But since the Taifang people say so, Xiao Leng will accept this thing, and I can’t see what the jade is.


When Xiao Leng saw the jade, the huge gold chair slowly moved to the side, leaving enough for Xiao Leng to do those things.
Chapter 75 Jin Yi Xian Fu
Look at the little jade carefully, Xiao Leng felt a little cold. Although it was a flash, Xiao Leng still felt so real. This little ice disappeared soon and there was no response. If Xiao Leng hadn’t found the flash and the cold, Xiao Leng would have felt it. This is an ordinary jade. It’s crystal clear.
The protruding crystal is shining with a faint light, which makes it look so sacred.
Xiao Leng certainly won’t. This is an ordinary jade, because he found that there is no ordinary word in this place, even the most ordinary thing, which is not ordinary. Although it is exaggerated, it is definitely not exaggerated.
Xiao Leng put the pointed jade in one hand and put a little bit of real force into it. After this bit of real force entered the little jade, it was like sinking into the sea and there was no information at all. Xiao Leng did not change this jade.
"It’s strange." Xiao Leng took back his hand and held Ba to do meditation. It’s rare that this thing can devour the real force.
"I really don’t believe it." Xiao Leng’s stubborn strength is that ten cows can’t be pulled back. He put his hand on the little bump again and began to input the real force into it, which made the jade shine brilliantly and turn golden a little. Is this thing or not? At least Xiao Leng can’t feel that it doesn’t lose momentum. Xiao Leng is hard-working to input the real force into it, and his two yuan babies also gave him strong support.
Now Xiao Leng is in the later stage of Yuan Ying, and the total amount of his true force is the same as that in the early stage of Yuan Ying. If the former true force is a big river, now it is a huge lake, and the river water is not as much as this huge lake, and now the recovery speed of Yuan Ying’s true force has also increased a lot, unless it has been high-intensity output, there is really nothing that can make Xiao Leng’s true force disappear.
With Zhenyuan instilling Xiao Leng, I feel that the jade is getting colder and colder. That coldness makes Xiao Leng feel full-bodied and cold. Xiao Leng quickly takes out one of the pills to protect himself from the cold. However, as he continues to instill Zhenyuan, the little jade gives off a stronger chill, and the powerful chill gradually makes the magic that the master does not keep out the cold become useless.
"What the hell is this so cold?" Xiao Leng moaned to himself, but he didn’t have any choice. He didn’t want to stop inputting the real force, but this little jade was absorbed by him, and he kept instilling it. Really Yuan wanted to stop and couldn’t stop.
"Ah, don’t suck me." Xiao Leng was surprised that this thing absorbed its true yuan at a much faster speed than when it was input. At that time, it was self-control of the true yuan. Although it was input more, it was impossible to do what it could now. The absorption speed of the true yuan was quite large, and even if it was stopped by itself, it could not make the output of the true yuan slower.
Xiao Leng felt that his body was beginning to freeze, and at the same time Xiao Leng felt that his soul was going to be frozen. There was no way for Xiao Leng to be resigned.
By the time Xiao Leng himself was frozen and his soul was frozen, he was completely unconscious, and the meaning of ice continued to grow. Xiao Leng was completely cold, and the whole person was not angry. At this time, his baby was frozen and finally no longer sucked out of the real force.
Xiao Leng’s soul is frozen but not dead. Xiao Leng can still think a little, but this thinking speed is very slow.
"Am I dead? Am I cold and dead? " Xiao Leng’s mind is full of unwillingness, but his wish has not been fulfilled yet. He still has a beautiful wife waiting to marry him, and he is still waiting for his master to be resurrected. Is it all a dream?
Xiao Leng doesn’t want to die and can’t die here, so he is a faithless person, but he promised to make up the wind and wait for his department to get the materials and resurrect the master, so they will go back and marry Yue Linger.
A little consciousness invaded Xiao Leng’s consciousness, but it was not long before it was integrated into Xiao Leng’s consciousness as if it had never appeared, but it was so clear.
I don’t know how long it took for the ice to fade away, and Xiao Leng also resumed his thinking. At this time, Xiao Leng was able to move.
A little bit of Xiao Leng regained consciousness.
"What’s wrong with me?" Xiao Leng wondered what happened to himself. How could he feel so cold all over? Although it is still tolerable, Xiao Leng still feels a little relieved after eating a Dan medicine.
At this time, Xiao Leng felt something extra in his mind. When he carefully explored, he found a little soul that did not belong to himself. In his mind, the little soul was not completely integrated into his own soul, but Xiao Leng was still able to find some information from this little soul, which turned out to be the whole hub of Fairy House. With this thing, the whole Fairy House can be controlled by himself. Without this thing, it is a root. It is impossible to control Fairy House, but everything is impossible to control Fairy House.
Xiao Leng can feel the new chill inside and personally experience the cold, which can even freeze the soul.
