God finch face with a sneer at directly turned to one side root don’t look at Guo Yi.


Guo Yi stretched out a hand and directly pressed her sharp bar to press her face again, still staring at her coldly and scolding, "Are you killing yourself?"
He didn’t look into her eyes too carefully before, and when he did, he realized that the eyes carried in these eyes were so similar to Yun Xianer.
"I don’t want to kill you what is it? Cough! " God finch will Guo Yi pinch her hand to jilt mouth and cough up two bloody faces pale. Guo Yi’s foot just now almost shattered her gods.
Guo Yi at this time more sure that she is YunXianEr hands gives birth to a golden brilliance according to her forehead that a brilliance into her body.
God finch reached out and hit Guo Yi’s arm and cried, "I don’t want you to help me, Guo rogue. I don’t want you to kill me! If you don’t kill me, I will kill you sooner or later. I will ruin your family, you bastard! "
Yun Xianer got a mysterious big shot. Guo Yi didn’t know who that big shot was, but now he is sure to be suspicious.
God bird is the second trick of her ghost heart
Guo Yi pressed her hands tightly and still smashed the golden brilliance into her body. "If you don’t want to be rare, you have to go back with me and apologize to my mother. If you don’t listen, you will be dealt with according to the provisions of Article 30 of the family law. Any kannika nimtragol who doesn’t behave well will be punished for three hundred and sixty-five days in a row with her husband."
There is no such family law in the Guo family, but I heard that this article was written into the Guo Family Law later.
Chapter 96 Go to the first heavy day
Shenque’s blood-stained clothes have been changed into a new beautiful milky white dress with delicate pine flowers and brocade shoulders by Hong Xiangyin.
Yun Xianer has a lot of ghosts, so she can have many kinds of appearances at any time. She can become a god bird, a Su Ya, a Li Xiaoyan, a Qin Qing demon and a Qing Li Er. Because these people have different personalities, she is the only one, but Yun Xianer dominates them.
Guo Yilong tied her with a rope and held her in his arms, ignoring her constant abuse.
"Guo Yi, you bastard, I didn’t marry you at all and I can’t marry you. If you tie me up, I can’t escape … if something happens, you tie me up."
"I tell you that it is impossible for me to admit my mistake to your mother. If you don’t let me go, I will kill your family."
"Don’t I gave birth to a daughter for you. I’m your woman. I tell you that girl has nothing to do with you. I’ll find another man to give birth to …"
Guo Yi stopped to keep a close eye on her black eyes.
YunXianEr uneasy up dry cough two "it’s just a joke" when you really?
Guo Yi still stared at her and said nothing.
The more so, the more YunXianEr felt that Guo Yi was terrible at this time. He shrank slightly, slender and slender, and his voice was no longer so rampant. "Why don’t you look at me?"
Guo Yi still stared at her with awe and nodded his head.
YunXianEr moved the body is the arm toward Guo Yi bump and provocative malicious way "guo rogue you won’t be Sue them a few silly medicine! You believe what I say? "
Guo Yidao "naturally not"
"Then why did you just nod?" Yun xian er Dao
Guo Yi said, "I suddenly thought of a very important problem thanks to your waking me up."
"What the hell?" YunXianEr think Guo Yi look at her eyes a little hot at this time, just like a hungry wolf looking at a lamb.
Guo Yi laughed. "Yes! Why didn’t I think of it before? "
Yun Xianer thinks that she is still intelligent, but at this time she is confused by Guo Yi’s surprise.
Guo Yi released Yun Xianer and grabbed her sweet shoulder. "Xianer Xianer will depend on you in the future."
"Why do you depend on me?" Yun Xianer eyed Guo Yi doubtfully.
"Nature is to have children," Guo Yi took it for granted.
After hearing this, YunXianEr smiled with a stiff face. "Guo … big bastard, I am the biggest thing in your eyes."
Guo Yi nodded his head very seriously. "Naturally, you should know that we Guo Gudi are extremely difficult to have children. Sue and I have had many close contacts … but her belly has not moved at all. Other women have had several close contacts, but none of them have been able to conceive, but you are different. Just sleeping with you once, you are pregnant with Xianer. You are really a baby artifact! In the future, it’s up to me whether Guo Yi can scatter Ye Er Sun Mantang. "
Guo Yi doesn’t look like a joke at all, as if he couldn’t wait to put Yun Xianer into the little black room to give birth to a baby full-time immediately.
