Mo Wen is naturally the mysterious strong Guo Yi who ranks first among the younger generation. So who are floret and Wang Datou? Guo Yi is confused again!


So he asked, "Why did Mo Wen call me vulgar?"
"Because he prides himself on being the first lover in the world, he thinks that women’s beauty and ugliness should be measured by their hearts, and they can’t be judged by their appearance. When you come, you ask two women. Do you think he will call you vulgar?" Wu chop laughed
"It’s really vulgar" Guo Yi then added, "So floret will scold me for looking down on women again? Who is floret? "
"floret is the fifth strongest of the younger generation and only one woman among our top ten masters. She is definitely a strong woman. You actually said that watching two women fight and chatting. Do you think she should scold you for looking down on women?" Wu chop added
"I really deserve to be scolded," Guo Yi added. "Who is that big head of Wang, and he wants to find me desperately?"
Wu chop hey hey smiled. "Because these two women are his women, you actually look down on his woman. Do you think he is looking for you desperately? Oh, by the way, I forgot to tell you that the tenth place among the top ten masters of Wang Datou is the best in the world, and the cowhide king can blow a mountain thousands of miles with one breath. "
Guo Yi rubbed his forehead and said, "After all, are these two women going to fight?"
"Because these two women, one is Mo Boss as matchmaker and the other is floret as matchmaker, and they both think that Wang Datou can fight if he can marry a wife to decide the outcome," Wu said.
"Whoever wins will marry Wang Datou?" Guo Yidao
"Whoever doesn’t lose will marry Wang Datou" Wu chop a mysterious smile.
Guo Yi suddenly startled!
Chapter 535 The first lover of the day
Whoever loses will marry Wang Datou!
This shows that this kind of competition is absolutely cruel!
When Guo Yi saw Wang Datou, he suddenly understood the reason!
On this day, there is no uglier person than him. He is three feet tall and his head is one foot long. It feels like a match with a big bowl on it.
It’s unbalanced, as if he would fall to the ground top-heavy at any moment.
It’s not ugly to have a big head, but it’s like a shark, its big mouth is like rows of kitchen knives, and its teeth are a little scary.
Even Guo Yi felt a shudder at a casual look, and even worse, he had to marry him as his wife, which was definitely more miserable than being pushed into a pit of fire.
Those two women are not really beautiful, but they are also very tough. When they fight, they show their heroic demeanor. One is riding a millstone, and the other is carrying a big tree.
However, compared with Wang Datou, these two tough women suddenly appear "petite and exquisite" and "elegant in style", giving people a feeling that a piece of flowers is inserted with cow dung.
At this time, five young top strong people are sitting on the roof and watching the excitement. From time to time, they also make comments to make people feel that the atmosphere is quite harmonious.
"Actually, I have never understood one thing. Are Mo Wen and floret going to be matchmakers for Wang Datou?" Guo Yi asked.
Wu chop way "cultivate immortals is also a chat, especially this group of talented outstanding guys, each of whom is just born and has almost no fun except cultivation. It’s hard to get together because of the peak war, and a group of chat people are no longer bound by families and sects, and naturally find something to talk about."
"Is this really the case?" Guo Yidao
"That’s what you think!" Wu chop laughed
Guo Yi shook his head. He didn’t recognize that these talented detached guys would talk to this extent. Obviously, Wu chop didn’t tell the truth.
At this time, the shrew who was brandishing the millstone directly threw the millstone out and directly smashed the ancient trees on his opponent’s shoulders and fell to the ground.
This is a good opportunity to throw a millstone, and the shrew rushes to hold down her opponent, then punches her head and directly collapses her whole face.
I killed my opponent with one punch.
"I won, I won, I won’t marry him!" The shrew immediately jumped up from the ground, dancing and laughing wildly. This is not a sense of victory but a sense of relief.
Mo Wen is a teenager who looks a little pale when he is ten or nine years old. The most surprising thing is that he has two pupils in his eyes, one like a rock and the other like a dead tree.
Moreover, he has no human breath at all, and he is like a rock and a dead wood like his pupil.
He flew from the roof, then walked to the front of the shrew, took her hand and smiled. "Meimei, congratulations, you are now officially the wife of Wang Datou, and you have not come to hold your wife."
The shrew screamed at once. "I’ll marry him if I win?"
"Khan can’t help who told her to die. Now you’re alone. If you don’t marry him, he won’t find a woman in his life. I’m very sorry about this." Mo Wen patted the shrew’s shoulder and face with a guilty look.
King big head has been happily holding his daughter-in-law to the bridal chamber, which makes Guo Yi wonder if this guy will directly crush the shrew alive.
Guo yi and Wu chop slowly walked to come over, leaving four young generation strong at the same time will be noticed Guo yi body.
Besides Mo Wen and floret, there are two other men.
One of them, with an arm, is the first refiner in the younger generation. I heard that he can refine a star device at the same time, and the refining level is higher than that of those who have cultivated immortality for tens of thousands of years 2.
He is a thousand-handed clan, and now he is the core brother of Duobao Dojo. His name is Chang Jian.
On the other hand, the other person looks ordinary, looks ordinary, dresses ordinary, and even has an ordinary temperament. It is the kind of street where throwing a stone can knock down a large number of people.
Guo Yi knows his name is Cai Shu.
"The first day is fast, Guo Yi"
Floret suddenly flew up from the roof and turned into an extreme streamer, taking a plaque at the gate of a mansion three hundred miles away and then sitting on the roof.
The whole process happened in an instant, and the person with poor eyesight didn’t touch her roots. This speed was so fast that it was worse than the older generation.