"And some powerful individual organizations, families or sects will form companies or regiments to take root in the industrial downtown like secular enterprises. Generally, they have different natures, such as dealing with the illusion of ordinary people, preventing monks from scanning their minds, forbidding laws, and so on. One accepts ordinary people and the other accepts people who fix the truth!"


"In this way, the group company also recruits workers like a secular enterprise, but it is only self-cultivation and has a long salary, legal tender, land, medicine, refining materials and magic weapons."
"The institute will change jobs and apply for jobs like secular workers, and so on. Some positions in various groups and enterprises will hire monks with high salaries, and the mobility range is very large. There was no such thing decades ago, but it was a real-life industry established in recent decades."
"For example, each group company that produces paper and refines hardware essence will not refine one by one like an individual, but Brother Qi uses a special array method or magic weapon to refine that scale. It is amazing that these monks are protected by the group company just like secular workers, and they have a fixed salary every month. It is much safer to practice and travel alone in the field of repairing the truth. Of course, 70% are the hands of various forces and the remaining 30% belong to employers."
"Take the refining of flying swords as an example. There are large groups that make flying swords by the hundreds every time. They modify secular advanced machines through research to form special devices to make flying swords."
"Although this fly sword than their refining but also less than where.
It’s cheaper to win, and it’s convenient to break it before buying it. Of course, I say it’s all low: it’s not something high-tech to make a magic weapon for flying swords. "
"They make all kinds of things wholesale to small shops and small forces, and earn a lot of things that look excellent and are beautifully packaged. Most of them will buy them after they have just seen them. After all, they are the cornerstones of the fix-up world, with a large number of people from mortals to monks who have little knowledge and experience, and there is no good method to refine the device …"
"In addition, there are auction houses and acquisition houses, and there are more barter houses. The business nature of each group of enterprises focuses on different things, and the competition between raising prices and lowering prices is extremely fierce. The root is the law of the jungle."
"All religious sects in the commercial body of the fix-true world also have their own group enterprises, which belong to the top industries, and they are all in charge of the sects and sects. First, they will keep their financial resources from drying up, which will cause embarrassment. Second, they should be trained by their brothers, elders, guardians and heads."
"In addition to these foreign countries, large, medium and small cities will be held regularly, which can be found by all forces and organizations."
"There will be a sea of people selling everything … if you meet an opportunity, you can buy a good magic weapon at a very low price. It’s impossible to say that it will happen all the time just like antiques … I have met many famous chivalrous figures in the fix-the-true world who sell it themselves … The world is strange!"
Luo Cheng said that he was thirsty for nearly half an hour, and it was natural to watch the other party pay attention to listening. "This life seems to have saved the tiger!"
Easy since fix true to just know the science of uniting, calculating, killing people, searching for materials, although I heard this kind of thing, but I didn’t know how to recognize it, I just formed an industrial development casually after the climate.
But now, after hearing what Luo Cheng said, I just got rid of the clouds and saw the specific concept of fixing the true business body in my mind.
It seems that this business is not so easy to get into, and it is too simple to think before. This business is much more complicated than killing people and stealing goods.
After a thoughtful silence, he asked Luo Cheng, "There are all kinds of businesses in the fix-true world, such as secular currency transactions and transactions of materials, magic weapons and other things, which are very chaotic. I recently heard that this legal tender has become the exclusive currency in the fix-true world. What’s your opinion on legal tender?"
Luo Cheng thought for a moment, "legal tender is made by the special department in conjunction with 20 top famous sects, and it is also a way to fix the true currency because of the chaotic transaction."
"Nowadays, the development of science and technology in the world is a great threat to the people who fix the truth. If the people who fix the truth don’t change their attitude towards life, as in ancient times, it will be known to the secular Chinese Ministry sooner or later."
"At that time, everyone had the hope to cultivate. This is a true person, and no one wants to be superior. It is hard to accept that everyone will return to the original mortal place."
"Second, with the development of science and technology in modern times, pollution has become increasingly serious, and mountains and trees have been destroyed on a large scale one day. The aura of heaven and earth is not as strong as in ancient times."
"It happened that the number of people fixing the truth increased year by year, and the number increased by at least dozens of times, which was unimaginable in ancient times! Although reiki can be generated by heaven and earth itself, there are more monks and less meat! Don’t talk about cities, just the hills. Where is nobody practicing? King Zhanshan delimits each other’s territory. Every day, it takes a few miles to dozens of miles … "
"… with the development of secular science and technology, satellites and other very high-end products are scanned all the time, and some monks often do not hide their magical means. They are told by countries that they are top secret and try their best to get the achievement method to contact the fix-true world."
