"Hao Xia, you need to be a little white. Qinglong Mountain is precious to you. If Qinglong Mountain becomes a pile of bones, there is no point in Qinglong Mountain. You and Qinglong Mountain are before you, not before you."


"In fact, those people, they are not your father’s brothers, but covet your throne. The evil wolf will kill the wolf alive and tolerate the rape. In the end, it will let it hurt more people. I have something to do and I don’t understand why they are in such a hurry. What happened to you recently?"
"It’s just a dark flower. The number of dark flowers is slightly larger. Maybe that’s why they can’t sit still."
Yang Chengzu knows that the secret flower is the money released by Jianghu to buy people’s lives. The person being bought usually has a special identity, and the person being bought will also hide his identity. The object of the secret flower is Jianghu secrets. He is not easy to interrogate. He asks, "Is it a large number?"
"Fifteen thousand good eagle-feathered arrows, four thousand catties of gunpowder, thirty pairs of armor, two thousand catties of wrought iron, three hundred silks and satins, and one hundred pieces of flower horse salt lead to such a large sum of money." She glanced at Yang Chengzu’s heart again. "If it weren’t for you … I would have done it with one knife now. Forget it. I’m hungry from this money."
They were silent for a while. Hao Qingqing said, "What you said may be … maybe it makes sense. The killing is too heavy. Let me think again. I will find a suitable time to solve this matter, but how can I repay you for helping me so much anyway?"
Chapter 161 Delivery (1)
"Repay? This is not necessary. My caravan will ask for directions in a few days. I would be grateful if it is convenient for Woman to give it to our expert. "
"Fool" She was so angry that she gave him this opportunity. Why didn’t he know to seize it? Even if you made some excessive demands, I could pretend to save my life and have to promise you. How did you do this?
Good way: "You have to keep this injury for half a month. Don’t move these days, at least after six or seven days. When I get back to the mountain, I will be at peace with the Black Wolf Mountain. Don’t move your team these days."
After a few more words, they heard a rush of horseshoes, followed by a burst of horses hissing and a jar of gas. "Who put through the cloud cannon? Dani … Second girl … Little old four? Who the fuck did this? Who dares to kill my sister and fall into my hands? I’ll cut his eggs, miss! Where are you, big miss? "
Hao Qingqing shouted, "Dong Dajie, don’t shout. I heard your ghost calling my kitchen from a long distance."
A short time later, a stout woman came in and saw this woman’s figure was bigger than that of a man. She had a round face, dark red skin and a strong figure. She wore a red padded jacket and a green skirt, showing two and a half feet. She held a handle of iron in her hand, and her face was a good man.
When the woman saw Hao Qingqing, she cried with joy, "Are you all right, Miss? I wish you were all right. I was just afraid that you, too, had been ambushed. If that’s the case, I, Aunt Dong, will also crush the black wolf’s eggs. Come in and greet the big lady. Let’s be all right. "
As she shouted, she broke into more than a dozen women from the outside. These women were all ugly and shapeless. They were all fist-capable women who could sail on their backs. Yang Chengzu couldn’t help but secretly miss the tender meat.
Aunt Dong also found Yang Chengzu looking at it all at once and suddenly said, "Miss, is this the lone goose cow you caught? Let’s take him to the mountain to wash and peel him clean and make you a fortress-pressing "xianggong". I think it’s appropriate. "
Hao Qingqing couldn’t help but feel ashamed and annoyed when she said this. What should he do if he misunderstood that he was a disorderly woman and just went to be a man and a husband? Angry, "Aunt Dong, what are you talking about? When have I ever caught a man to be a fortress-pressing" xianggong "? Is it because I pamper you on weekdays that you forget the rules? "
Aunt Dong knelt down and said, "Dong Shi dare not! I put my foot in my mouth and asked Miss Da to come down to the mountain for disposal. "
"Forget it. At that time, I was ambushed by the black wolf. Several people were hurt. Even four younger sisters didn’t protect me. If it weren’t for this Yang family brother’s help, my life would be bad. I’ll tell you this hero again. I even got the black wolf-iron whip’s kindness. Can you make jokes?"
When I heard this, all the women knelt down and kowtowed to Yang Chengzu. "I don’t know the benefactor’s rude words in person, but I hope that the benefactor won’t blame you for saving the big lady’s life. That is, our benefactor Qinglong Mountain also invited us to visit the mountain. The old castellan must repay your kindness."
"The somebody else is a serious businessman and I’m not all the way don’t importune" Hao Qingqing then returned to the little charge down a peg or two will be red cloak after the women ordered.