Xiao Leng knew that this place turned out to be a magic weapon refined by the Taifang people themselves. It was called Jinyi Fairy House, a magic weapon of extremely fairy level, and the celestial world was also very famous. It was a powerful fairy instrument integrating attack and defense, but this fairy instrument failed to save Taifang’s life.
Jinyi Xianfu base is made of extremely lingshi and gold. Of course, because Taifang people like gold, many places have been refined into golden gold by him. For ordinary people, it is precious, but for Taifang people, it is absolutely incredible that extremely lingshi can refine such a large fairy. It can be seen that Jinyi Xianfu is powerful. Now Xiao Leng has deeply experienced that it can make people cold and die. Cold alone is not something that anyone can bear.
"It’s so small. Since you are in this case, take whatever you want. Now it’s yours."
Chapter 76 The day wind smoothies
Xiao Leng was glad that he could get such a powerful fairy, but he never thought that everything in it was his own now, but it was really generous from Taifang.
Calm down, Xiao feels cold, and feels the whole situation of Jinyi Fairy House. The whole Jinyi Fairy House covers an area of about 5,000 square meters. There is a floor, but there are several small rooms in this floor, and each room can accommodate each other. Under the control of the owner, it can also be changed into another kind. The largest room is where you are now. This is also the place where Taifang people die, and the rest is also very big. But Xiao Leng can’t go to see it one by one.
Xiao Leng’s mind moved. He thought of the Taifang people who once said that there was a wind and a smoothie here. With this thing, he could get closer to the resurrected master and them.
Xiao Leng soon came to the room with the wind and smoothies, and saw a small box put on a desktop, and then he could clearly feel that the box was also emitting a slight chill, which was so erratic that Xiao Leng could not really grasp it.
Is this the wind and ice? Xiao Leng wondered, stepping forward to look at the small boxes in front of him. They are all made of jade, and you can clearly feel the faint spirit and crazy sweat on your face. This is too extravagant for Renye Fang. Even the boxes filled with wind and smoothies are extremely jade. Although it is the best thing, it is too waves. Xiao Leng’s heart andao still gently opened this box.
When the box was opened, a small whirlwind blew out of the box. Xiao Leng was surprised and quickly covered the box, but this small whirlwind still blew out. From that small whirlwind, you can see that this wind smoothie is worthy of the word wind, which can trigger the small whirlwind because of the nature of the wind, ice and sand.
Fortunately, this day, the wind and smoothies are things that fly out of this room. Xiao Leng can control his mind and move. A small whirlwind stops, and then a small piece of sand falls from a low place and is just taken over by Xiao Leng.
Feeling the chill of the wind and smoothies, Xiao Leng smiled and opened the box to fly out. These were reloaded and went back to see if the small box showed that there was not much wind and smoothies. It would be bad if it was a wave.
Xiao Leng smiled when the wind and smoothies returned to the box. He already knew the nature of the wind and smoothies, and he was very sure that his master and them were one step closer to resurrection.
"The new owner? Hello, I’m the soul of this golden fairy house. "A low bass appears in Xiao Leng’s mind, and that soul beats a little."
"The new owner? Are you talking to me? " Xiao Leng wondered that he could feel the sound in his mind and knew that this trace of soul was the soul of the Golden Fairy House. The fairy level treasure has a soul. The stronger it is, the more likely it is to have a powerful soul. If it is an artifact, then every face has a soul and it is a very powerful soul.
"It’s the master." The soul must have heard it.
"Tell me something about this Golden Fairy House." Xiao Leng said that although he can easily know the contents of the whole fairy house, he doesn’t know much about those things. Now he really needs this soul to introduce himself to the whole Golden Fairy House and the Taifang people. After all, the Taifang people say that they can’t tell themselves much and he chooses a part.
Jin Yi Xian Fu soul told Xiao Leng everything here and Xiao Leng also knew everything in it.
The powerful fairy of Jinyi Fairy House has many functions, and the biggest function is to be able to grow bigger and smaller freely. Now this range is so small that I don’t know what it is like. At least Xiao Leng doesn’t know. According to the soul of Jinyi Fairy House, everyone knows how big the whole outside of Jinyi Fairy House can become a dust.
Xiao Leng got the wind and smoothies and got such a fairy level fairy house. Of course, he was very happy to move his mind. The whole earth began to tremble and the light flashed. Xiao Leng found himself in a deserted place, and the cave had disappeared and felt his body. The fairy house Xiao sneered and looked like he was glad you came.
Leaving this place, Xiao Leng feels that one by one, the fairy wares in the golden fairy mansion make Xiao Leng happy. There are actually many fairy wares in it, and there are some extremely fairy wares, and there are many fairy stones in it, so that Xiao Leng can feel comfortable without absorption. Plenty of fairy spirits is that Xiao Leng has never felt that the roots of the earth can’t find such abundant aura now.
A gust of wind blew wildly, from which Xiao Leng felt a little danger.
