Harry is trying to twist Jim Woz’s head!


Although these days are not long, Harry, a noble, has realized the hardships of ancient primitive life.
It’s just boring wood to make a fire and eating is tasteless. There’s not even anything to wipe your ass in this hellhole. It’s suspected that Harry has never experienced anything.
Ever since someone wiped his ass with some strange plant and caused the chrysanthemum festering phenomenon.
Now the island leaves have no fluff, and the serrated leaves have become a hot commodity for soldiers, which has caused a lot of fights.
This is unbearable for Harry!
He believes that the elite troops under his command have been reduced to fighting for the leaves to wipe their ass.
If you go out, you can simply throw away the Millennium honor of the Principality of Al.
Even barbarians have known to wipe their ass and ask for paper since the paper became popular!
He gritted his teeth and said, "Jim Woz, you are so vicious …"
At the beginning, he was exiled to a desert island, which was not a problem, especially when there were many of us. All the animals and poisonous insects were small problems, and he never thought that reality had swollen his face.
Just as he was thinking deeply about how to get out of the predicament
A quick knock at the door entered his ear.
That urgent frequency
Harry felt that his wooden door, which had been made with great effort, might not hold for a few seconds and would have to be knocked through.
However, he didn’t get angry either, because he knew that there were only a few of his own people at this time and there must be something urgent.
So Naidi quickly said, "What is it?"
The other side replied hurriedly, "Adult soldiers seem to have an outbreak of illness. Many people say that they are swollen and dizzy!"
"what! Get sick? ?”
Hearing the news, Harry, the wooden house, immediately got up and pushed the wooden door. He looked very serious and asked, "Are you sure they are infected?"
"It should be true that hundreds of people have exactly the same symptoms. Many of them don’t know each other and have never eaten together. It can’t be food poisoning!"
After being confirmed, Harry’s face kept changing, just like that of Sichuan Opera.
Every one of his soldiers has gone through years of hard training, and their strength is the weakest and far superior.
It is impossible for them to get sick, let alone get sick, but there will be very few exceptions occasionally, that is, soldiers with extremely dangerous disease intensity who can affect far more extraordinary people have been born in this place
This is absolutely fatal to them without medical conditions.
Although there are several army doctors on the island, they don’t even have medicine.
In the past, the best way to deal with such a situation is to isolate and kill infected people.
Strangle the fire before it spreads!
But Harry has to consider another thing, that is, what will happen if this desert island does such a thing?
Many contradictions have accumulated in the hearts of these soldiers who were exiled to a desert island because of the defeat!
Harry can still hold them down by his psychological habit of accumulating power in the past
If they find out that Harry is trying to be cruel to his colleague from ruin, these people are likely to cause a mutiny!
That’s even more dangerous for Harry. He can’t afford not to think carefully.
After pacing at the door for a while, he looked serious and told the guards in front of him, "You choose a remote place to let people put the sick patients there first and then call the doctor for me. I have something to ask him!"
Got the order, and the other party immediately looked shocked like finding the backbone.
Looking at each other’s departure, Harry’s serious face immediately became a little sad.
He really didn’t think of anything.
You can isolate it first, then pretend to fight and try your best to treat it, no matter what it is, you must make it first!
Although there is no medicine, no matter how to treat it, it is still a waste of time …
But it should be enough to make a sample to perfuse a soldier …
More detailed things need to be heard from a doctor.
After all, there is no medicine, but the experience is still there
If they think they can save Harry, there is no reason to sacrifice those soldiers.
After more than two months,
Responsible for monitoring the desert island to prevent the noodles from making their own boats and escaping. The middle-aged officer warship deck looks at the dead desert island in the distance.
There is a chill and fear in my heart.
The island was built not long ago, and now it is in a blackened ruin.
Since the island more than ten days ago, Al’s army has gone completely crazy for some reason.
Like the most insane beast, there is no fear or timidity.
All kinds of killing methods are revealed in their hands, which makes people shudder.
There is now a living thing besides rotting corpses.
If those monsters who hide in the corner and wander constantly while avoiding the sun are not living things …
Those terrible deformed monsters have been climbing up from the pile of corpses in the past two days.
They are about five or six meters tall, and their appearance seems to be that the devil has squeezed out meat balls at will, and they are pieced together by all kinds of rotten meat pieces, deformed hands, feet and faces are regularly distributed, and all kinds of pus and mucus are all over the body, leaving rotten pus every step of the way. It can be said that just seeing their appearance makes people want to vomit.
The officer didn’t make a move in the end, although he wanted to order the foot ship gun to shoot and destroy those twisted monsters that polluted the world.
Because of this, he must inform Jim Woz. No one dares to make a decision for him without his order.
Moreover, the officers themselves doubted whether the artillery could kill those monsters …
Although they have not shown swimming ability for the time being.
But it really angered those monsters and made them swim to attack the ship or swim to other places …
The officer law imagines what will happen then, and his greatest hope now is to stabilize the situation here before the situation worsens …
After listening to the soldier’s report in front of him, Jim Woz let go of the letter written by the other officer himself
I have some bottom in my heart.
After frowning and thinking for a while, he ordered to the soldiers
"You go to rest first. I’ll give you a letter one day. You can take it to your boss then."
Looking at the retired soldier Jim rubbed his temples slightly and sighed slowly.
A few days ago, the letter reported that people in the principality of Al were fighting each other, and he did not rest assured.