Su Yonglin’s words really shocked Zhao Kaishan.


He is a little confused.
He didn’t expect Su Yonglin to talk to him like this.
Su Yonglin said this to him, which means …
Su Yonglin won’t give Dongping House to him.
This …
An angry Zhao Kaishan flew into a rage, slapped the table and roared at Su Yonglin.
"Su Yonglin! How dare you talk to me like that! I am the leader of the Guangfu Army! You mustn’t talk to me like that! "
Su Yonglin raised his glass without changing color and gulped down the drinks in it.
"What do you mean?"
Zhao Kaishan angry at the same time a well nervous "what do you want? What dare you do? !”
Look at his nervous appearance Su Yonglin laughed.
"I didn’t do anything? I’ll bring five guards. What will you and I do? Kill you? Think too much! But if you continue to lose sight of reality, the problem will be really big. "
Su Yonglin also got up and faced Zhao Kaishan.
"I can lead the troops to defeat the 20 thousand gold thief cavalry face to face and win a big victory. Can you?"
"Of course I …"
"I have an elite team that can defeat the gold thief head-on. Do you have it?"
"I …"
"Can I make Sun Yi, a soldier of 100 thousand, bow down and give up his independence and take refuge in me?"
"I own half of Shandong and one of Hebei is more powerful than you. Are you serious that Hebei and that half of Shandong are listening to you instead of me? You and I each shout. Who do you think can get more support? What the hell are you, the leader? "
Su Yonglin stared at Zhao Kaishan’s face full of severe deterrence.
"They will follow is defeated the gold thief main me? Or you can’t get in touch with you after repeated battles and defeats? You should know! "
"How dare you ask me for Dongping House if you can’t see the situation in this way?"
"I really think too well of you. I really think you can see the situation clearly. You can honestly cooperate with me instead of holding me back."
"I’m so naive. I’m so naive. I really don’t think you can do such a stupid thing, but you have to prove to me that you are really an idiot."
Su Yonglin shook his head and took a deep breath.
"Zhao Kaishan you are a stupid fool! !”
Thump that desktop with one punch, thumping, thumping, thumping, and carrying the victor and the powerful, Su Yonglin gave Zhao Kaishan an unprecedented intimidation.
His glaring tone was extremely fierce, which made Zhao Kaishan pale and at a loss.
Chapter 32 If you dare to offend me, you will give me the knife.
Zhao Kaishan suddenly found Su Yonglin so strange.
The gentleness and humility made the kitten suddenly become fierce and terrifying. The cannibal tiger pulled the skin that had been pretending to be completely torn to his face.
Su Yonglin is not a gentle kitten and has always been a tiger.
Yes, he is too good at hiding himself.
In Zhao Kaishan’s dream, he felt that he had a very strange dream. Everything in front of him was not real. He was not in this world.
Su Yonglin’s sudden outbreak made Zhao Kaishan doubt himself and the world.
Such philosophical intimidation naturally has a strong effect.
When Zhao Kaishan finally reacted that Su Yonglin was threatening him, his long-accumulated jealousy, dissatisfaction, fear and vague inferiority finally broke out.
He slapped the table and roared.
Because of anger, dolphin sounds were blown up.
"So what! Do you dare to fight me to the death? ! Come on! Fight to the death with me! "
"Right here! Decide the outcome! You can beat me! You kill me if something happens! In front of everyone! "
"You kill me! So that everyone can know that this is how Su Yonglin treats Brother Jieyi! Treat your benefactor! Let them know that you are a despicable, mean and widowed benefactor! !”