"Take our people back to the mountain. We can’t forget it. Let’s go back to the mountain and get even with the Black Wolf Mountain. If you don’t leave Jingzi, you must report it."
When she left Yang Chengzu’s shop with her men, she saw that it was already dark, and it was late at night. The street didn’t go far when she saw someone holding a lantern. It was her own hand, man.
He went out at noon and didn’t return to Zhang Jiufu at night. He thought that he was staying in a bar or a gambling house, but those guys couldn’t let go or took lanterns out to look for them.
They did see the cloud cannon, but it was because of the cloud cannon that they didn’t dare to go to the hotel. Everyone walked through the rivers and lakes and knew the rules. This kind of thing must be that there are people in the rivers and lakes who are on fire and it is not good for one party to call for reinforcements to get there themselves, so they were caught in a vendetta. It was only then that they met.
Back to the inn, Yang Chengzu gave Hao Qingqing a bonesetting pill to sleep. At dawn the next day, Zhang Jiufu got up from the pink head and realized that Yang Chengzu was actually involved in the river’s lake vendetta. He also hung up the color and was busy with condolences in the past.
After Yang Chengzu took bonesetting pills, he felt that the wound was greatly relieved. Zhang Jiufu said, "Jing Zi, the court at the border of three provinces, is weak, and Jianghu people are the most arrogant. They often dare to seek revenge and kill people in the daytime, and you don’t care. Although we have martial arts skills, we can’t go out to do business and get involved in this matter. Businessmen don’t go out for money. Besides, we can’t be taunted with you. Let’s stay in the store and go out less. No matter which side of the hero, we dare not come to this store
Yang Chengzu has been recuperating for a long time because of his bone injury. I feel that the injury has improved. More than half of Zhang Jiufu also got the news that the Black Wolf Mountain has become a history. All forces have been incorporated into Qinglong Mountain, and they have either surrendered or been killed. Actually, this road has been completely wiped out. Now that Qinglong Mountain is the absolute boss, the road has been restored smoothly. Everyone can feel at ease.
He asked Yang Chengzu, "Yang Bai, how is your injury?"
"Fortunately, there is no big obstacle to the left and right, and there is no need to start a fight with people. Usually, since the road is open, we should go. Boss Zhang is a businessman. One more day to delay is one more day to pick me. I can’t stand in your way."
"Yes, it’s time to go. Everything will be fine when we wait for the road." Zhang Jiufu said in an absent-minded way, kicking up all those guys who are still hard and urging the animals to go out of Jingzi and go straight to Shaanxi
By noon, the road has gradually become desolate. Yang Chengzu frowned and said, "Zhang shopkeeper, why don’t we take the official road and take this remote road? What is this?"
"Nothing, it’s just that someone paid me to send you this way. Now it’s almost time to get to the place, and this business should be delivered."
Chapter 162 Delivery (2)
Yang Chengzu said coldly, "What do you mean?"
Zhang Jiufu has already taken his horse far away, and there are a few Han guards beside him. "It’s meaningless or I mean you should be very white. We get along with each other all the way. You are an acquaintance. You are a wise person. It should be easy to talk to you. We get along well. If possible, I really want to make friends with you, but I am a businessman trusted by people. I hope you will understand that I am struggling. I really hope to be friends with you, but business is business. No matter how our friendship is, I have to do my business."
Yang Chengzu saw that those guys had drawn their weapons on their own side, and there were few guys on his side and they were not prepared in advance to show some confusion, and the team was not neat and exclaim "What’s the matter? Boss Zhang intends to do this business by himself? No, if you want to do this business, you can do it yourself. Do you have to get this? "
"Say I’m a businessman, not a killer. I won’t earn this money. Besides, I’ve promised to sell it to a person. I won’t move this hand myself. This is my rule. You and your people should not try to resist. Don’t force me to break my own rules. Somebody shoot!"
A man took a cloud cannon from his arms and lit it. It didn’t take long to listen to the bursts of fighters stepping on the ground. I don’t know how many horses came here. Did Zhang Jiufu heart do this? Why does it sound like a hundred cavalry?
At this time, I saw a cavalry team coming from far and near with a tornado-like smoke. The first man shouted, "Is that Boss Zhang opposite?" Bring the business? "
"I brought a big girl. Did you bring something?"
The first knight was dressed in red and rouge. Which horse was it not Hao Qingqing? But she looked different in the hotel today, and there was ShaQi in her eyes. I think it’s how to hide the murderous look that killed the black wolf mountain people and jealous people these days, and it can’t hide it. Zhang Jiufu was frightened when she saw her.
