"Praise me and I will live forever" is heard all over the north.


The placenta icebreaker came out. At this time, the ice monster’s head was covered with a layer of blue flame. After seeing Jade Duxiu, he was suddenly surprised and respectful.
Although I have become a god, I don’t know that there seems to be a kind of genuine fear when facing the jade show. It seems that the person in front of me is a monster in the wild and he is a mortal, and he can swallow himself if he wants the other person to.
"Well," Yu Duxiu hummed, "I’ll leave this far north ice sheet to you in the future. It’s your duty to help the cold and protect the far north ice sheet."
"Yes" Ice monster respectfully replied, and then silently refused.
"I can’t believe that you really have a marketer. You have to give people a face." Cold look at Jade Duxiu and look at it as if it were an injured little beast hiding in the corner. The ice monster is too strong to bear to show color. At least it is also a strong peer. You bullied the gods like this
Yu Duxiu looked at Han Tao and smiled. "Look at what this is?"
"This is?" The cold pupil suddenly grows up, revealing an incredible color, "the source of Shinto and the source of gods."
Jade Duxiu looked at the source of the gods in his hand, whether there was a congenital qi machine, whether it was still sleeping and gestating, and whether there was no change after the gods.
"The gods are in my hands and I am not afraid of their arrogance." Jade Duxiu smiled and stepped into the cold cave. "Now is the most fun time to wait and see the drama."
SIRS Godfather looked at those strange eyes, and his heart was completely cold. Even if he had expected it, it was still unbelievable to look at those familiar faces at this time.
"Cao Cao, you are my younger brother. Now that you have become a god, you should celebrate and return quickly …" Grandfather Tai Dou looked at a younger brother in Shenguang.
"Godfather is not hypocritical. We are not children. Everyone knows what’s going on." Then Cao Cao took a contemptuous look at Godfather Tai Dou. "Shinto is self-reliant and immortal. We must not start this crop with our future godfather."
"You ungrateful generation forget me too dou way is like training you? You betrayed sendoh! Betraying Taidou Road! " Grandfather Tai Dou was so angry by this brother’s words.
"I want to live forever. If the immortal way can’t give me immortality, then I can take refuge in Shinto." Cao Cao rightly said.
"You’ve given the Star Star the chance to become a fairy. Don’t you allow me to wait for my own way out?" Cao Cao smiled coldly.
Looking at the gods standing in the divine light, the godparents are heartbroken. "You wait … do you think so?"
"Sendo Shinto is a different godfather. Now it’s not too much for me to wait for our return. When you waited for Xiandao brother to look down on me, Brother Shinto didn’t know that the cat was finally found by us again and again. The shame in that year must be redoubled." The hatred in the divine light was terrible. After being pardoned, this brother was ridiculed and humiliated by his clansmen, but he didn’t know that things had changed.
"Stop it!" Grandfather Taiyi stopped talking to all the grandfathers and took a look at Fang Shen. He only looked at the decline of Xiandao and was constantly suppressed by the gods. The tone was dignified. "Shinto has won the general trend of heaven and earth, so let’s not touch it hard. At this time, when Shinto is rising, let’s touch it and ask for it. What we have to do now is to keep our Xiandao qi machine from declining and not being seized by Shinto."
"We alone may not be able to suppress the fate of Xiandao".
Chapter 2251 The Tao dispels the magic and rises the magic to teach immediately.
Seeing that the ancestors did not move, the grandfathers were a little more secure, and then they made a calculation.
"It’s not unusual for us to suppress bad luck, but we can’t!" Taiping’s ancestor stroked the emperor’s picture. "We can’t suppress Xiandao by looking at it and resisting the turmoil of luck."
While Yuan Tianzun smiled inexplicably at the corner of his mouth, a pair of eyes looked at him and said, "I have made great plans now."
Looking at the amount of Buddha Yuan Buddha’s eyes moving too easily, "Is there any way for two Taoist friends to suppress their luck?"
"Ladies and gentlemen, please look at me. Taoism can not only suppress the luck, but also seize the Shinto luck." Yuan Tianzun got up and took a step to measure the virtual corners of his mouth and gently tilted every step, but when he saw the virtual wolf crying, ghosts crying and ghosts crying, he couldn’t help but feel disappointed and tears seemed to feel the end of the world.
"There is a fairy road and a road. Today, I set up a magic Taoism. Since then, the Taoist priest has eliminated the magic and the Taoist priest has risen."
The original heavenly king was heard all over the world, and several monties flew out of the eyes of the strong in the world.
"All sentient beings in the heavens have magical thoughts, and all the godsworn gods have evil influence’s Tao, and those who are doomed by my magic Tao are bound to die." The original monty Wang Yin spread all over the world
A thunder, as the original Heavenly Devil broke away from Taoism, the Taoist luck declined instantly, but it did not flow to other races, but stayed for the same number of hours to the inferno. The heavenly demons invaded the heavens and the hundreds of families, including the first gods and the first gods, and their luck rolled towards the magic road to see that the magic road was soaring, but only a few breaths had surpassed Taoism.
