"Well, get up, silly girl."


Su Yu smiled and patted Linganer’s sweet buttocks, which made the beauty tremble with shame and limp body.
Linganer gently arranged a messy robe for Su Yu.
"Take the lead to see the guest."
Su Yu walked out of the room, accompanied by the waiter respectfully upon Su Yu came to the hall.
Just entered the hall Su Yu saw a sitting woman.
This young woman is wearing a white dress and a rusty butterfly with dark lines, and a blue butterfly tassel is slightly raised.
Her eyes are like water, but she talks about cold. She seems to be able to see through everything. Her fingers are as thin as fat, white as snow, and pink. She seems to be able to twist water. Her lips are smiling and her movements are like dancing. The dignified appearance reveals an indescribable seductive feeling and a fairy-like refined temperament.
Su Yu’s eyes are a little numb. This woman’s appearance and figure are actually not in Su Jia’s sisters!
It is really stunning!
"Wan’er has seen the master."
Officer Wan’er slowly started his amorous feelings, and his attitude was slightly low and respectful and docile.
Those beautiful eyes with eyebrows like willows and eyes like peach blossoms are even more attractive because they make people itch from the bones.
"Are you an official Wan’er?"
Su Yu stepped over and scanned the beauty with deep eyes.
I have to say that it is really a pleasure to have such an eye-catching official!
"Master, I am Wan’er."
Officer Wan’er gently said that she was as gentle as her own name, with a touch of amorous feelings and family atmosphere.
"Call me grandpa after it’s good."
Su Yu smilingly sat in the Lord’s seat with a servant to attract him to several high-level officials in Blackstone County.
Su Yu briefly introduced the identity of Wan’er, an official, and then handed over Su Bo’s responsibilities to Wan’er, an official, on the spot to refine the finance, agriculture, politics and laws of Blackstone County.
Su Yu, who summoned the generals to be born with full loyalty, was very relieved to hand over the political department to the official Wan’er to take care of it.
Yu Subo doesn’t think there is anything wrong with being taken responsibility. He prefers to be a butler.
It’s his old man’s house that feels a little hard. How can she handle so many things properly?
In the face of Su Bo’s doubts, Su Yu smiled indifferently and confidently. "She will handle it herself."
This is an administrator with two talents!
At a certain level, she is a political expert. Only when she has a prime minister can she deal with Blackstone County, isn’t it easy?
Although everyone is also very good, it is a good thing that Su Yu has such a beautiful woman around him, but everyone is well-advised. Shut up, don’t ask, grandpa doesn’t like talkative people to go there.
"Wan’er returned to the public at the beginning, and I hope that your colleagues will coexist in the future, and I hope that your predecessors will carry a lot."
Guan Wan’er has a crisp voice like an oriole, and his humble attitude is very popular.
Everyone hurriedly gave me a hand in return and couldn’t help sighing, not to mention the official Wan’er. Her beauty and attitude towards people are very enviable. It is something that many people can’t meet.
After a brief introduction to the meeting, Su Yu sent a series of follow-up things, ordering everyone to take measures to expand the city wall and accommodate refugees and victims today.
Su Yu has already ordered Yu Qingge shopkeeper to announce his identity with Yang Mingwei in Beishan County.
Su Yu’s doubt will bring new hope to everyone when the people in Beishan County are desperate at the beginning of the disaster.
Sue’s identity as the God of War: There is a huge amount of grain in Blackstone County. Two news will surely sweep every corner of Beishan County like a whirlwind.
This doubt is a great opportunity for Su Yu to accept the people and expand the soft power of the high population territory!
After discussing the specific details with everyone, Su Yu asked everyone to prepare for the corresponding things before retreating. This time, accepting the victims and other things, Wan’er, the first general, can play a deterrent role in force and help in coordination.
This is a test for official Wan’er to see if she has strong political handling ability, and whether she can handle the problem of Blackstone County and the victims well this time.
When everyone retreated, Su Yu calculated the energy of his own people’s hearts.
At 35 o’clock, Su Yu plans to go back to her room to practice the True Emperor’s Treasure Roll.
These days, Su Yu has been afraid to move the people’s hearts and minds, and the strength of the training institute has been stuck in the peak of wisdom.
The development of power is very important, but Su Yu’s own cultivation is also very important.
However, the Lord’s cultivation is also more difficult than the strength breakthrough, which requires people’s energy, otherwise there will be no breakthrough in his own cultivation to death! Moreover, in the later period, Su Yu needed more popular energy when he cultivated his own strength.
After three days, Su Yu’s room couldn’t be closed, and she sat cross-legged on the soft bed and closed her eyes to practice and adjust her breath.
The nine-star renju scene reappears with nine aura whirlpools, and Su Yu is crazy about absorbing the aura of heaven and earth.
This time, Su Yu slightly suppressed the cultivation speed and did not form an aura storm. All the generals in Blackstone County can feel that Blackstone County, including the surrounding 10,000-meter aura, was plundered by the Lord!
The speed of Su Yu’s cultivation is not fast because of the double blessing of the innate sacred Taoist body and the true imperial scroll.
For three days, Su Yu broke through the realm of martial arts and stepped into the peak of solid state! It’s a step away from the soul-condensing realm!
We have broken through several small stages in three days!
This talent is simply against the sky!
After three days, Su Yu closed her eyes, opened her eyes, and her eyes were blooming, and her whole body was floating with extraordinary splendor.
[drop! The second practice consumes 21 points of popular energy! 】
Tongsheng sound qi
Su Yu pinched her fist and felt the full strength of her body. She couldn’t help laughing at her mouth.
If the people’s hearts and minds have enough energy, he can sprint back to the peak strength of the sacred land in a short time!
When the time comes, when Su Yu returns to the imperial city, people who look down on Su’s little prince and think Su Yu is a waste will be surprised!
Su Yu is looking forward to the day when he returns to the Imperial City.
79 Chapter 79 Recruiting refugees and great development!