"ah! Fire MuQing married into the wooden house that strange girl "after the music, some people commented.


"Silence, please ask Ms. Huo Muqing, the sponsor of the next dance, to announce something to everyone." A middle-aged man went to Gaotai to bully the avalanche.
Lin momo’s eyes flashed that he knew this man. It was a few years ago that he helped Yan Shuang out of trouble. Wood Buddha, this guy is a martial arts master.
"Thank you for coming to the dance to express the gratitude of Mujia. The milestone club has been open to the outside world for ten days, and once one of you is chosen by my daughter, you will get a B-class mirage, which will be permanently owned." A dignified woman in Gaotai glanced at the square for a moment.
Volume 11 Hurricane! Adventure King Chapter 637 Clearance
"Wow, the B-class mirage always has a good dowry." After a while of silence, the excitement around the dance floor suddenly broke out. The income brought by a B-class mirage is absolutely estimated. Whoever marries Mu Wanhua and struggles less for 200 years is equal to a top-class store. With it, you can enjoy your life.
"Miss Angela, I’m glad to meet you. My friend asked me to talk to you later." Lin momo confessed and walked quickly to Connor. Today, things are beyond imagination. He wants to get in touch with Mu Wanhua quickly
"Boss didn’t find Muwanhua. This fire Muqing is Muwanhua’s father. It seems that the future sister-in-law is in a very bad situation. Maybe someone will jump out and rob the boss." Connor said with a smile.
"If you dare to talk nonsense again, I will smash your mouth. Muwanhua Aili doesn’t love men. In recent years, she must have touched some people’s bottom line. Otherwise, she wouldn’t hold a wedding dance. The bright future of the B-class mirage is simply not worth mentioning. This is a disguised form of sending Muwanhua to handle this matter personally, saying that it is already very serious." Lin Sisuo quickly analyzed that he took Connor to the outer layer of the crowd.
Roderick also returned to Lin momo at this time, and his harvest was also limited, but judging from various signs, Mu Wanhua has been under house arrest by fire Muqing.
"Dear fire MuQing lady quickly announced the dance began! Don’t you want to meet the beautiful and moving Miss Mu Wanhua and our brothers in Xinghai Lost Track Hall? We are looking forward to having a beautiful woman back today, hahaha, aren’t we, brothers? " A tall man with a comet pattern on his face was booed, and then many people around him echoed. They were so rude but did not arouse Huo Muqing’s disgust. People who know Huo Muqing a little can’t help but marvel.
"Today, you young people are the protagonists, so let my daughter Mu Wanhua come out and meet everyone." The fire Muqing slightly raised the delicate bar, and then she patted her hands.
Clap your hands is not settled yet. A group of maids walked out of the main building of the milestone club and saw a beautiful maid walking slowly, not Mu Wanhua but also a human being.
Mu Wanhua wore a decent evening ceremony today. She looked rather pale and looked at the fire. Mu Qing’s eyes showed a little timidity, and the atmosphere of the dance gave a sense of depression, followed by admirers’ praise of Mu Wanhua.
"Good dance. Now I hope Wanhua will choose her fiance in two hours. You know, I still have a lot of things to deal with. I wish you all a good time." Huo Muqing obviously went through the motions because her status was higher than lofty, and no one dared to question her decision.
The music started. At first, there were many ladies invited to enter the dance floor. At this time, a lot of gangsters and men flocked to Mu Wanhua. Once, Miss Mujia was proud to be surrounded by peak sexually men. Even Lin momo was a little angry.
A scholar can kill but not insult the fire. Mu Qing’s behavior is to insult Mu Wanhua. After all, Mu Wanhua’s third galaxy family is also a top figure of the younger generation. Who would have thought that she finally got into the first galaxy family but ended up in such a field today?
I don’t know whether Mu Wanhua’s ambition is extinguished in the face of such adversity. Lin momo secretly sighed but didn’t.
"Eldest brother still see? Somebody else’s wood wanhua is our ally, and now it will definitely help the fleet after pulling her. "The tone of scratching their heads next to Connor has become sincere and serious.
"Fat, don’t get excited. The boss has been enemies with Qu’s family. In addition, Mu Wanhua should have friends present to help her out. If no one is willing to help her out, it will be too bad to mix. It is better to go home and have children." Roderick walked over and looked at the fact that Mu Wanhua really started to fight back.