"It turned out to be your plot against you." Jin Li looked at the overwhelming Monty and immediately yelled angrily. "The original Monty Wang Jun and you are endless."
Before Jin scales came, the demon king had disappeared and dispersed into the hearts of all beings.
SIRS’ ancestors’ faces changed, but SIRS’ ancestors’ eyes lit up. "The magic disappears and the magic disappears, and the balance of yin and yang is tight! Wonderful! Wonderful! "
"I am waiting for Li Jiao?" Tai Yi’s ancestor turned his eyes to the opening angle king, and two of the strong men did not teach.
"Even if you can’t make the magic way just balance my nine cases, if you set up the magic teaching first, you can also become a magic creature. If you want to set up such a big teaching, it’s really a great hardship." Thinking for a while, the godfather interrupted everyone’s words
Listen to Tai Dou’s words, everyone, look at me. I think you can stare blankly. I really can’t figure out what kind of teaching can make nine complementary ones the most suitable for Xiandao magic teaching. It has been robbed, and all the ancestors can stare.
"Why don’t you call me nine cases and temporarily merge into Taoism to ensure good luck! Otherwise, according to the speed of the passing of the eye, the heavens are big, but there are no nine cases of vitality. "Tai Su’s godfather said involuntarily.
"This ….." SIRS godfather was hesitant.
On the other hand, Prime Minister Turtle said, "It’s not a bad idea. It’s better to strengthen my Taoism and wait until the Shinto dies. It’s better to go out on your own with luck!"
I have to say that Amitabha’s words are very confusing. Many godfathers are really heartbroken when they hear about it, but they can’t find any good way. The Prime Minister turtle said that way is the best way.
Just then, suddenly a mass of chaos crossed the brocade scale in the virtual insertion field, and a pair of eyes were scarlet and looked at the quantity Buddha "Quantity Buddha!"
"Yuan Buddha’s self-reliance magic way has been separated from Taoist friends. If you want to find Yuan Buddha, how can you come to me for questioning? I am still looking for this traitor! " Measure the Buddha and make a ceremony.
"Are you stupid? Although the devil and the Tao are at odds, they are one family. Who am I looking for if I don’t come to you? " Jin Li glared at the Buddha. "Yuan Tianzun’s plot against him is not over. You must find Yuan Tianzun and give you an explanation."
"metasomatism? What does Long Jun want? You don’t take yourself too seriously! Where do you think I am a Taoist? Who is it that makes people angry with you? " The amount of Buddha suddenly somberly to words without hesitation.
Jin Li has long been fed up with exhausting monty’s troubles. At this time, we have to see where the source is. A pair of eyes are staring at the Buddha. "If you don’t give an account, we will not finish today."
"Yes, hand over Yuan Tianzun and we will confront him face to face." Aole appeared in the field, and the interests of Monty Aole did not come.
"It’s not too much for two Taoist friends to look at my nine cases and see that my nine cases are so aggressive." It’s rare that the ancestors of Taidou were sullen and didn’t stab their teammates
Listening to Tai Dou’s words, Jin Li said coldly, "This is the private affair of the two of us. You Terran old guys don’t mind your own business. If you explain today, you will not die endlessly. Can you nine old guys bear this cause and effect? My dragon is now army of one and can afford the loss. I don’t know if you can! "
Listening to Jin Li’s unabashedly threatening words, the ancestors suddenly knew that the seriousness of the matter was too great. The ancestors looked at the Buddha. "Taoist friends don’t know if there is any misunderstanding in this? It would be nice if everyone misunderstood! "
"Misunderstanding? God knows what’s wrong with this fellow! I think he did it on purpose! " Measure the Buddha’s sneer
"Don’t talk nonsense, I’ve been waiting for Yuan Tianzun, but I can’t find Yuan Tianzun to blame you." Aole’s eyes stared at the quantity of Buddha. "Yuan Tianzun Hongjun’s spine planted a monty and told me to bear the monty attack day and night. Although this monty is a worm, ordinary people can easily crush it, but it’s annoying! Today, Yuan Tianzun is in charge of the Demon Sect. If Taoism has nothing to do with this matter, who will believe it! "
Hearing this, it seems that it’s a big deal that a spirit of many godfathers can make the two Long Jun so upset.
Measure Buddha smell speech frown a pair of eyes looked at two people "hung-chun spine I’ve never touched such as calculation? It’s not difficult for Hung-chun to find the underworld and do his hands and feet! Hung-chun’s tactics are obvious to all. Nothing is impossible. You two covet other people’s treasures. You’ve been tricked and now you’re asking me? It’s a slippery day. "
Listening to the measurement of the Buddha mocking Jin Li impatiently said, "Then you can call out the original demon king and tell us where the underworld is!"
"What a megalomaniac! I still owe you when it’s your turn." Even the old tortoise is so patient, he can’t help but want to hit someone. "I don’t know if two idiots can really push natural enemies when they get the memory of Zulong?"
With that, the old turtle directly moves to the whole body and picks up the turtle shell, and then takes a picture of it towards Jinlin Ao Le.