Silence hurriedly waved and denied that "it’s not to help the battle. Now Xiangyang City who dares to say a word no to our wu-tang clan! The thing is, after you left, I think there was a challenge in the city where Chat was held, and we just got back from there. "
A Cai laughed. "You did a good job. If you do a good job in this challenge, Xiangyang City will be very popular. How about making it a competitive platform or an amusement platform?" Have you recovered? "
Silence turned to look at Zhu Xian. "You asked her. She has been rectifying the market trade these days. It should be clear."
Zhu Xian quickly realized that "in the past three days, trade has resumed quite quickly, and a large number of players and NPC businessmen have come to Xiangyang for trade. We collect a lot of taxes (to be precise, protection). I think there are two main reasons for this. First, we Wudang have enough security. Second, Xiangyang’s geography is exactly the center of the sky. It is the shortest way to build Xiangyang into a full-time trade center. The only regret is that"
O food hey hey say with smile "it’s a pity that Xiangyang city belongs to Liu Biao instead of us, right? There’s nothing we can do. Let Liu Biao be the local tyrant of Jingzhou. We want to dominate the world. Our goal now is to do everything possible to get money. "
The whole fairy also smiled.
"What’s the smuggling situation now?" A Cai asked God.
God replied, "The day before yesterday, Gan Ning sent several batches of iron ore and we sold them to the Jiangnan magic family. The profit is ten times."
A Cai was surprised. "Iron ore is a contraband and can’t be traded privately. The high profit is definitely ten times, but it’s still amazing. It seems that smuggling is still a problem. Did we sell the salt goods that we got black and white before?"
"We have divided it into more than a dozen small portions and sold them. Now the distribution channel of salt goods has also been opened. The main thing is to cut large quantities of goods into small portions and give them to private dealers, who will digest them by selling them to hotels in cities near Xiangyang. However, this method has high profits and less transaction volume. Another method is to sell them to smugglers in other cities, with less profits and large shipments, especially in cities in the north, southwest and northwest."
"Besides what we are doing, have you found that other forces are also doing this?"
"We have a large batch of goods in Xiangyang, and others have been eliminated by us. There are several shipments around the Yangtze River. We have contacted them and can help them eat food. In addition, some people are cooking food along the Hanshui River to Hanzhong City along the Xiangjiang River, but their purchase channels are unstable. Once Liu Biao’s water army meets, it will definitely be finished. The Ganning boat runs fast and there are many good players. It is much better than them in Ann. There is little risk in Canada."
A Cai smiled, and Gan Ning’s boat was almost burned by him. I didn’t expect it to be smuggled now. He mused, "How much liquidity do we have now?"
Zhu Xian said, "The total profit of Xiangyang City in these three days, including smuggling, is 5 taels of gold, but if all of them come to pay their debts, there will be no money left."
After listening to the silence, I giggled and earned 5 taels of gold in three days? I didn’t expect to have a gold in Wudang Mountain for a month before, but when I came to Xiangyang City, the money flowed into my pocket like water. It was wonderful to earn money!
Zhu Xian said that paying off debts naturally means paying off the debts of Alai. The money he personally lent to Wudang Military General Alliance has reached 1 tael of gold.
A Cai smiled and said, "Take out 3 taels of gold from it. If I have any urgent surplus, I’ll keep it as working capital first."
Zhu Xian laughed. "This settlement account is not for me to ask for money from Qiu Dajie."
"When will she come back?"
"Simon said that the troops would come back tomorrow, and Sister Qiu returned to Xiangyang with the big troops."
The sixth volume Jingzhou Raiders 73 Form an army
It’s getting late. Silence and others left. A Cai went back to the bedroom and took out Four Treasures of the Study. He wrote a letter to the head master, saying that the master’s father, Kai Tuer, had set up a foothold in Xiangyang, and I, wu-tang clan, had a prestige steaming day in the Jianghu. According to your instructions, I vigorously publicized the martial arts spirit of Wudang.
After repeated consideration, I think that a pure NPC army is indispensable in the future. To form a large-scale army composed of NPCs needs more intelligence than high-intelligence NPCs to evaluate their abilities. I hope that Master can send some intelligence to my elders to help me form an army.
I will live up to Master’s high hopes and carry forward wu-tang clan! Petty Chinese cabbage
After writing the letter, A Cai read it carefully, revised it a little, and sent it to a carrier pigeon, so that it would take half a day for the head to receive it and get his reply soon.
According to the leader’s understanding, the leader is very supportive of things that are beneficial to wu-tang clan without consuming a lot of materials in Wudang Hall.
Wu-tang clan NPC has sufficient human resources, so it has a lot of intelligence just because it belongs to the hermit master of the Tang Dynasty. The leader will definitely agree to seconding some high-intelligence NPCs to help him select talents to form an army, but he can’t say how many people will be sent. Cai doesn’t know much about the secrets of the Tang Dynasty.
A Cai slept that night and woke up at 7 o’clock the next morning feeling refreshed. Yin and Yang Xuan Qi circulated along the trace curve of Luohe for three weeks, and Xuan Qi rose a little bit.