"And although there are specialized agencies to manage this matter to wipe people’s ass, how can so many countries on earth ban it! With foreigners without Chinese blood, even if they get the achievement method, they can’t become a climate and understand the true meaning of the avenue. "
Luocheng suddenly lived a little fidgety embarrassed way "er … sorry, Lord! As I said, I digress. These words have been suppressed for a long time. I didn’t hold back at the moment … That … "
The fourth volume Gan Kun copulation Chapter three hundred The fix true world pass legal tender
Yi this just peep out one silk smile to LuoChengDao "no interest".
13 who also listened attentively watching LuoCheng face different color never thought that just to kill people also really have some ink in his stomach.
Wen Xiaoqin and Wen Xiaoqi, the two sisters, sat in the corner and didn’t show up. They were very interested in listening.
Luocheng spirit a flap conjured up a bottle of mineral water, unscrewed the plastic bottle cap, drank it in one breath, wiped her mouth and coughed, then said.
"He said that all the monks have some magical powers to deal with mortals, no matter how strong or weak they are. Isn’t that easy? It’s just that most of the things sold in the fix-up world are in currency, so it’s easy to buy monks and get some money to spend! "
"China is not good to start work. This foreign country has been hit by the loss of bank vault currency, and the bank account has been taken away. There are countless such things that foreign newspapers and media can often see …"
"What’s so special is that you can’t manage it. If you go to the world, the existing monetary system will collapse sooner or later, and the fix-true world will become well known. If the fix-true world pushes the countries all over the world to the extreme, I don’t think anyone can win, and the earth is in danger."
"This situation has become increasingly serious, and it has finally reached a final plan after many discussions with the urgent consultations of 20 top-ranking sects in the field of revision!"
"Although it is a department, it is a small government in the fix-true world. Without it, no one can do it. In this case, just like a country, it has also developed a common currency in the fix-true world, which will certainly alleviate or stop monks from abusing their powers to seek secular currency …"
"After they succeeded in developing legal tender, they promoted hard rules to fix the true world. This is why the monks began to make great progress in trading money. No one believed that there were still Mormons who forged legal tender and spread it specially to undermine the right path. Many people suffered big losses."
"Later, after several abolishment and improvement, a method was finally created, which made people forge legal tender and made great efforts to keep the secrecy system the best in the field of revision!"
"The sects also jointly issued a declaration to dare to steal from the inside, seek personal gain or forge the theory of legal tender, which case, which faction, which person … without any respect, there is no enemy in the fix-true world to attack and destroy the faction! Never die! "
"Recently, in this fiat propaganda, it has been overwhelming that the special departments of various famous sects make fiat transactions, and the salaries of the staff of the special departments of fiat transactions are also fiat, and the attitude is extremely firm."
"What’s special is that there are also people distributed in the legal tender printing books in all provinces to identify the authenticity, the way, the approximate amount, importance and warning of various exchanges, and so on, and several copies are printed in detail."
"There is a way to prevent mortals from watching illusion and forbid monks to give off a trace of true qi or vitality or spirit, so they can read it strictly to prevent monks from being picked up by mortals after they are lost …"
"The fiat money is like a Chinese secular coin, which is made of refined metal and refined gold … This fiat money is very hard and cannot be refined, damaged, fused with other materials, and so on. The effect is that twenty sects have jointly developed a special alloy. What other materials are there? That’s a confidential issue. I know so much …"
"There is an arc-shaped number on the edge of the legal tender, and there are patterns on the front and back … Now the hardware in the fix-up world is more than ten times more expensive than before!"
"The special state-owned specialized institutions have exchanged refined gold, which has also been separated and inspected by specialized personnel … According to the special standards, the refined metal circulating in the hands of individuals is not of good quality!"
"The refined gold must go through samadhi fire for ten times before it can be shaped and repaired. It is not troublesome to repair it with samadhi fire, and it is unwilling to wave, which causes the price of refined gold to rise and become a shortage."
