Cao Shun shook his head and was speechless.


Gu Jingke’s eyes changed into deep and cold light. "You can’t argue now so that I can help you."
☆, 1 refused to wake the news.
Everyone held their breath and waited for Gu Jingke to say something. Everyone was afraid to catch their breath and was afraid to leave the most important words at this most important moment.
Gu Jingke gently bent his lips and said, "You said that when the deceased was thrown into the mountain, he accidentally slipped the key, but you looked for it again but didn’t find it on the grass. You immediately went to find it when you realized that the key had fallen to the hillside."
"But … you didn’t find out where the key is, which makes you think of taking the key from the dead." Gu Jingke’s eyebrow eye is still dull. In the eyes of everyone, he has enough confidence
"But you’ve got this. You don’t look the same as the victim’s keychain. It was seen through by your wife at a glance. This lie won’t last long and it will be broken."
"If you say that your key was accidentally dropped yesterday, it may still be saved, but your mistake is that Zicong said that he still has it." Gu Jingke seemed extremely happy when he picked the corner of his mouth.
At this moment, Cao Shun has widened his eyes. He looked at everyone with his eyes. wait for a while asked, "Are you still talking nonsense? Is it meaningful to you?"
Everyone sighed and looked at Cao Shundao. "I’ve seen people like him who are just scum and animals know certain manners. Cao Shundao is not even as good as animals!"
They had just been startled by Gu Jingke’s statement that Cao Shun’s calculation was that it was bad luck for three people who owned motorcycles in Chenglingping to get into the forest.
The other two escaped. Now there are motorcycles, and people are surprised, angry and more afraid. If they are a little unlucky, it will be over …
"Officer, you can take this beast away. We don’t need him to wake our mother. I’m afraid I can’t help hitting him!"
Cheng Jie pressed his anger and hate in his heart, and his eyebrows were full of malicious crimes. He looked at Cao’s surplus and rushed to bite him to understand his hatred.
When he saw Cao Shun, he thought of his dead mother in the coffin, and her heart was bitter. He loved her and she was kind to him. Naturally, he also had true feelings for her.
"Cao Shun, do you admit your mistake!" Tu Cheng Man asked her coldly that she needed Cao Shun to admit her mistake in front of everyone, otherwise it would be difficult to go back to the police station.
Cao Shun’s stubborn man is trying to confuse black and white in this way, and he is not a responsible man at all. If he is not here, he will finalize the matter.
Go back and make trouble!
The police station is not a place to make trouble for him. Now the witness has enough evidence and he nods to admit it himself. In fact, even if he doesn’t admit it, the police officer can take him away.
However, Cheng Man felt that since he had to confess and admit that he had done something wrong in front of the mourning hall for the deceased, otherwise this great opportunity would be wasted.
"I don’t know! I haven’t done it! " Cao Shun’s mouth was hard to argue, and he looked at several people with anger in his eyes. "I told you not to try to arrest me and go to jail. I just don’t admit what you can do to me!"
Sure enough, he is a dead duck mouth shut, and the police can’t stand him. Cheng Man’s mouth is slightly torn away. "I can tell you directly that you will not only go to jail for committing a crime …"
She raised her hand and made a pistol. Finally, she pointed it at her temple and said strangely, "I’m going to be shot." Bang, bang-that’s it. You went to another world. "
Cheng Man took his hand back and looked at Cao Shun with a cold smile. "It felt like there was no pain, and you were not afraid that you wouldn’t torture your hand a little bit, unlike when you stoned the dead for 25 years."
"You know, it hurts to hit like that, but it’s different to shoot. When you bang, you lose consciousness, and when it gets dark, you break your breath." Cheng Man said more and more.
And they all heard chills. Cao Shun also shook his body. He felt scared!
"Death is not terrible. It’s terrible to wait for death. I wonder if you have heard of it?" Gu Jingke asked aside as if he were asking something perfectly normal.
How come Cao Shun hasn’t heard this sentence? This sentence is simply Yu Xiao’s family, and he also felt when he was beaten by relatives here in Chengfang’s family.
The blood came out of his forehead, and his heart was afraid that he would die like that. That feeling made him feel so close to death that he couldn’t ignore it!
He was afraid of begging for mercy, he didn’t want to die, and he didn’t want to have close contact with death because of fear, but at that time he remembered that his mother-in-law had wronged him.
The sun and the moon accumulated, and he hid his hatred for her in his heart. When he knew this, he couldn’t help hiding. He couldn’t help but burst out and killed his mother-in-law.
Maybe he wanted her to try it, but when she hit the first stone, she couldn’t help hitting it. When she reacted, the head had changed beyond recognition.
The roots are out of breath!
"Tell the truth if you like!" At this time, Cheng Fangyin came from the crowd, crying with depression in her tone, which showed that she was extremely sad at the moment, and it was not as calm as it seemed.
