However, hundreds of people in the battlefield did not notice that a mysterious shadow had been hidden in the sail of this ship. At the moment when the ship was about to sink, the shadow suddenly jumped and then sneaked into Taihu Lake to disappear.
Lu Guanying scanned the whole battlefield and saw that the battle was over. The water thieves thundered, blew conchs and waved weapons to celebrate the victory happily.
"The leaders led their troops back to Trang Van for reward and retreat!" As Lu Guanying ordered the fishing boats with awning on the lake to disperse in all directions, they gradually disappeared into the mist in the distance of Taihu Lake, and the green waves on the lake rippled and returned to peace.
"They will definitely kill my brother …" Yang Kang seems to be a little sad sitting in the bow.
"According to the original history, after Yan Hong Shou-xu ascended the throne, he made great efforts to govern the virtuous, and the Southern Song Dynasty signed a truce agreement and concentrated on fighting against Mongolia, which made Xu Jin persist for eleven years and gave the Southern Song Dynasty a breathing space …" Ling Feiyang thought, "If he dies in the hands of thieves in Taihu Lake at the moment, Xu Jin will definitely accelerate the demise of Mongolia, and then he will attack the Song Dynasty. Wang Hong and I will probably be defeated because of this!" “
Thinking of this, Ling Feiyang suddenly asked Yang Kang, "Do you want to save your brother?"
"Of course …" Yang Kang stared at Ling Feiyang with a bright eye and said, "Although he is a gold man, he is my own brother after all. Do you want to save him?"
"If you save your brother, you should listen to your brother!" Lingfeiyang avenue
"Of course!" Yang Kang grabbed Ling Feiyang’s cuff and tugged at it and said, "If you save my brother, I will do whatever Brother Ling asks me to do!"
"Do you agree if I want to push you down?" Ling Feiyang said to himself, "Your younger brother is also an emperor after hard work. Wouldn’t it be a pity if he died now?"
"Yes, if my brother dies, Jin Guo will be even weaker and more difficult to contain Mongolia!" Yang Kang, after all, is a clever girl and immediately understood the truth.
"We will sneak into Trang Van tonight to save people!" Lingfeiyang avenue
On that night, Ling Feiyang and Yang Kang changed into night clothes and came to Taihu Lake to return to Trang Van.
When the two of them performed their flying skills and jumped back to Trang Van’s backyard, they saw peach trees planted all over the yard. At this time, it was the spring and March when peach blossoms filled the garden with delicate fragrance in the moonlight.
"I don’t know where Wan Yan Shouxu is. It seems that I have to catch someone to ask!" Ling Feiyang saw a house with lights on ahead, so he took Yang Kang sleeve and crept through the peach blossoms. However, after walking for a long time, he still didn’t come to the house.
"Hey, how is this glass palace lantern exactly the same as the one I just saw? And the lampshade also has a scratch! " Yang Kang suddenly low said
"I le a go! Trang Van Peach Blossom Array! How could I forget this! " Ling Feiyang suddenly woke up and hurriedly pulled Yang Kang to return from the original road, but the road behind him seemed to have changed. Looking around at the decayed flower shadow, two people didn’t know it was so good.
"Ding-dong!" There was a very light noise in the left front, which seemed to be a small stone landing sound. Ling Feiyang’s heart immediately pulled Yang Kang to the left front and bypassed several peach trees, but was blocked by a stone rockery.
At this time, another stone struck a rock, and Ling Fei whisked it gently, moving sideways to reveal a tunnel in the rockery.
Two people walked down the aisle to the other side of the rockery, and there was a stone in front of it. Behind the wall was a dense bush. There was no road to see it. Ling Feiyang was hesitating, and a small stone flew directly into the bush. Ling Feiyang immediately pulled Yang Kang into the bush and stretched out his hand to dial the branches. He struggled to move forward four or five steps. Indeed, a passage appeared in front!
When they saw that there were a few stone steps at the end of the passage, a cloister was leading to the lighted house. At this moment, a stone was shot from the peach blossom bushes next to it, and it really fell in front of the stone steps. Ling Feiyang did not follow the instructions to the stone steps this time, but suddenly turned and rushed to the peach blossom bushes next to it!
Chapter 77 Huang Rong great wisdom
Ling Feiyang rushed into the peach blossom bushes like an arrow and immediately saw a short figure hiding behind a peach tree!
"Huang Xiandi, come out!" Ling Feiyang said to the man
"It’s not fun for you to catch hide-and-seek …" A little beggar with a dark face and rags reluctantly turned out from behind a peach tree. It was Huang Rong!
"Why don’t you change back to women’s clothing? Do you think you look good in this beggar dress? " Ling Feiyang asked.
