraid to catch the brother and sister on Sunday before Sunday, and it also has a certain amount of luck in it. If the eyes let them fight again on Sunday; Sunday is also have to admit; He really has no confidence to say that he can beat them.
If the royal elder sister and they are all in the station; Of course, it’s easy to say that even if we add the power of rogue rabbits on Sunday, we can be sure what they will do then; That’s not a question of words. Anyway, according to the fighting power of Sugar Gate, how can the two brothers and sisters resist? It’s impossible to escape the royal elder sister’s palm.
But now the royal elder sister, when they went out and didn’t return to the station on Sunday; Although the garrison law can ensure that the garrison will not be invaded by foreign enemies, I really want to untie the brother and sister after I let them in; No helper; It’s not so easy to catch them on Sunday.
Release; God knows whether they will be obedient or not, and judging from their previous performance; Sunday estimates that they can’t be obedient, so how dare they untie them on Sunday? How to do with them? Let it out; Then I won’t catch them for nothing, but if I don’t let them out; As far as the eye is concerned; I don’t have to take care of them until the royal sisters come back, or if they starve to death then; Then you didn’t catch them for nothing.
What a headache! Last Sunday, I thought that I had captured a pair of coolies, but now I find myself taking it for granted too much, so I didn’t think about these problems. On Sunday, I suddenly found that the original prisoners had become a pair of’ ancestors’ and thought that they had captured coolies and had not worked yet, so I needed to serve them first. This discovery made Sunday feel quite helpless, but in the end he had to do it again.
Chapter 45 Enemy invasion
"You are a good man!"
Look at the girl who said this seriously to herself; On Sunday, I suddenly have a feeling of wanting to vomit and regret it! Sunday didn’t think of anything; For a moment, the reason for thoughtlessness was that I was going to catch them back as prisoners of coolies. In the end, since I became’ ancestors’, I had to give them food and clothes every Sunday. They are also asked to arrange some daily physiological needs for the girl to be nothing; Usually help her untie her hand and change clothes; Sunday said that he really has no pressure, except for girls; The boy also needs to be placed on Sunday; It is a beautiful thing to help a beautiful woman relieve herself, which can help the same sex relieve herself; That is almost equivalent to a torment for Sunday.
For such a reason; So I have to treat them differently on Sunday, for example, it’s a diet problem! In order to reduce the physiological excretion of teenagers; Zhou Tianqi made a diet arrangement to eat one meal a day; And every meal is the kind that is good for digestion; Food that is not easy to produce excrement
After such a few days; Zhou Tian said; Since I didn’t find that I have the talent to be a weight loss expert to help on Sunday; The teenager has successfully lost more than ten kilograms of weight, from the original ribs-like figure to the skeleton figure; That slim appearance; Feel the gust of wind blowing; Maybe it may have to go with the wind.
In the girl’s words; Sunday said that he really didn’t take advantage of the other party. It was true to arrange Sunday in that way, so that the other party could feel the hospitality of their own sugar house. Only in this way could they entertain her with good wine and food. Although the girl complained about her constant weight gain, she just said,’ You are a good man!’ So I gave him a satisfactory answer to this comfortable life.
Although not everyone loves to get a good person card, how to say it again; It’s better to have a good card collar than nothing! Anyway, there is no less reward for taking so much advantage of others on sundays; Even if you don’t get anything, you will be satisfied on Sunday.
"Come on, let; This ginseng stewed black-bone chicken is not delicious when it is cold. Eat more. Ah! Open your mouth … "In a good mood, Sunday’s face never breaks a smile; Pass the spoon to each other’s mouth; While smiling, he urged the other party to eat quickly.
Then count how many days a girl will come to the physiological reaction in a few days a week; Is suddenly sensed at that time what face a change at the same time; People are already throwing girls away quickly at that time.
Royal elder sister had set up a heavy ban in the yard where they lived, but at the same time, she gave each of them a jade card on Sunday. At that time, the royal elder sister forcibly injured her finger and played with a drop of blood to recognize the Lord. As a result, when Sunday dropped her blood on the jade card; Immediately at that time, the jade brand was integrated into the Zhou celestial body; Sunday magic will also have the ability to control those prohibitions set by the royal sister and; With Sunday, I also had an additional ability, that is, early warning.
Simply put; That is to say, someone should break into words without permission; At the same time that the forbidden laws in the mountain gate are activated; Sunday and other people with jade cards will be alert at that time, and Sunday just sensed the reason why someone wanted to break in, so it suddenly stopped manually; Rush out to prepare for the unknown enemy.
Although even if there is no one to host; Royal elder sister, prepare that this law prohibition will also be activated automatically. Passive defense of manned situations; The power that Sugar Gate’s pro-faction laws can exert is naturally impossible to dare to say as much; If you speak by yourself, you dare not say that you can exert all the power of the array, but on Sunday you also feel that you can increase the power of those arrays outside by at least thirty percent.
Ordinary words; Zhou Tiangen won’t pay too much attention to the sky when he encounters foreign invasion. There is a tall roof if all members of Sugar Gate are here now; Then if a foreign enemy invades, there will naturally be a royal elder sister to solve it, and if the royal elder sister can’t solve the enemy; That Sunday came forward and he ran out to die; At that time, Sunday might as well stay in the back and sit tight.
Now it is because of the sugar gate that he is left alone; On Sunday, I had to come out at that time. God knows who the invasion was. Although it is possible that the royal sisters will come back to guard against the enemy, before the royal sisters come back; If that enemy break in; It’s not Sunday! Take care of your own life; How can you not guard against the enemy with all your heart if you look at Sunday?
However; Sunday ended up overestimating the intruder.
I wanted to come on Sunday; The sugar gate of one’s own is not at all impressive. Generally, people who have no strength can’t find the abnormality of the sugar gate, while those who have the ability to find the true face of the sugar gate can’t be weak. Even with a large number of array protection; Zhou Tianxin is also nervous about being able to stop the enemy.
The original Sunday also intends to; If the enemy is really too interested, then I will stall it first. When I can’t stall it, I will find a chance to slip away and wait until the royal sisters come back. Play it by ear again, but I didn’t expect it on Sunday; The invasion was indeed invaded by someone, but in the end, the situation of the invading enemy was somewhat unexpected on Sunday. There was a great enemy who didn’t want to eventually invade. Since she is a young girl of about twenty years old, if that’s all; Sunday is surprised at most, but; When I saw that the girl was trapped by the outermost fan trace array; But also feel a little angry and funny.
What are the most peripheral arrays? Those arrays are just to stop accidental intrusion into ordinary people. No matter whether it is power or level, those peripheral arrays are the foundation. After learning array knowledge for a few days, I dare to say that I can freely enter and leave those arrays if people really want to have some strength. Kill Sunday also won’t believe that since it will be trapped by such a law.
Institute; It’s natural for Zhou Tianyan to be blind. The girl should be an ordinary person. The strongest is probably a martial artist, in terms of martial arts; Martial arts practitioners should be rare people who know the array law, and the girl’s performance is really not like that of the array law. Sunday leng didn’t find the girl trapped by a small law; What is it like to pose a threat to yourself and sugar gate?
Since I thought that I was scared by such a young girl, I couldn’t help but feel angry and funny on Sunday. In addition to these emotions, there was another question in Sunday’s heart. That girl was looking for her own gate! Ordinary people speak by rights; It should be impossible to find out that there is a hole in the sugar gate!
Recall all the experiences in the recent period; After several thoughts flashed through my mind on Sunday, I suddenly thought of the brother and sister’s heart movement; The original was ready to go out and stop; But at that time, I adjusted my head again; I hurried back to the route …