As the saying goes, these two people are not only wearing strange clothes, but also different pictures. After careful observation, they find that the tall and thin man is a sharp-tongued monkey face and the short and fat guy is a bald man with a hard shell stuffed in his clothes.


"It turned out to be two monsters" thought the red line.
She didn’t want to startle her, so she wanted to sneak in from other places. However, there were not only those two demons in the Jianhu Dragon Palace, but also some people dressed in various ways. These demons and people didn’t know that they were guarding various passages with eyes and came out to patrol from time to time.
The red line came to the back of the palace to see if the purple sword could dig a hole and sneak in, but it smelled a faint smell. She was dazed and looked back to see there was a pit. She swept it to the pit and then stayed there.
I don’t know how many bodies are in this pit.
These bodies are men and women with flesh trapped in wrists and necks, and there are wounds in many places. Obviously, many of them have been bled to death. I don’t know if they are tied, there must be two people, and a man and a woman have similarities in appearance. They feel that they are either brothers and sisters or fathers and daughters or mothers.
The red line looks at these deaths, and the dead people feel that the scalp is numb and the back is more chilly. She originally wanted to steal the antidote to cure the hill and then help Du Lanxiang take it back here. Now it seems that even if Mrs. Wei returns this Jianhu Dragon Palace now, no one dares to live here again.
The red line is secretly resentful of Mrs. Wei when she thinks that the evil woman should treat Aunt Lan’s residence as a place to kill and dump her body.
Du Lanxiang has long been equated with her mother in her mind.
Red Line took a deep breath and threw these bodies from her mind.
She was worried that Mrs. Wei would come back soon and didn’t dare to delay too long, so the purple sword dug a hole in a corner and carefully got in.
She simply mended the hole, and when she met someone, she hid her body and sword, or hid the beam or sword, and flashed by when others were not looking.
She dives carefully and those people or demons are not as good as her, so no one can find her.
It was she who lived here, and if she wanted to find her room, she could search for the antidote carefully. Now there are many people here, and the number of people who have been in the room is naturally much more. She doesn’t know where Mrs. Wei is searching for clues.
At this time, she thought that these people were here, so there must be some hidden secrets in the Dragon Palace. We should find the most heavily defended place and dive in, even if we can’t find the antidote that can completely cure the hill, we can find out what these people really want to do.
So she carefully distinguished the defensive centers of these people.
After some twists and turns, she came to a corner. At the end of the passage, there were two people guarding it. If there was any secret in the Dragon Palace, it was obviously behind them.
The red line is a bit of a headache. This passage is straight, unlike other places. It is somewhat hiding or prancing, so she rushed away, and she was not sure that she would kill them without making a sound.
Be sure to get close to them before you make a sudden move.
What would you do here if it was master?
The red line is thinking
I remember that Master seemed to say that the best way to deceive the enemy for a while was to make the enemy wary, or even though he was wary, he hesitated because he could not understand the situation.
These people are naturally worried that someone will break in there. If they suddenly rush with their swords, they will naturally react in the opposite direction.
Put away the red line and put away the purple gauze sword, trying to squeeze out a smile and want to show "charm"
But this smile is too stiff.
"Forget it," she thought. "If you can fool them, you’d better kill them willy-nilly."
So she stepped out.
The two men saw a beautiful girl in red suddenly appear in front of her face with a strange smile. They were also stunned there for a moment. They took out their magic weapons and were so nervous that the red line walked very slowly while coming towards them, and deliberately shook it.
The red line thought that since rushing will definitely arouse the enemy’s vigilance, I will walk slowly and slowly in turn. Sure enough, the two men looked at her and couldn’t figure out what happened at the moment. If there was no movement in the place, it didn’t look like an enemy invasion, so they continued to stare at the red line.
The red line is stared at by them, but they want to be angry, but they think that they are really closed-minded, and it is just a little means. Even the enemy will be confused by his beauty and not satisfied.
She also remembered that the former master had told herself the word "Meng" and said that suddenly falling down while walking was also an element of "Meng"-why don’t I try it?
So she "ya" let herself fall to the ground.
The two men felt sweating on their foreheads and thought, "What a silly girl!"
The two of them will be sent here to guard. Naturally, there are some things and experiences. If a woman suddenly appears and seduces them, their horses will be alert. It happened that this young girl, although beautiful, has a strange smile on her face, rather than trying to seduce people. After a few steps, she fell to the ground like a frog diving than an ugly posture. If this is also a seduction, it is really a pheasant that can fly a buttonwood tree.
They looked at each other and guessed that this woman was mostly caught and bled by others. It was estimated that Lu was humiliated and tortured, and she was scared to death. Others saw that she was a silly girl and didn’t worry about her escape before she wandered around the palace.
The two men walked slowly to the red line, and just as the red line looked up, they came over and smiled.
She felt that she was smiling beautifully.
The two men felt that the smile was particularly silly, so they strengthened their thoughts.
But this girl is silly … but she is still pretty. The two men swallowed their saliva and walked faster towards her.
They have a beast in their eyes.