YunXianEr trembling with anger glittering and translucent shellfish teeth bite "giggle" ring for a long time before calm to a cold smile "Guo Yi! You are really good at abacus! "
"Not bad!" Guo Yi implicitly laughed
"Should we have a second child now?" YunXianEr face smile more gloomy.
Guo Yi said, "That’s naturally the best, but having a baby is a big deal! But you have to wait until seven days later. "
Yun Xianer came to send it immediately, but when he heard Guo Yi’s sentence "seven days later", he immediately put away his anger and wondered, "Wait until seven days later?"
"That’s none of your business. Now, honestly follow me to the heavy day." Guo Yi’s hey hey smile is a press of YunXianEr’s back and hold her up again.
In the distance, I kept saying "tut-tut" in the crossing of a Tsing Yi tunic, looking at Guo Yi and Yunxianer, whose eyes were full of confusion.
"What exactly are these two people? How do I feel that I don’t want enemies or lovers?" Tao finally asked.
Hong Xiang’s face is still smiling, but she said nothing.
Hua Er corridor "They are incompatible with each other, and the enemy can’t wait to cramp and peel the bones of each other, but it is precisely because of this that they have given birth to a way to give up their feelings. Perhaps even the boss himself didn’t realize that his love for Yunxianer has long surpassed that of Su E. Men like to seek excitement and men sometimes like women like Yunxianer. Of course, this is only one possibility."
Tao mused, "What is another possibility?"
Hua Er Lou added, "YunXianEr is not only YunXianEr, but also Su Ya and Li Xiaoyan Guo Yi, and their feelings are transferred to YunXianEr."
Tao thinks there is some truth in it. He muttered, "I don’t even let my aunt go. It’s just deserved it."
Shenwu tree is still full of vitality, and it is so beautiful that the clouds are shining and the leaves are falling in succession.
Yun Xianer behaved herself, and her body tied with a rope was also solved by Guo Yi.
An disobedient YunXianEr is definitely a great disaster, but an obedient YunXianEr is definitely a great help. Now she has completely inherited ShenQueXiu, even if she meets Zun, she has a hard work, even if she can’t beat running for her life.
"If you want to go to the next day, just the two of us will go. The red one won’t go, and those two idiots don’t want to go with you. It’s also a drag." YunXianer’s head white quivered gently and it was very impolite.
"That dead fat is a fool, but I am definitely not." Tao suddenly lost his temper. How can he accept that he is also a man of heaven who was called a fool?
Yun Xianer frowned slightly and stared at him. "You are an idiot in my eyes. Don’t be a bit of a genius. If I ban heaven, you are even worse than an idiot."
Tao was so angry that he caught all the crowns on his head and threw them out and shouted, "How dare you look down on me? I want to challenge you."
Hua Er Lou was busy and rushed to drag him to one side and said, "Little Taoist, don’t mess with her. This woman is not easy to mess with Heaven, but she can compete with you, Uncle Su. You can’t fix it enough. Don’t invite humiliation."
After hearing these words, I was surprised. "Is this YunXianEr the adversary that Sue ShiShu said? If it’s really her, then her practice of heaven is really several times higher than mine. Forget it. "
Tao was no longer excited and his face became cool again. He picked up the tunnel crown and took a look at Yunxianer with a cold hum. "Being original today …" He looked at the Hua Er building next to himself and then added, "Look at the emperor’s face on the second floor and you won’t care about it like a little girl. Let’s go on the second floor"
Speak this way is negative hand and go until after the trip is wiped his forehead cold sweat way "too humbled, I can’t. I’ll go to Guo’s house and inform Sue ShiShu that her adversary has appeared again." Hua Er Tower stared at YunXianEr and then ran to recover.
After the two men walked away, Guo Yi looked at the red xiangyin tenderly and smiled. "Xiangyin, why don’t you go to Lingxiao Temple and wait for us for seven days? I will definitely come back in seven days."
Red Xiangyin’s face always smiled. "I want to have Miss Yun with you so much, so I can rest assured. Besides, Sunrise needs someone to take care of her now, and I just went to spend time with her."
She is an understanding woman!
Yun Xianer frowned and wondered, "What happened to Bai Xier?"
There are too many tricks in Yunxianer. Guo Yi naturally won’t tell her that Bai Xier has lost everything now. She even dares to do her own martial sister. She won’t talk to the teacher elder sister.