See five clothes straight strong man cut into the Xinghai Fan Trace Hall crowd Mu Wanhua like a frightened bird suddenly cried, "Ah! Get your stinking hands off me. What are you, miss? I want my father to kill your family completely. I want you bastards to die a natural death. "
Mu Wanhua seems to be really scared. She is hysterical and wants to rush out. However, everyone in Xinghai Fan Trace Hall is from the underworld organization. How can they be afraid of an illegitimate daughter who has lost power?
This time, the people in Xinghai Fan Trace Hall got photos of some important people. They were responsible for forcibly arranging a fiance for Mu Wanhua, Qu Jia Qu Yusong, and hired ten masters for the dance. He likes overlord’s hard bow best.
"Hey, we’re going to dance the first dance with Miss Muwanhua, and roll aside for me." Five big men walked to the crowd with their fists clenched, and violently ejected and abruptly arched the crowd.
"Ha, ha, ha, that’s a joke. Where did Qu Yusong, Qu Gong and Miss Mu Wanhua dance the first dance? We dare to get fresh in front of the yes. "Ten martial arts masters come out, and they average about seven. If ten people join hands, their strength is quite good.
"What, Qu’s family wants to compete with my Teng-nan Lin?" Coming from behind five bruisers, a handsome man was the one who auctioned Mufeiyan’s star cat Lin Tiannan at a high price.
"Hey, hey, this Teng-nan Lin really talks about what’s going on." Connor disdains the pie mouth and despises Lin Tiannan for nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine times in his heart.
"Turned out to be the Lins’ tenth in line heir with a few money amazing? We’re out of bounds. The Milky Way is in full swing. You want to crush me? No way. "A blond man walked out of the crowd. He was Qu Yusong.
"alas! You guy, look at the people around you. What will they say? They will say that we, a worthless family, have married women and are jealous. Please grow up, okay? Wan Hua’s sister has no interest in you. I heard that Wan Hua’s sister once seriously injured you a few years ago. I solemnly give you two words, "What a suck!" Lin Tiannan dialect is not vicious. As soon as the words fell, the two sides became tit for tat.
Here, after all, it is a wooden house dance, and even if it is shot, it is also a secret exchange. Lin Tiannan’s five big men raised their feet and gently stepped on the ground to spread out a layer of frost, which made everyone can’t help shivering.
On the other hand, Qu Yu let go and released hot fluctuations, one cold and one hot, and when they were fighting with each other, they didn’t ring in the middle, and there was a sudden crack in the crystal cup near the desktop.
A lot of people were watching, and then the music on the dance floor suddenly changed from waltz to warm face-to-face dance.
In an instant, layers of light cover the outside of the venue, and you can do whatever you want. Who can dance the first dance or the only dance with Mu Wanhua depends on who has the biggest fist in the end.
"Brothers" Qu Yusong shouted a group fight against Lin Tiannan from the Xinghai Fan Trace Hall.
The Lins’ tenth in line don’t regret it. He came to win the favor of Mu Wanhua through this dance. Some people never imagined that the fire Muqing was so vicious that the curtain separated the venue layer by layer. Now there are many people except fists.
It is said that the Xinghai Fan Trace Hall is home to all the underworld organizations in the three major galaxies of mankind. Lin Tiannan really realized today that these people are not dying to fight. If I had known this, he would have brought 200 brothers and thugs, but it was too difficult to get tickets for the damn dance. It was too late to watch the beauty fall.
"It’s okay, you don’t call a man, don’t force a woman to have no manners. Qu Yusong will give us a sisterhood, okay? Mu Wanhua is our key development target. Don’t be carried away by those small frictions on weekdays. Can Mu Wanhua’s father blame you? " Soft sound all ears rang and I don’t know when a beautiful woman outside the war circle turned out to be the initiative to strike up a conversation with Lin momo Angela.
"Sisters will want to do? Don’t you give up here? " Qu Yusong seems to know a lot of news, and his eyes reflect a biting.
"It doesn’t need you to release people." Angela raised her jade hand and spit out a delicate pistol from the sleeve.
"Angela, are you crazy? How dare the wooden house site take the armor-piercing gun, a newly developed weapon of the military, which is very unstable? Take it back quickly. "Qu Yusong’s eyes changed unconsciously and stepped back two steps.