"Jie Jie looks like it’s true that there are treasures in it, but it doesn’t seem like a good time for me to come. It seems that I’m late, baby, and I haven’t left anything for me. It’s really bad that the class is not good." A strange man appeared not far from Xiao Leng, with a rare purple pupil shining with purple light. His long hair hung to the ground, but it was white, silvery and rare. A black belt wrapped around his hair, but there was still a lot of hair scattered.
Xiao Leng frowned and found himself unable to see the strength of this person, which means that this person’s strength far exceeds his own strength.
"I don’t know if this little friend can share some treasures? Want to know who has a share in this truth, "the man laughed and said that it was impossible to erase the malicious look in his eyes. If Xiao Leng said that he would not give it, he would start work.
Xiao condensate god looked at the man, and from this man’s eyes, he found a trace of familiarity, but it disappeared in a flash.
"hitched" Xiao Leng suddenly found out that this person turned out to be a malicious and powerful person and a person who is uncertain about good and evil. He told us that this person took the tenth place in the fix-true world, which was a headache. His name was soul-eating, and he was a robbery and scattered fairy.
Xiao leng, the scattered fairy, had a headache. He didn’t recognize that he could get away from this man. The monk in the late Yuan infant had no chance to win this powerful scattered fairy root. The difference between the late Yuan infant and the robbery of scattered fairy was not as simple as that. The difference between them was qualitative.
Chapter 77 Soul-eating this dog thing
For this is also positive, evil and evil figure, even a powerful wind-filling patriarch feels even more difficult to deal with.
Senior this person is also a senior, a senior who has lived longer than himself for many years, but why is he so weird in his heart? This person is too incompetent.
"The elder doesn’t know who you are?" Xiao Leng didn’t know the name of this soul-eating, but it was so funny to ask. Looking at Xiao Lenggen, he didn’t intend to answer, but there was a sword in his hand. The sword was shining with cold light, and this soul-eating was going to make direct moves.
"Who am I? You don’t need to know. You’re going to die anyway. You must know my name?" Soul-eating smiled and said, how do you look at it? It’s all weird and rare. Purple pupil gives people an uneasy feeling. Xiao Leng is very cautious. Looking at the soul-eating in front of him, he is thinking of leaving the soul-eating immediately, but the strong man will add himself to those things. Even Jin Xian will be interested. The situation is that such a scattered fairy has several magic weapons of fairy level to help him through the scattered fairy robbery, but it is of great help. Maybe he can spend all the scattered fairy robberies, so he is an immortal master. This temptation is even greater. Obviously, Xiao Lenggen doesn’t want
"Oh, it turned out to be a soul-eating elder." Since you didn’t tell me, I knew Xiao Leng by myself. Instead, I thought that it made Xiao Leng a little cautious. Although the whole self-cultivation world is famous, not everyone knows that this young player is a junior in front of him, but he can easily recognize himself. It seems that the power behind him may be very strong and soul-eating has to be re-treated. However, Xiao Leng still didn’t pay attention to Xiao Leng. There is no threat in front of this yuan infant junior base.
"oh? You know me. Are you a disciple? " Soul-eating narrowed his eyes, and the magic weapon in his hand was also put away. For this little master of Yuan infant, Soul-eating has not been paid attention to. If this little one dares to escape, he will be able to put him to death at any time. It is a fact that he thinks so, but it is not necessarily what it is.
"My predecessor was Qing Xuanzong Qingyang," Xiao Leng said and then said, "I’m ashamed that my clan has been destroyed by that evil Lord." He said that he had a haze in his heart.
Soul-eating heard him say that he was a student of Qing Xuanzong, and he just smiled. He knew that Qing Xuanzong had been wiped out. This whole thing has been flowing for a long time. He knew very clearly that he didn’t expect this little guy to dare to admit that he knew that a powerful Sect could always make people give face, although Qing Xuanzong was said by others. Obviously, he was prepared.
as expected
"I just got engaged with Dan Yizong Yue Linger, and her master is the wind-eater." Xiao Leng went on to say that the soul-eater was taken aback and the wind-eater’s apprentice husband, that is, the double-cultivator, can make people change their face to the soul-eater, so everything is hard to say here.
Soul-eating narrowed his eyes for a moment and then smiled "Qing Xuanzong orphan?" Oh, it’s better to mend the wind’s disciple’s son-in-law. Haha, it seems that I really have to give you a face. "The murder is instantaneous. He eats the soul, so he is not a stickler. It is him. Of course, he will not miss this opportunity to improve his strength. No matter who you are, even if you are a sneak attack on the wind, it is inevitable.
Look at the soul-eating, relax your face, Xiao Leng eats the soul, let yourself go, but suddenly feel that the soul-eating body is strongly murdered. Xiao Leng’s face changed and he quickly stepped back for a distance, but the soul-eating sword appeared instantly. Xiao Leng finished flying with true force.