"One or two fine gold for a fiat, expensive than! If such a legal tender is converted into secular currency, it will be enough for ordinary people to live for a generation. The currency in circulation in various countries has become waste paper. "
"Now, the sects in the special department unite with the provincial specialized agencies to exchange all kinds of materials for all people in the fix-true world. After this action, they will issue legal money. I heard that at the beginning, the sects in the special department lost a lot because of the price of legal money, and now they may get better. Their main acquisition is to wait for fine gold. He is just.
"These are recent events, and there are countless measures. Anyway, this legal tender is bound to become a currency in the fix-true world. If you don’t take the opportunity to earn more, it will be too late to regret it. Of course, if I don’t know or make a mistake, please forgive me."
"If this fiat money is to be devalued into scrap iron in the future, the whole business body of the fix true boundary will collapse and each group company will go bankrupt! The first thing to bear the brunt is that I don’t know how many people in the top 20 famous sects hold grudges. Even if they don’t destroy me, it won’t be much better … It’s a great good thing for the fix-true world that they take such a big risk to issue legal tender. Anyway, I am convinced of this. If you don’t say that the noble family is decent for thousands of years, you’d rather die than face your character … "
Easy to see Luo Cheng gushing with clear thinking and clear articulation. Although he has been injured by unclear injuries, his eyes reveal a kind of light. It seems that he is extremely proficient in this way. He has a clear understanding of the business community in the fix-true world. He is a veteran and a talent!
Yi stared at him for a while and said indifferently, "Look, you’re a character. I won’t pursue it. It’s just that I lack talents like you. Now I’ll give you two ways!"
"One is to recognize that I changed hands and made an oath! I promise that I won’t be mistreated by you, and I will take care of it when I find out the truth! "
"The second way to see your body then also enough unfinished offer estimates can also sell a lot of legal tender …"
Luo Cheng began to listen, but he still has to give the elixir well. What’s he still doing alive? Let yourself die!
His mind struggled violently, and after a while, it burst into a bang! Bang! Bang! I kowtowed three times and swore with a serious look, "I, Luo Cheng, today believe that the master of the mansion will never betray him, otherwise I will not be struck by lightning!"
Yi eyes a clot to Luo Chengdao "I’m easy to behave and simple to my temper, but I don’t listen to orders and have the slightest betrayal … kill!" "
The word "kill" LuoCheng ear exploding suddenly felt a tingle cold sweat dc heart squealed and panic.
"Tiger, you take him to the atrium to choose a courtyard to settle down and have a good healing! You also go out, "Yi said and waved.
Then thirteen Wei Luocheng filed out of Qinqi and two women showed their shapes. Wen Xiaoqin sighed, "I don’t know what to do without going into the door. Little sister has not known much about things over the years! Shame! This Luo Cheng is a talent. Congratulations to Big Brother! "
Easy twist a head to say with smile to two people "don’t say that the emphasis is different. At his age, he hasn’t cultivated Yuan Shen, which is much worse than your sisters! I had previously set up a group company to plan that he would come just in time to catch up with our plan! Go out for a walk again one day … Today you spend a lot of energy to go back to meditation and recover. "
"Thank you for your big brother’s heart." Two women smiled at Yi Tiantian like a hundred flowers blossom, adding a bit of beauty.
Then Yi Yi and two women went to the pagoda to meditate and restore the spirit of exhaustion.
Thirteen guards have two guards at the government gate, one guard at Luo Chengyu, and others meditate and resume their practice in turn, each with its own yard.
There are many times more aura in the mansion than in the outside, and it is also much faster to practice. In less than ten days, the July 7th has been restored.
During the period, Mao Bei corrected many people’s shouting outside the house, which made thirteen Weiqinqi and two women ignore it.
They sent a few people to break into the mansion, but they never came out. After that, the strange array of life and death was very unique, with one policeman, two blocks, three traps, four kills, five fakes and six defeats.
Entering the range of a large array will give warning to people. If people don’t listen to the rush, they will be blocked. After breaking a layer of blocking, they will be trapped. After getting out of trouble, if kill array can still break kill array, it will be in the position of the pseudo-array eye.
That is to say, the stone beast in the hidden recess at the top of the main palace is in the real eye-the map of God sealing the house … Yi is confident that people can find it.
How many people Mao Bei brought this time are trying to refine the spirit and planting one in the virtual realm?
He also saw that this large array of Tianlong Mansion was really powerful, and even individuals did not come out. This is definitely not afraid. Maybe people look at buffoons and generally disdain to deliberately let themselves and others rush and plant a big fall.