Look at her with this team. Everyone is tall, big and healthy. At first glance, she got good horses from the border army. Even if there are more than 20 riders, half of them have to be mules.
Rao is so powerful that he can be counted as a powerful mountain head. No one dares to think about this hundred horses, and he doesn’t blame Qinglong Mountain for commanding the surrounding green forests.
Don’t look at Zhang Jiufu’s many men, but many of them are footmen. However, riding by a dozen people is also very common. If you kill somebody else, this cavalry will need a charge to make yourself disappear.
He is also afraid of the fire, the wind and the burn, or he is very nervous when he visits and finds out that he is rude.
Hao Qingqing maliciously took a triangular flag from his arms and threw it at him. "We have this flag in Qinglong Mountain. Once you insert it, you will be unblocked along the way. Even in the border towns such as Yansui and Ningxia, it is just as good as if you want to go to Ma’s uncle’s road. Can I help you dredge that thing?"
Zhang Jiufu made an expression of eyes, and a few guys brought a few cattle to break the sacks, which were actually tied with arrows, and a pair of armor. In addition, there were animals carrying wrought iron and bags of black powder. Yang Chengzu sneered, "I didn’t expect me to be so valuable."
Zhang Jiufu waved the horse. "Brother Yang is supposed to be a material if you do business. It’s a pity that you shouldn’t have offended you. I can’t afford to offend anyone. I’m a businessman. There are hundreds of people who follow me for dinner. I have to match my hand and my clan, but if I don’t do it myself, it’s a friendship between us. I’ll give you a word: never be brothers with businessmen. We recognize money and deny people."
"Thanks," Yang Chengzu hugged his fuels. "I also sent you a message: Never offend the Royal Guards. In that case, it will be your own misfortune."
Zhang Jiufu didn’t say yes. "Brother Yang, I know you have good martial arts, but how many minutes do you have left after you hurt your arm? Besides, Hao, who is in charge of our family, is the most famous woman who can shoot arrows in a row. If you want to resist, you will even become a hedgehog. It is enough to advise you to suffer from a knife. Don’t touch it like that. "
Yang Chengzu smiled and urged the horse to take his buddies and his animals to the team of Huo Fenghuang. Zhang Jiufu said, "Why do you still bring animals?"
"What’s wrong with bringing animals?" The fire wind burned his face. "Is Zhang shopkeeper trying to keep these goods for himself?"
"Dare not have this meaning to Qinglong Mountain, it’s all your things. You can take care of it." Zhang Jiufu also hopes to help him dredge Guyuan company commanders Maang in the future. This line is ten thousand benefits, which dare to offend her.
Wait until Yang Chengzu this dozen people in the past Zhang Jiufu when the other side should also be removed, but don’t want to fire wind burn blew a whistle. The cavalry behind them all raised their bows and aimed at their own line, and the fire wind burn did not know when he had already put the bow and arrow in his hand.
Who are the four eagle-feathered arrows with one stone and five iron tires? It won’t be too comfortable to be pointed at by these bows and arrows. What’s worse, Zhang Jiufu knows that Hao Qingqing’s means of being pointed at by her bow and arrow is equivalent to a leg stepping into the ghost gate. He is a businessman, but he didn’t dare to fight with the archer to frighten his forehead, and cold sweat broke out.
"Miss big … you … what do you mean? Have we misunderstood or offended you in a small way? Please show me. "
"There’s nothing I should give you. We’ve finished the transaction. I mean to give you a flag, but I said to give you a flag. You will buy road money in the future. I didn’t cheat you. Let’s finish this account. It’s time to calculate another account. You cheated the girl rescuer. How do you think we should calculate this account?"
Yang Chengzu smiled and pointed to his left arm one by one in the team. "My arm is just to save Miss Hao from being interrupted by a whip from the black wolf, but my arm hurts these two days and I forgot to talk to your brother about it. Look at my brain."
Fire wind burn way "Yang Gong saved my life is my benefactor is our qinglongshan guest, you pit my guest and entered my site, you say this account how should we calculate? You say I listen to see what you are? "
Chapter one hundred and sixty-three Mountain
Zhang Jiufu said, "Miss Da, that’s not the way to put it. This dark flower brought people to your site because you picked me up. I don’t know if I don’t know, but you have to say a word when you eat this bowl of rice. Otherwise, how can you stand on your feet? Besides, are you sure you want to offend such a master this time? "