"I won’t change! Do you care? " Huang Rong pouted and said.
"What a coincidence that you came to Taihu Lake!" Ling Feiyang asked, "Are you following us all the way?"
"No!" Huang Rong said, "My family will come home in Jiangnan, and of course I will pass by Taihu Lake! I saw something strange in this village and sneaked in to see what was going on. I didn’t expect to meet you! "
"I have heard people say that this belongs to the owner of Trang Van Zhuang, Lu Chengfeng, and is the fourth brother of Huang Yaoshi, the owner of Peach Blossom Island!" Ling Feiyang simply told the truth directly to Huang Rong, saving her own strength to investigate for half a day
"It turned out to be Brother Lu … no wonder there are five hexagrams hidden in this courtyard layout!" Huang Rong thoughtfully and suddenly asked, "What are you two doing here in Trang Van?"
"We are here to save people!" Ling Feiyang said very frankly, "Since you are here, will you help me save people together?"
"Save what person? I just overheard two servants saying that they had captured a Jin Guoqin, so you didn’t come to save him! " Huang Rong said, "You are big Song people, but you went to help Jin people. If you had known, I wouldn’t have shown you the way. Hum!"
At this moment, Yang Kang has also come out, and Ling Feiyang said to Huang Rong, "Our practice has another meaning. It’s not convenient to talk more at this time! I will give you a detailed explanation when I rescue this person! "
"What’s the meaning? I won’t believe your story, Sister Yang. Don’t be fooled by his sweet words! " Although Huang Rong said so, he did not leave immediately.
"Ambassador Jin Guoqin has escaped!" At this moment, three guiyun Zhuang guding came running from the cloister in the distance with broadswords!
Ling Feiyang hurriedly took Yang Kang’s left hand and Huang Rong’s right hand to quickly flicker in a bush and saw a young man stumbling over. It was Yan Hong Shouxu!
Previously, Wan Yan Shouxu was captured and returned to Trang Van. After being put in a dungeon and awakened, Wan Yan Shouxu found himself tied up with flowers, so he earned a rope by dark transportation and escaped from the dungeon. However, he did not expect that the complicated roads in Trang Van could not find a way out and fled to this backyard by mistake.
"There it is!" An eagle-eyed assume that when he saw Yan Hong Shouxu, he immediately rushed over here. Yan Hong Shouxu suddenly leaned out his right paw and grabbed it at the top of his head!
"whoosh!" Seeing that this person is going to die, a small stone suddenly shoots from behind the trees and hits Yan Hong Shouxu’s wrist without bias or inclination. Yan Hong Shouxu’s arm is numb and this claw is not inserted.
Finger flick avatar!
Huang Rong fillip avatar although strength temperature is insufficient, but it is more than enough to deal with Yan Hong Shouxu. Yan Hong Shouxu was taken aback and looked around hurriedly, but he couldn’t see the figure.
Just then, the other two servants also rushed to the front of Yan Hong Shouxu. Yan Hong Shouxu’s paws attacked the tricks one after another, and they all wanted to defeat the enemy in Siming, but every time they caught the enemy’s crown, their wrists would be hit by stones.
"Who is plotting against the master behind his back!" Yan Hong Shouxu couldn’t kill the three assume that they were so anxious that they cried.
"It’s me!" Huang Rong suddenly jumped out of the bushes and landed lightly in front of Yan Hong Shouxu, hitting the three assume acupuncture points like the wind.
Yan hong shou Xu was very surprised in his heart. He saw Huang Rong’s face through the dim light of the glazed palace lantern in the courtyard and couldn’t help but feel a shock.
"Isn’t that the little beggar who slapped me in the palace and pushed me for water? I have practiced martial arts for so many years that I can’t even prevent him from doing a trick! " "Wan Yan Shouxu couldn’t help asking Huang Rong," Who are you helping? "
"Of course I help them!" Huang Rong suddenly waved his arm quickly and slapped Yan Hong Shouxu several times in the face.
Yan Hong Shouxu felt a sharp pain in his face when he didn’t dodge, but Huang Rong went on to say, "Who let you bully me with more people and don’t respect me as an elder? This is to teach you a lesson!"
"Didn’t you call again?" Yan hong shou Xu stretched out his hand and touched his red cheek and said
"Sorry, I forgot!" Huang Rong’s voice did not fall, but several assume waved broadsword and rushed over from a distance. Before Huang Rong jumped, he used orchids to brush the acupuncture points, and then he sealed the acupuncture points again.
"This beggar’s little brother is good at martial arts, and he is acting like an elf. I wonder what he wants?" Yang Kang looked at his heart in the bushes, which was very strange.