Then Yuan Tiangang returned to Huanghuaguan together.


Yuan Shoucheng came to meet him.
"Poison Dragon Palace, please take care of the 12 th Division and go to the Heavenly Palace."
Seven spider spirits are kicking hydrangea bears in the backyard as referees.
This ball was made by Wu Mingxiong and Hei Hu.
"Big sister catches it!"
"Okay, I’ll-"
Wu Ming didn’t disturb a few people, but went into the room and changed his robes. The old body was burned out by the three monsters.
It was only after bathing, changing clothes, burning incense and cleaning hands that ShiRan went straight to Qing Ming.
"Wide-eyed King for a long time"
"It turned out to be a multi-eyed true gentleman."
Wide-eyed king’s eyebrows are slightly wrinkled, but it’s not as warm as the old days.
Wu Ming also inadvertently entered the West Gate and flew all the way to the front of the Palace for 33 days.
The child at the door knew him and never stopped him from going straight into the palace.
Sleeping in the backyard cowshed, Daqing Niu suddenly sniffed the nose and then rubbed his body. A pair of bull’s eyes seemed to be like a fire-breathing nose, and white smoke was emitted.
The child who slept against him slammed to the ground.
"Oh, you stupid cow!"
Daqingniu suddenly said, "Let me go out for an hour and you are not allowed to tell the master."
"Hey, are you actually willing to talk?"
"If you promise me a magic pill, I’ll give you 20 pills."
Chapter 14 Male and Female Purple Golden Bell Wu Hui Qing Niu Jing
Wu Ming was introduced to the old gentleman as if he were at leisure and waved him over.
Advance gift
"My brother has many eyes to meet the grandmaster."
The old gentleman nodded slightly and said, "Get up."
Wu Ming immediately got up and sat on the table. The teapot poured a cup of tea for the old gentleman and a cup for himself.
Then he waved his hand and released the three strange bodies, but they remained lifelike for a long time without any odor.
"I don’t know what the ancestors want from the bodies of these three evil animals?"
The old gentleman poured tea on the three monsters, and immediately it was revealed.
I saw three pieces of ore seven feet long.
Red, yellow and blue.
The real fairyland has been completely shelled, and the immortal body is either everything or dead, and it will not easily show its appearance. Wu Ming never found out that these three monsters are roots.
But it is definitely not a thing that can make the old gentleman look at others with special respect!
"Daozu doesn’t know the origin of these three monsters?"
The old gentleman brushed his beard and said, "They are the essence of the sun and the moonlight of the gold and iron in the third day of chaos, and the spiritual wisdom has been cultivated for a long time. Unfortunately, I have gone astray and now I have been robbed. I want to return to Yuan to refine an elixir and treasure."
This must be my share!
According to this statement, most of the magical powers of the three monsters are the purple bell, the magic weapon of the Bodhisattva’s mount. According to the Bodhisattva, it is difficult for ten Sun Wu to get close to it. It is conceivable that the power of this thing is simply a wave to give to the golden hair.
"Do I have a share of the bodhi old zu?"