But they still can’t hit the bronze doors. After several efforts, the royal ice clan finally brought the magic.


The ice clan’s magic weapon is an ice spirit. A slight quiver can freeze the territory of Wan Li. The royal family is a golden chariot, and the flame is as great as a raging fire. It is the ice queen who breaks the two magic weapons and flies to bronze doors at one stroke.
Bronze doors sparkled with mysterious array patterns and suffered a blow. The dense tadpoles behind them swam quickly and resisted the destructive power of conan the destroyer.
"What joke can’t go in?"
Everyone’s heart is full of great unwillingness, and it’s hard to wait for this day. Why do you favor them and make them so difficult at the same time?
In the end, Taiyi God personally shot him. He personally carried the seven-foot sword and drove the secret method to the bronze doors, but in the end it didn’t work.
At this time, what they said in front of Liu Yu went in!
Even the five demigods can’t beat bronze doors when they bring two magic weapons. Is it that God wants to refuse their genius in this life?
"Didn’t Mr. Liu see it long ago?" Xuanmen Saint’s eyes narrowed slightly. Judging from his recent contact, he found that Liu Yu didn’t care much about this ancient temple.
Is it hard to see that bronze doors is a disaster?
"Boo boo ~ ~ ~"
Qinglian lake
Liu Yu keeps sinking.
That horrible god’s crazy output is constantly searching for something that seems to be missing, and he is very anxious.
Chapter 674 Thousand-handed prisoners wake up in troubled times!
Liu Yu has stopped paying attention to the ancient temple, although he knows that bronze doors will not be beaten, but now he is still a problem in his heart.
Lin Taxian, where are you?
Show up here and ask me if I want to go into this ancient temple, and you’re gone?
Liu Yu has sunk four or five hundred meters before she knows it. No one would have thought that this violet lake would be so deep. "Going further is the undercurrent of Styx". Will she sink into the undercurrent of Styx?
At this moment, an idea flashed through him, and a huge shadow appeared in the perception range of god knowledge. Slowly, the outline of this behemoth was clearly perceived by him, and his strength was limited to being close to the gods!
Liu Yu’s mood at that time was like a wild chrysanthemum rushing to the bottom of the water. Why is it so tough?
Is it because Qianlin stepped into the mist of Qinglian Lake to catch such a monster?
"Host, you have been stared at, please leave quickly."
Yao Yao issued a crisis command, Liu Yushen’s comprehensive combat power index. She knows best that at this time, she suggested retreating, which shows that this sudden visit to creatures is absolutely unusual.
The water roared, and the terrible shock wave exploded with fierce lethality, which made the five ice women feel the crisis, even the Taiyi God deeply felt the threat from the side.
To say strength, he is definitely close to the deity here, except that Liu Yu can give him a special sense of strength, even a genius like King Jinpeng is no match for him.
But when did this water appear so horrible again?
"Brother Liu!" The Xuanmensheng was forced by this terrible wave to release the silver man to resist the coercion from the realm.
Even this Yu Wei is so horrible. What about Liu Yu? What’s that like?
The answer, of course, is not good. He was the first to suffer physical trauma.
Even jade bone Dacheng is almost cracked by this roar at the moment.
Liu Yu felt black at the moment, and then his chest was smashed by a huge thing. The bone broke, and the heartbreaking lung pain was instantly full of pain. "I can’t lose my mind." With this perseverance, he survived.
"Damn it, what kind of monster is this?"
He didn’t even live a trick in front of each other, so he fell into a serious injury field directly.
"rumble ~ ~ ~"
The water surface turbulence is fierce again, and it is simply a huge storm and waves, and he is the small sapling in the mountain bag, which is very different
Liu Yu tried her best to escape from the dead, which was the only way to avoid this terrorist attack.
"What? What? Quickly simulate the countermeasures"
Liu Yu doesn’t want to die. Is this guy here really in a trance? So powerful, he deeply felt the smallness at this moment.
"There is a 30% chance to escape from the frontal water by simulating the failure of the host."
Yao Yao said
"Do you want to watch the host hang up?" Liu Yu was frightened. It was the first time he saw such a strong feeling.
"There is no way to host the comprehensive calculation result in the limit of the current level."
While listening, Liu Yu desperately fled to the surface of the water, which spread continuously and dyed a large area red.
"Ya blew him up for me!"
Yadao: "At present, the energy prepared by Yas is about to run out, and the moving gun will temporarily stop some programs."
Liu Yuwen heard this and roared with almost no hesitation, "Boom!"
I saw a terrible blue light shooting from the sky, which was tens of meters long and cut through it, and finally sank into the bottom of the lake.
However, this monster is very flexible and has long had a premonition that this pair of guns exploded together to produce energy ripples, which are more than 100 meters high than the water surface of the huge violet lake.