The white tiger was shocked and looked at the edge of the dragon with a hint of trembling. "You said … this is the ancestor of the wild?"


Honghuangzu Rowen is famous.
It is a creature that has reached a high level at the beginning of heaven and earth, not only the ancestors of the whole dragon, but also the founder of the whole world, which people can surpass.
However, I don’t know what happened in the ancient times. This man disappeared completely when he was the ancestor of the dragon, leaving a drop of JingXie to be the treasure of the dragon in the town and finally disappeared.
Looking at Li Xuandao circling around constantly, the bottom of my heart produced a very unreal feeling.
The ancestors of the wild and the wild can be imitated by people who even pay homage to the high beings and heaven and earth.
How could such creatures have wronged Li Xuandao as a human being?
And looking at the wild ancestor dragon with a meek face and a flattering expression on Li Xuandao’s face, it is even more dull like being struck by lightning.
"This thing in front of you is definitely not the ancestor of the wild!"
White tiger closed his eyes and comforted himself constantly.
However, I feel the ancient smell of the dragon and the deep fear from the depths of my blood. It knows that it can’t deceive itself.
"Li Xuandao, what are you and Honghuang Zulong?"
White tiger suddenly stared at Li Xuandao figure with a dignified face and asked.
Li Xuandao just laughed. His previous body Lingfeifei.
Edge dragon hurriedly craned its neck and extended its huge and majestic head to Li Xuandao’s foot with Li Xuandao standing on it.
"What do you say we are?"
Li Xuandao commanding looking at a full face of shock white tiger corners of the mouth slightly Yang flush a smile.
Hehe, dare to pretend to be forced with the old man?
I don’t scare you to death!
Sure enough!
Seeing the performance of Honghuang Zulong, the white tiger was completely frightened.
At the beginning of the universe, the ancestors of the wild and the ancestors of the dragon were already high-spirited, and I was Li Xuandao’s foot.
Who the hell is Li Xuandao?
What the hell is going on here?
"Little White Tiger, it’s time to see you off."
Li Xuandao sighed deeply and tactfully, and his eyes were full of pity. His face clearly stated that he didn’t want to do it, but he had to do it.
At this moment, the white tiger suddenly got up.
It looked at being trampled by Li Xuandao, and it was full of regret that Li Xuandao was like white
"Li Xuandao, how can I please you?"
Although it’s a little hard, the little white tiger said it.
If you face the lower creatures, the little white tiger will never give in, but when you face the higher creatures, especially yourself, you want the noble creatures. This little white tiger shows no backbone.
Don’t say it’s to please Li Xuandao. It’s to be a slave for Li Xuandao. It’s also full of joy
There is no need to be suspicious about Li Xuandao’s identity. Although he has human appearance and characteristics, he is by no means the lowest creature.
Can’t you see that the ancestors of the wild and the wild have already bowed their feet?
"How to please me is your business."
See just arrogant little white tiger suddenly attitude one hundred degrees turn Li Xuandao was so proud.
While secretly admiring his intelligence, he pretended to be tall, stretched out his right foot and handed it to the white tiger. "First of all, you should kiss my toes to express your gratitude to my minister, and then say that you know everything can make my heart happy and I can give you poor benefits!"
"There are benefits?"
The white tiger roared and finally found himself a minister, Li Xuandao, and said excitedly, "What are the benefits?"
Li Xuandao casually take out SPAR Lingshi himself reluctantly promised not to lose the dignity and face of the White Tiger clan.
However, Li Xuandao almost exclaimed with a word from White Tiger.
"If I untie the soul-tightening spell for you?" Li Xuandao snapping fingers casual way
"What’s the solution to the soul-tightening curse?" The little white tiger roared with excitement and almost jumped up.
If there is anything in this world besides Li Xuandao that can scare him, it is the curse of the tight soul, which has tortured him for thousands of years and left a deep shadow on his heart.
Now I hear Xiao Bai Tigerheart’s excited words and expressions to untie the soul curse.
Almost without hesitation, it came to Li Xuandao’s side and leaned down respectfully. Li Xuandao kissed his foot gently and asked, "Master, when are we going to help me get rid of the soul-tightening spell?"
"It depends on your performance."
Li Xuandao stepped on the dragon’s foot lightly, and it was only from the landing that he said lightly, "I want you to tell me all the secrets here and the news of the hidden goddess. I can help you untie the soul curse."
It is even more awe-inspiring to see Li Xuandao easily step on the big white tiger.
Li Xuandao will look at everything, and his face will not move. His heart has already turned upside down.
If it’s true, don’t please me. I’m afraid Li Xuandao will be swallowed up in one bite. Li Xuandao’s foot, the dragon of the wild is not the real dragon of the wild, but the magic of the wild is mixed with a trace of the breath of the wild dragon, which is condensed into a phantom.
I don’t know if the ancestors of the wild were not found or too lazy to ignore Li Xuandao’s farce, which never appeared and didn’t respond. Go with Li Xuandao’s nonsense.
Chapter 5 Prophecy 300 years ago
Chapter 5 Prophecy 300 years ago