Out of the room, I went outside to check a message. Ximen Qing, Autumn Fairy Tales and others have led 50,000 troops back to Xiangyang City at 3: 00 midnight. Now they are stationed outside the city. In addition, 50,000 troops have been left in Jiangxia. There are also Xiaoxiang swordsman, Xiaoxiang Army and Xiao Niu Mowang. However, all the leaders have returned to Xiangyang. In Jiangxia, Alai was suddenly called by Liu Biao to Jiangling. They are all very worried that Liu Biao’s next move will be detrimental to Wudang Military General Alliance.
A Cai sent them several messages informing them to call an emergency meeting. At one o’clock, all the leaders at the gate entered Xiangyang City and came to A Cai Mansion together.
A Cai mansion is not locked, and all the people directly pushed the door and entered the courtyard. When the little bird saw A Cai, he cried, "Boss, what did Liu Biao say? Did he say we were going to rebel? * * * We’ll just get rid of him, so we won’t have to be angry with him. "
Niu Mowang Jr. slapped him heavily on the shoulder and shouted, "It is agreed that men should rebel. Let’s take advantage of Liu Biao’s absence to end Liu Biao’s lair and let him know that we are fierce and see what he can do to us! I don’t believe he can kill us all. "
The little bird was slapped by him with a painful grin and squinted at him. He kept muttering in his heart that cattle people have great strength, but it’s quite good to hear.
The heavenly sword, snow and sunshine rang in the back, but his words really made people want to beat him up. "How can this wonderful thing be less than my Xiaoxiang army?" Our Xiaoxiang army is waiting for no one to save the world in hot water in order to eliminate all evil imperialism! It is my duty and righteousness to free the people of Jingzhou from their misery! " He turned to see A Cai looking at him and quickly added, "Oh, it is my glorious mission to help the boss build a great country!" Boss ambition is my ambition and boss direction is my direction. "
A Cai secretly hates little Niu Mowang, who is a master who is afraid of chaos. Tian Jian Xue, a little one, will die if he wakes up without going crazy. The master is not serious.
The others laughed, too, and the little birds discussed that they were all quite moved.
A Cai looked at more than a dozen people in front of her, and their faces looked a little tired when they rushed back to Xiangyang overnight, but from their eyes, they could find a kind of excitement and expectation, a kind of glory and expectation for the future.
Attacking Xiangyang, a city with six major cities, can definitely be a great event that will shake the whole day, but no one can predict that it may change after that, and perhaps the whole situation may change.
"Let’s go into the house! There are some things to tell you. "
"What is it?"
O food with the people walked into the house, and they were nervous and followed, speculating about what would happen. There was a big table and dozens of chairs in the secret room, and they sat down separately.
A Cai swept the aisle from them. "Now all the leaders of our Wudang Military General Alliance are here. I want to announce two things here. The first thing is that Xiaoxiang Army and Niumo Cave Devil Gang have officially joined our military alliance. Because neither of their gang players belongs to wu-tang clan, the name Wudang Military General Alliance is no longer suitable. Now the situation has developed. We need to change the name."
A Cai didn’t speak, quietly waiting for their reaction. Renaming is a big thing. What is hidden behind renaming is most likely to be reorganizing and reorganizing forces. A Cai throws out the renaming statement, which is actually a disguised temptation.
He didn’t discuss this decision with others in advance, and he wanted to know how high his prestige was and how much others could support him in making his own decision.
A Cai was not disappointed. After hearing the news, everyone was slightly stunned. At best, he showed some doubts and incomprehension, and no one showed opposition.
Who am I? I put my hand on the table and tapped my doubts rhythmically and asked, "What name is the boss going to change?"
Others didn’t speak, they all looked at Al.
A Cai smiled and stood up. "What do you think of setting up a standardized formal army?"
A Cai stood with his hands on the table, and his eyes were shining brightly. His mouth was slightly bent and he smiled and looked at everyone one by one. He said
"When I was in Wudang Mountain, I thought about forming a legion, but the time was not ripe at that time. The interests of the top ten military alliances in Wudang were not coordinated, but forcibly forming a unified legion might lead to fierce conflicts. So I chose to form a loose alliance so that everyone can act independently and benefit. Whoever works harder will get more benefits.
But now the situation is completely different. Xiangyang and Jiangxia have been controlled by our alliance, and the huge profits have bound us together. Our interests and goals have never been the same as now. If we still adopt the original strategy of fighting independently and the interests are relatively independent, it will easily lead to uneven distribution contradictions.
The purpose of establishing a unified legion is to completely merge all the personnel together, and there will be no independent interests. There is a whole and a complete legion, which is as flesh and blood as a fist. Now everyone raises their hands to vote for reorganization. Please raise their hands. "
A Cai will say what he wants to say, and then someone will express their opinions.
Little Niu Mowang shouted "Yay, I’m the first to agree" and the little bird protested "How did you rob me? My little bird has always been the first to agree" Oriental Piaoxue laughed "I agree with both hands" Tian Jianxue hey smiled "My right hand agreed to abandon one hand" and was silent "I habitually agreed with my left hand" Gan Ning saw that everyone raised their hands one after another and raised their hands "Resolutely agree with all the proposals of the master!"
O food to see everyone agree with satisfaction nods "good now I declare Wudang military general alliance from now on formally reorganized-exhibition flag corps exhibition flag this head by me, exhibition flag army chief strategist by Ximen Qing, exhibition flag army general logistics department chief by autumn fairy tales.
The Zhanqi Army Corps is divided into twelve armies, two special combat brigades, a General Political Department (politics, trade, diplomacy, logistics) and a Military Division.