"Just admit it and suffer less." Cao Shun raised his head and looked at Chengfang’s eyes, all shining. He moved his lips and then forced his head to hang down.
Just when everyone didn’t know how he would move, he whispered, "I killed the stone, I lost the keychain and I lost the police officer. Are you satisfied?"
His rhetorical question was not filled with anger, and everything was light, like a smooth and steady crime, not him
"Then please tell me how you committed the crime!" Everyone is waiting for his answer, and his ears are straight, just for fear of missing the highlight.
"Before she smashed a stone, I kept it in mind and never forgot it!" Cao Shun hate hate finish fidgety scratched his hair.
"I don’t know what happened. It’s like being possessed. Every day when I see her coming to my house, I hate her more and more. Until now, I can’t help but kill her and get back at her in the same way!"
Let her know what it’s like to be hit on the head by a stone when you hit him with a stone!
"I’ve been planning this for about a year. Whenever she comes to my house, I’ll follow her. I’ll calculate it as a plan for Linping three motorcyclists to drive after work!"
"Finally, the day before yesterday, it happened to be right with Cheng Linban, and we met at the intersection. I heard the sound of cars, and when we reached the fork in the road, I rushed forward and pushed her out without thinking!"
Cao Shun swallowed water. Hey, hey, a smile seemed strange on his face. "I didn’t expect this plan to be so successful that I fainted when I didn’t see it."
Everyone listened to his own account of Cheng Lin’s family. "Sure enough, someone pushed her from behind, so I said, how can I suddenly jump out? Even if a person wants to hitchhike home, there is no need to be so anxious!"
"No wonder Cheng Lin said that he suddenly rushed out. It turned out that he was pushed from behind. How can this make people not suddenly jump out?" Several women were whispering together.
Cao Shun coughed, "Cao Shun fainted, but my mother-in-law rolled around in pain!" "
"It’s funny to say that she saw me around and waved to me to help her, but she forgot to ask me what was there, and now she has no chance to ask me again."
Because people are dead, it is impossible to climb out of the coffin immediately and ask him, right?
At most, Cao Shun burned a few big ingots with a sinister smile. "Now that she is dead, my heart is much more carefree. When she was alive, she either hit me or scolded me."
"Every time I go to my house, I will say that I am lazy. That old woman doesn’t know how many times!" Cao Shun stared at the coffin and said, "I hate her!"
Years of abuse have long left him in a state of extreme mental exhaustion. He doesn’t like being scolded, and his depressed mood is straight in his heart.
Since he doesn’t like being scolded, he can find his own channel to stop this from happening!
Now he can’t go back, saying that he didn’t deserve it. "I hate her and wish her to die!" "
Cheng Man smiled coldly and murmured, "Even if you hate her, you can’t kill anyone. This will lose your wife and your soldiers. Now that’s how you are!"
Cao Shun was slightly dazed, and it seemed that Cheng Man suddenly spoke for her and asked, "Officer, what do you think I should do in this situation?"
Mu Ming squinted and sneered, "What they did to you was just that you did something wrong in advance, and you didn’t change it after repeated education. Think about your attitude towards your wife and children?"
"Do you treat them like people?" She paused sharply. "What kind heart can you have when you beat and scold your children?"
"You feel that you have been bullied and spilled your anger on your child, but you have beaten and insulted it!"
Cao Shun slightly zheng eyes slightly glowing suspicious light seems to be thinking about his line Muming squinting slightly took a step back, don’t want to say more with Cao Shun.
It should be said that the police have said that if they are to be advised, there is nothing they can do. All this is for the criminal suspect to tell things himself and think clearly, otherwise what is there?
Cao Shun kept silent at the moment, lowered his head, and quietly thought about his limp thigh stretching strength as if it were a law.
When the people in the mourning hall looked at him, they didn’t know how long it had passed until the evil wind blew outside and they found out that it was already dark.
I can’t see the road for a long time. On that day, the stars flashed with light, coldness and an unknown breeze.
When everyone was about to get impatient, Cao Shun lowered his head and finally got a little movement. He raised his head and moved his mouth slightly. "I want to stay here for another night, officer. Can you approve me?"
SIRS police officers looked at each other Cheng Man looked at the coffin and then turned to look down at Cao Shun and seriously thought about it.
"I don’t agree with him to keep the police officer. You should take him away quickly or who knows what he’s up to!" Cheng Jie looked at Cao Shun with a stiff face, which meant that he wouldn’t agree to anything.
He looked at the police officer again and said, "Officer, what should you do if you want him to stay overnight and run away? You know he’s a murderer!"
Cheng Man glanced at Cao Shun and saw that he was pale and drooping his head without saying anything. He knew in his heart that he really repented and wanted to spend the last night here.
But Cheng Jie’s family won’t agree that Cheng Jie didn’t say anything and frowned. "Officer, we don’t want the dead to be uneasy …"